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  1. If anybody is interested, I compared Hikari route between english and japanese versions to check how the h-scenes were handled. It seems like Pulltop actually made separate all ages version, but released it only in English - for example there are some voiced lines in all-ages version, that I didn't found in original (although I could have missed some of them as I was mostly skipping through it). Here are differences that I found. Common route: Hikari route: So overally I think it was handled pretty cleverly. Dialogue was reworked - and it seems
  2. I suppose it will be shorter than Konosora or Miagete, having only two heroines(?). From the release dates it looks like Pulltop was making english version together with the japanese one?
  3. I enjoyed Koichoco too. Surprisingly - I didn't find Chisato annoying at all. Maybe I'm too softhearted, but I cried a little with her everytime she got rejected. Also it was nice to watch how her attitude somewhat changes between routes. Actually I liked all heroines. And I must agree - Satsuki was great.
  4. Konosora/IMHHW is total mess, and it absolutely requires retranslation patch to be readable. Miazora/ASFOS is nowhere near that level. There are some grammar errors here and there, and some sentences may sound awkward, but it is readable, and I actually enjoyed it. As for all-ages version - this time the only thing removed are h-scenes themselves, but they don't try to hide that the characters had sex - they just don't show it, but it's implied that it happens off screen. All other things are left intact. But, I just read one route - we'll see, how the other three turn out. If you're
  5. Just finished Hikari route in "A Sky Full Of Stars". The epilogue was really cute :-)
  6. +1 for Little Busters. Somewhat different flavour than Majikoi, but great. Common route is really funny - and Masato can remind Gakuto from Majikoi One could also draw some parallels between Capt and Kyousuke.
  7. Did he finish all Majikoi games? After original Majikoi there is S and A1-A5 (A3-A5 are unfortunately untranslated yet). Some consider Majikoi S more a fandisc than a sequel, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I've also read A1 and A2 fandiscs, and can recommend them too.
  8. Recently I really got into j-pop, so during last 3-4 months I've been buying lots of Japanese discs. FictionJunction/Yuki Kajiura live DVDs, AKB48, Ai Kawashima, Anri Kumaki, Minako Kawae, Saeko Chiba, Aya Hisakawa, Yoko Ishida, JYONGRI... - love'em What I love most about these is how they freely mix old and new sounds, and still retain classic song structure and themes, that got almost wiped from mainstream US/EU pop. And what got me pointed towards it were VNs (and SHOGO:MAD that I played 20 years ago, and it had amazing opening ) .
  9. There are female heroines and female protagonist, so definitely not otome. On VNDB it has "Shoujo Ai" tag.
  10. I'm currently reading the steam version. Not bad, however I think they somewhat screwed up with names. I mean - they could drop honorifics, but still should retain distinction between using first- and last names. There are some moments, where characters switch from last name to first name, and the effect of that gets completely lost in translated version (unless you listen carefully to spoken lines ). Anyway, for "realistic" stories set in Japan I'd prefer both honorifics and names left intact - as often it gets used as "plot device". Good example is one scene early in common route
  11. So they did something similar like what has been done with Chrono Clock protagonist? That's a pity, as it was one aspect of CC that I didn't like. However, not a dealbreaker, so I'll probably still try it.
  12. Well, that isn't exactly wrong - she doesn't care about it / doesn't mind it == he can turn it on if he wants. Similar meaning to どうぞ. Ahh, I see Mr Poltroon was faster :-) I agree - if they used "mind" instead of "care" it would probably be clearer.
  13. I think that during that first run Steam completes installation of the game - before that it might have been not completely installed, just downloaded, and that's why patching would give some error messages.
  14. Currently I'm reading Agehas route, and there are some cases of mislabeled lines. Biggest one is the conversation during the sunset at the runway - it seems that there is some kind of shift - many Agehas lines are labeled as Aoi and Aois lines are labeled "Ageha". It was possible to figure out by paying attention to voiced vs unvoiced, but nevertheless I was confused for a while ;-)
  15. Currently I'm reading new translation of Konosora. Recently finished Little Busters, and really liked it. Now I'm waiting for Clannad to go on some sale, as it's pretty expensive ;-)
  16. I've been lurking here for some time, but decided to register to thank PabloC and team for this patch. I've read old version of Kotori route and quite liked it (it was readable ;-) ), however then I tried Ageha, and I couldn't figure out what was happening. So I decided to wait for retranslation - and here it is. Thank you! I installed it on Steam version, and it works flawlessly for me. Today it autoupdated to the version mentioned above, but the game still works and shows as MeruP patch, so I think it isn't broken. The translation reads really good. There are some typos, but n
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