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  1. Yesterday I finished Konneko. It took me 62 hours, but they got stretched over almost 4 months I played all-ages PS2 version. As for the premise - you play as Yuu Katase, who lost his parents when being few years old. Currently he lives with Kawahara sisters - his two cousins - Touka, who is about the same age as him, and her older sister Mizuha, who works as a teacher at the school they both attend, and acts as the head of the family, since the sisters are also orphans. Touka suffers from some misterious condition, which makes her memory "reset" from time to time. This "curse"
  2. Call me weird, but after seeing "High Amounts of Rape" as the biggest tag on its vndb page, I'm not too excited about this game.
  3. Yeah, that's what it sounds like. Personally I prefer the sound of the Japanese language, but this is nice too
  4. Wow, those Indonesian songs were actually pretty nice But the melody of the second one sounded strangely familiar. Isn't it by chance cover of Japanese song? Like, listening to Japanese pop from cassette? Today I've been listening to Akina Nakamori again Recently I alternate between her, Ayumi Nakamura and Halina FrÄ…ckowiak
  5. Some time ago I wrote: And now it seems that Pulltop is going to release a physical package edition titled Kono Oozora ni! PULLTOP Juvenile Pack containing Umikana, Anofure, and all-ages versions of Konosora (subtitled "Flutter Wings" for this release) and Miazora ("Light Signal") - which up to this point didn't have all-ages JP release, only translated one. That Miazora all-ages JP edition looks tempting, but I'd like separate release, since I already own physical editions of Cruise Sign and Anofure, and have Umikana on Steam. And 12,000JPY isn't exactly cheap Also, it seems tha
  6. That's not exactly correct. True route is mostly about Umi. And I don't think she really needs a "character route" in the first part.
  7. Sometimes this method of blurring and resharpening gives quite nice results - it's amazing, how much those algorithms can guess. Just look how nicely that moon in the upper-right corner turned out - original 16 color: And edited 256 one: Also, while working on the images, I added flame to the bonfire in the evening school festival background:
  8. Yesterday I finally completed my first route in Konneko ~Keep a memory green.~ It took me 21 hours, but somehow those 21 hours got spread over three months I started with Touka's route, since that's what all walktrhoughs suggest I'm not sure if it was right decision, since it seems to be kind of true/main route, and I usually prefer to save those for last. As for my impressions after that first route - it's one of those "feel good" VNs for me. It starts out as a fluffy, cute comedy moege, but it did nice shift to nakige in the second part of the route, and reached very heartwarming
  9. I'm still experimenting with various ways of image processing to create "256 color" versions of in-game assets. Unfortunately the method I proposed in March isn't suitable for all images that can be found in this VN, so I had to think about something else. And I tried the method that involves applying various amounts of blur to different layers, re-sharpening them using GIMP's tools, mixing and blending them to taste, and in final step converting image to 256 color mode. I think I still prefer original, but it looks promising - and since it will be switchable, there should be no problem
  10. Well, ok But could I perhaps ask you in the future to include at least some summary/abstract when you post your videos as thread starters? Some of the topics are interesting, but I really find it a chore to sit through video - unless it contains something that couldn't be written. So I guess I'm the exact oposite of that: I prefer to read lots of paragraphs than to have to watch someone tell me the same thing on the video
  11. +1 for Akio and Sanae being one of the ultimate best VN parents I think I'll finally give Clannad anime a go - rereading whole VN would take up too much time, but it might be nice way to re-live the story in a different way.
  12. Nice writeup And actually I'm really glad that for once you didn't make a video I think that for a forum, the text makes better OP than just a link to the video.
  13. Aaand.......... the first proofreading phase is over Now off to the editing with it. I hope that @Plk_Lesiak makes something readable out of it And in the meantime I will continue coding Japanese version and editing images for "256 color mode"
  14. Thanks for the words of encouragement And as for progress report - today I checked chapters 10 & 11, so that means 85% done.
  15. I started with Misae (because that's what walkthroughs suggested ) and I found it nice introductory route. Good luck
  16. Today I went over the rest of the chapter 8 and whole chapter 9, so now it's 73% done. But I have to confess, that every time I read a translation discussion on VN-related forums, I lose a bit of confidence...
  17. Among the cassettes I bought recently, apart from two great Akina Nakamori's albums, there was also "Kids Blue" by Ayumi Nakamura. Her voice needs a bit of getting used to but the songs are lovely. I know her by the song "Tomodachi" I heard on internet radio - it's a third song from the album: Lovely carefree retro vibe And as for Akina Nakamori - with each listen of her albums, I'm liking her more and more. She's true '80s goddess.
  18. So, after quite a long break, today I finally had another proofreading/TLC session, and so I reached 60% mark, going over most of the 8th chapter.
  19. Nice deck, that Pioneer My main deck currently is also Japanese dual-capstan three-header - AIWA AD-F810. I also have a bunch of Nakamichi (670ZX, 482, 480) and Onkyo decks. As well as some Polish ones, but those are more for the sentimental value
  20. Today I got six Japanese cassette tapes from '80s - including two albums by Akina Nakamori
  21. I think that when it comes to Clannad, the routes that hit me hardest in the feels in the first part of game (before After Story) were Fuko's and Kotomi's. And I also was initially completely uninterested in Fuko, yet I was shedding tears during her ending.
  22. Well, FWIW, I read Clannad as my 31st VN, and still gave it 9+ rating, and it remains my highest rated VN
  23. Yesterday I made a mixtape with '80s Japanese songs. Akina Nakamori, Shizuka Kudo, Seiko Matsuda, The Checkers, and others - and I'm listening to it just as I'm typing this Tracklist: A1. Hiroko Moriguchi - Samurai Heart A2. The Checkers - Hoshikuzu no Stage A3. Yoko Oginome - Dancing Hero A4. Shizuka Kudo - Kanashimi no Etranger A5. Miki Kawashima - Lonely Eyes A6. Noriko Sakai - No.Re.Na.I.TeenAge A7. Kiyotaka Sugiyama - Sayonara no Ocean B1. Seiko Matsuda - Daite... B2. Shizuka Kudo - Again B3. The Alfee - Hoshizora no Distance B4. Akina Nakamori - So
  24. +100 for Dictionary of ... Japanese Grammar But, as @Zakamutt pointed out - it's dictionary, not a guide or textbook, so you need to know some basics before you can (or even recognize you should) use it
  25. I think it happened to me once. Also, when I'm alone I often talk to myself in my broken Japanese.
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