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  1. I just finished Nocturnal Illusion. Interesting experience. Again, it's VN in an text adventure game format, but here it works well. There are no routes, but instead you read through each heroine's arc, helping them defeat demons of their past that haunt them. At first glance it might look like a nukige, but it's far from that - I really liked the story, and it wasn't just an excuse for next h-scene (and, actually there aren't THAT many, they just seem packed due to lack of routes). What's more, h-scenes themselves are very nicely intertwined with plot - they aren't just random fucks. Whi
  2. It looks like I have soft spot for old titles Now I'm reading Mugen Yasoukyoku (Nocturnal Illusion) as I managed to run it inside XP Virtual Machine. It was one of the first VNs I encountered twenty years ago as a horny teenager (along with True Love and "Paradise Heights" nukige...), but never made it past prologue, and first h-scene - I felt overwhelmed without walkthrough. The only one I finished then was True Love, as it was short. Time to change this, as we have abundance of walkthroughs today I tried out "renewal" version ported at Asenheim Project website - which uses tra
  3. ...and done with San Shimai. That was quick It's probably because it is closer to typical adventure game than VNs, as there are no multiple routes. There's basically one story, with one good ending, and several bad ends. There are also some optional scenes which you can skip. It was much darker than Sakura no Kisetsu. The plot was actually not bad, even if following some cliches. But not anime/moe cliches, rather b-movies It is also more h-heavy, although some scenes lead to bad end. The number of scenes is probably similar, but since there are no routes, it all happens in single st
  4. I'm not turned off by cliches, so I should be OK with Kanon However, I think that now I may dive again into ancient times, and read San Shimai. I liked Sakura no Kisetsu, and this seems to be its close counterpart, made around the same time and using the same engine (although localized 3 years later, in 1999) - and they even share some backgrounds (like classroom or school yard) which is little surprising considering they have different developers*. Of course I'm going for DOS version again As a sidenote to my above TA review: *now i see - one is made by "TIARE" and oth
  5. I just finished Tomoyo After (without dunegon minigame) - I played official all-ages enlish release . I really liked the interactions between all five main characters in "common route" or first chapter - it was really funny. Little Tomo was sweet, and I loved how she urged Tomoyo and Tomoya to "get along" Kanako could be little annoying at the beginning, but I actually liked her, and then she grew on me even more, as she is pretty important in later chapters, and does some great things. She shares some personality traits (and a voice ) with Haruka from LB!, whom I also liked. Love
  6. That's exactly the point I was trying to make too, but you, as translator, conveyed it much better. Maybe that's why some call it "lazy"... but then sometimes it is "lesser evil" On the other hand - if they come up with good solution, that will make really interesting read.
  7. Same with me. I can't think of a good way to do it without butchering the scene or sounding way more awkward than with honorifics in place. That's why I was surprised by this Dergonu's statement: It should have disclaimer: "except for charages and moeges" And, unfortunately, if there are even few scenes that require it, it applies to whole game, as incosistency is probably even worse.
  8. There was hilarious instance in Kazoku Keikaku (which is complete editing mess, with all possible ways of translation mixed up). In one scene Matsuri speaks to Aoba calling her "Aoba-neesan" which got translated as "Sister Aoba"
  9. But if not-so-good translator tries to do it (that is, remove them), it's double disaster. (And good translators seem to be rare)
  10. All ages. I bought whole Clannad bundle on Steam summer sale. After hearing how bad Key's h-scenes are, I have no desire to read any of them. When applying tl-patches to Air and Kanon I used all-ages options too. (In case of AIR that included mixing two patches. Supposedly GaoGao translations' patch is better, so I used this, and then added numbered "seenxxx.txt" files that make replacements/cuts for h-scenes from WinterConfetti's all-ages conversion)
  11. I think there can be more exceptions. Basically, every case where using of this or that honorific combined with first or last name is plot point, is explicitly talked about, and characters make great fuss about it. Like my Princess Evangile example from another thread. Recreating that scene (and whole Vincennes' "ecosystem") without using any honorifics at all would be really difficult task, and results may not sound good. While it's true that every language has different levels of politeness, they may not be compatible with what we see in VNs. And honorifics in VNs are not only about pol
  12. There's some truth in this, yeah. So count me as one that easily falls for cheap tricks. After all, if it didn't work on anybody, writers wouldn't write like that OTOH there are some explanations for her illness connected to the Illusionary World (there was some discussion about that at kazamatsuri.org) [After story spoliers] As I don't expect all characters to have strong or "interesting" personalities, I was OK with her. And, well, "love for her family" isn's some dismissable thing - it's pretty important for me. "She makes for a boring girlfriend, but great wife" - I'm not sure who
  13. Yesterday I finished Clannad. (with Steam's time counter at 67 hrs) What can I say, it was great. @wei123 said that Tomoyo & Kyou were best girls, but while I love them, it isn't as easy to pick for me - they all were lovely. Tomoyo's was first "romance" route that I read (Misae's was more like an introduction to the world for me). Her and Tomoya were nice couple, I really liked it, but then... I also love peace that Yukine brings, and her sweet, caring personality, I want to protect Kotomi and never ever leave her again, I want Mei and Fuko as my little sisters... Kyou is amazin
  14. It's OK I guess. I didn't feel as overwhelmed with h-scenes as it sometimes was with Majikoi S.
  15. Does that mean that all incoming VN Steam releases are in danger? Why now? And, considering that, how in the hell did Maitetsu get through? I'm actually waiting for SolPress' releases - Yotsunoha and Sakura Sakura.
  16. I'm still going through Clannad. For now, I have one thing to say - Fuuu-chaaaan That feels train hit me really hard...
  17. I could agree that it's more on a "bland" side, but that didn't bother me as long as there weren't broken sentences. At least for dialogues, I treat translation more like a subtitles, so as long as I can easily get the meaning, I'm fine. But indeed, if one expects "good english writing", that blandness may be a problem. And after thinking about it some more, I have to admit that Clannad's translation is much "livelier" - and it's better that way. It looks like there were some liberties taken here and there (judging by length of spoken and written lines ), but it worked out really well -
  18. That's the term I've been missing. It seems to me that the conflict is based on this: - For some part of readers (mostly native english speakers, I think) certain japanese speech patterns sound unnatural and wrong, while for other readers some english speech patterns sound wrong and unnatural in japanese setting. I remember the comment somebody made in one of the discussions, that "No english-speaking teenager would speak like this" (it was about "reading the mood" or "moving your body" if I remember correctly). However, OTOH, I completely don't care what would American or Engl
  19. Yeah, this - if characters and setting are Japanese, let's not pretend that they are not.
  20. No, you can even skip it - as all other mini games too. With them turned off you can still complete the game. There is only one exception - it seems that to get one of Saya's alternate endings ("School revolution") you need to have shooting minigame enabled. I followed walkthtrough, but with minigame disabled, and couldn't get it - as some conditions for this ending are directly connected to the minigame. (All of the above is for the official release - LB! English Edition) However, I really enjoyed baseball minigame - at first I also missed all the balls, but when I got little b
  21. Let me add one more thought about the translations. I'm currently reading Clannad, and it indeed is fine. However, I didn't perceive LB! to be substantially worse than it. I started to wonder why , and it's probably due to English not being my first language. Thanks to that, many things that feel bad or unnatural for native speakers don't hit me directly. I'd probably be similarly critical about translations into my native language as Fred is about english ones. And if presented with not-too-good translations into PL and EN - I'd probably choose english one, because errors in it wouldn't be as
  22. True. Sorry for being fun killer I'm perfectly OK with old-looking games too.
  23. Your comment actually prompted me to buy CC - I got really curious how it changed compared to that initial release that got pirated. I don't think it was bad - I actually enjoyed it, even if I felt that editor went a little overboard
  24. I was turned off from Dracu Riot by the whole vampire setting, but if somebody likes such thing, and liked Noble Works, then probably they'll have fun with it too.
  25. Well, I think there are cases when they can be removed without any loss (especially when the setting isn't japanese), but sometimes the way characters address each other (and how it changes - last name, first name, different honorifics) is important plot device and they make great fuss about it. In such cases I don't see viable replacement - when you cut them out, some dialogues turn into nonsense*. So hard ban would be going too far. Either way, they don't bother me at all when they're present, and IMHO it's "safer" to have them, at least in most high-school romances . * As
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