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  1. Another bunch of console editions of VNs. In this batch, there are: Damekoi (PSP) Princess Evangile (PSP) StarTRain (PS2) Akaneiro ni somaru saka (PS2) Also, a little before that I got PS3 Limited Edition of '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni -, with drama CD and some mysterious trinket included in the box:
  2. I think Rea and Yui. Rikako had perhaps the best and most fleshed-out route, but I think my best girl after all was cute tsundere Rea So perhaps it would be something like Rea=Yui>Rikako=Ema>Asuka>Kasuri. I'm not sure where to position Mizuna and Mio - I liked their routes, but they were kind of different thing. And besides, they are absent from the edition you're reading, right? So, to sum it up - my favorite heroine was Rea, and my favorite ending was Rikako's true end.
  3. It seems that we have similar impressions about heroines. And yeah - if the route gets unexpectedly short it means you triggered normal ending I don't know how it is for remake, but in original version, on the final map movement screen (on Christmas Eve) it indicated wheter you're entering "normal" or "true" route. In case of Rea's and Yui's routes, the difference between those two is one choice - to trigger true route for both heroines you have to choose Yui on 11/23. Here's the walkthrough Yeah, one of the better tsunderes I saw . And I had similar thoughts about Yui - she somehow t
  4. Guess finally I have to read Bokuten Meanwhile, I'm currently doing my third playthrough of Princess Evangile - this time it's PSP version (Japanese all-ages). Even though it's the third time, I'm still enjoying it very much. It's definitely my "Comfort VN"
  5. I think I remember reading somewhere about translator saying that for third game (and I think for the second one too) he found all-ages versions to be superior and recommended them over +18 ones.
  6. It's translation of console version and apparently it contains some rewrites.
  7. Sadly I have no idea. I also have Grisaia on Steam, but it sits in my backlog for two years already, and I keep postponing it
  8. Yeah, my backlog is quite big as well. However recently I tend to prioritize reading in Japanese - it got strangely addictive. And well, I keep adding VNs to the backlog, and the order/queue often gets shifted around - when something seems to grab my attention, I might read it immediately, regardless of backlog
  9. Sometimes I'm lured in by random images on VNDB front page. When image catches my attention, I then check out the VN page. If I find something interesting in the summary or in the tags, then sometimes I decide to give it a go In this case, I liked the setting and the mention of "buried memories" - it's a trope I'm pretty fond of. Sadly, this VN utterly failed to deliver what it promised If not by images, then some of those obscure titles turned out when I did some searching by tags. Or they share some staff with other titles that I enjoyed. But it's all pretty random. Sometimes I stumbl
  10. I just finished Hachigatsu no Nostalgia ~the summer with you~ What a letdown and wasted potential... I took me 10 hours to complete four routes in Japanese (!) - it was unexpectedly short. The events feel quite disjointed and romance unconvincing. That's because the writing is so sparse that it feels like reading an abridged version or a summary For each character there's bunch of semi-random SoL events, one short H-scene and brief epilogue. I think it doesn't even reach the "charage level", since the characters are way, how to say it, undercharacterized? It's simple, short, old-sch
  11. It's worth noting, that in case of TH2 console version is the original one, while the PC version with added H-scenes arrived later.
  12. Talk about coincidences, and deep roots of some tropes... After finishing Parfait, I just started playing ancient and obscure charage from 2000 (or 2003 for voiced edition) called Hachigatsu no Nostalgia ~the summer with you~ - since it's August right now In Parfait one of the heroines was Ema - blue haired sister-in-law, currently widow. Imagine my surprise when I started playing Hachigatsu no Nostalgia and met Chitose - blue haired sister-in-law, currently widow
  13. I just finished Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ Standard Edition It was very good charage, with nicely written characters and their interactions - as expected from Maruto I started with Yui's route - and it was very good. Yui is absolutely adorable lump of love, and perhaps the moest of them all . Also, her being a musician additionally tugged at my heartstrings. Strongly intertwined with Yui's route is Rea Rea is lovely classic tsundere - and I'd dare to say one of the better ones. Her banter with Hitoshi, the way she tries to hide her feelings, the way she blushe
  14. Hi, Recently I have a lots of trouble when trying to open the forums. On my laptop PC I have to reload/refresh page multiple times until it loads the forum, while on my phone it stays on the "just wait a moment" Cloudflare screen forever - it just keeps reloading that page on and on.
  15. Oh, that's interesting. I own PS3 edition, if the stories are indeed different, it might be worth giving it a go - especially since I wasn't too fond of H-scenes in PC version.
  16. Yes, you're right here. I just wanted to point out, that I often saw people saying that Miazora was properly rewritten while Konosora was just cut-off, while in fact both games were rewritten in very similar way - but localized version of Konosora might feel badly cut because of bad translation. Initially I also thought that that's how it was - until I read Cruise Sign in Japanese and discovered that the content is exactly the same as in all-ages In My Heart Had Wings. And since I already own Umikana, Anofure, and Cruise Sign, I'd really like if Pulltop would release games from this pack
  17. Yes, it was Chrono Clock - it had separate unlockable after-stories dedicated just for h-scenes. There were no sex scenes in main story at all. Yeah, and that's exactly what bothers me - it often clashes with the mood of the story and becomes out of character because of this "porn logic".
  18. TBH, rewrites for both all-ages versions of Konosora and Miazora are quite decent. If it wasn't for IMHHW's bad translation quality, I think there wouldn't be as much an outrage (and incorrect rumors) about it. But no, contrary to popular belief, they didn't just cut out the sex scenes in either game. BTW, I wonder if Anofure will get translated. I read it in Japanese and loved it, but I'm not sure if Umikana Steam sales were good enough to translate the sequel
  19. Thanks! I found correct signature for my system, and now it works (Screenshot got weirdly streched, but that doesn't matter ) If I may ask - how did you know that it should be function 0x46328 ?
  20. I was full of hope, but sadly, it's again perhaps the problem of different compilations on different systems - on mine, I get "No Result!" message when trying your custom script with d-code. Could you describe how did you arrive at this code? Then maybe I'll be able to work out the one for my system.
  21. +1000 this. All-ages version of Princess Evangile does this, and it worked great, at least for me. Also, I wish they stopped inserting cringey, mood killing h-scenes in most random moments just to fill the quota.
  22. I'm not familiar with this game, but usually VNs have more than one ending (except the so-called "kinetic novels"). If you're in doubt, it's best to search for a walkthrough/guide.
  23. Okay, as far as PPSSPP64 is concerned - "test2" version works properly for me: When using the same signature on "test 1" version, it hooked to the correct address but it crashed when I pressed the button to advance the game. And here are search results for rpcs3 and the abovementioned '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - But when trying to hook onto one of those instructions I get either no reaction or crash.
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