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  1. I had Angel Beats on my radar, but what discourages me is that it's the first episode of the series that got discontinued I really liked the story, characters and the atmoshpere of WES. The biggest downside for me was map movement system, which got quite tiresome, and the fact that "less important" scenes during map movement segments were unvoiced.
  2. Yeah, it sounds very competent. But at the same time, if this really reflects the original writing, then I'd say it's horribly pretentious I probably couldn't stand whole game written like that
  3. @Seraphim Thanks for your review. I guess I'll skip Muramasa then - most of the things you mentioned would probably bother me as well, no matter how smoothly written it is.
  4. I just finished first episode of 9 -Nine-. I found it really engaging and enjoyable. If that was indeed the weakest part, then I see that I'm in for a treat And while some people say that Miyako makes for a rather bland heroine, I found her absoutely cute, and could definitely fall in love with her . Besides, the confession scene was amazing - very awkward and at the same time feeling very natural. I'd probably act very similar in such situation The way how the relationship between siblings Kakeru and Sora is portrayed was also brilliant - I loved their constant banter. Another nice
  5. Yesterday I started 9 -Nine- and reached the end of the prologue of the first episode. (BTW, in Complete Edition you select the episode at the "New Game" screen, but each episode needs to be unlocked by finishing previous one) It seems very promising - I like this kind of "School-slice-of-life suddenly turned upside down by supernatural danger" settings. Other VNs where I enjoyed that were Folklore Jam, World End Syndrome or Amber Quartz - although, at least for now, 9 -Nine- seems to be more lighthearted than those - if not for other reasons, then because of the Sophitia And Yoichi is o
  6. Meanwhile, the 9 -Nine- Complete Edition has just arrived in glorious All-Ages 1080p HD Let's see what all the hype is about
  7. I think he meant using MTL features of the Textractor...
  8. Yesterday I finished Parquet. (It took me 19 hours) It was better than I expected. It had some flaws, like some pacing issues and a bit anticlimactic/underdeveloped "showdown" with the antagonist. And I think those two are connected - the shift from SoL and investigation to the action was a little too sudden - it wouldn't hurt to stretch it over a few more scenes. But then it turned out that it wasn't meant to be the finale of the story , and the equally important part, focused directly on relationship between two heroines (Rino and Tsubasa) starts from there, so I can forgive that
  9. As planned, yesterday I started reading Parquet. I'm now in the Chapter 3-2, and so far I find it very enjoyable. Both heroines and side characters are nice, and I quickly got along with them There's also right balance between main story and SoL stuff, at least for me. The premise itself is also interesting. But I think I can see how it might be difficult to find target audience for this title, and why it might disappoint many readers. First, it isn't exactly typical modern Yuzusoft game (which means moege with quite prominent ero content), so die-hard Yuzusoft fans might frown upon
  10. And so I just finished my third reading of Princess Evangile - for the first time in Japanese (PSP version). It was still great fun, and very nostalgic experience - like coming to see old friends again. Ritsuko is still the best girl, and Ayaka has the best route - that hasn't changed One could perhaps say that I'm almost as naive as the girls from Vincennes, and that's why I love this game, but whatever - I loved it despite reading it for the third time. It's actually interesting experience, because when you know some twists, sometimes earlier scenes appear in different light,
  11. I noticed interesting thing while playing PSP version of Princess Evangile using emulator. It seems, that some of the CGs (just a few) are stored in their original resolution - and when emulator is set up to render in double resolution, they actually show up in that higher res. But it's just a few frames - often even then next frame of the same CG is downscaled to PSP's native resolution. Have a look on those two pictures below. The first one is the "upscaled" frame, while the second one is the next frame, in PSP resolution. PPSSPP is set up for double resolution: (they are the pictures
  12. Ah, that might be true, yeah. Well, I still have some hopes for it, even if it won't be great. "Good" will be enough for this I read three VNs from Yuzusoft so far - Noble Works, Sanoba Witch and Natsuzora Kanata, and while I rated all three at 8 for various reasons, I think I liked the latter (Natsukana) the most - which, incidentally, is the oldest from the three, and most different from the "standard" Yuzusoft, since it's not high-school moege So I don't think I count exactly as "Yuzusoft fan" - I'm just the guy who happened to enjoy some of their games As for the price - at leas
  13. Yeah, but there also seems to be quite big spread when it comes to ratings. It also seems that some people downvoted it on principle just because they got angry that this is an all-ages game I don't think it will be as good as ATRI (which for some reasons came to my mind when I saw PARQUET), but I'm still going to give it a chance.
  14. Yeah, me too. I already bought it. Since it's short, maybe I'll try it after I finish my current re-read of PE.
  15. Okay, it isn't "main" Yuzusoft, but still... PARQUET Steam description: The game is available on Steam in Japanese, English and Chinese. English translation is made by NekoNyan.
  16. Yes, that wouldn't surprise me, because indeed lots of marketplace sellers don't ship overseas. But I also had the "We're unable to ship this item to your current address" error message on some items sold directly by amazon - and I couldn't find any connection between them.
  17. I bought some adult editions of VNs from amazon.jp as well - no problem there. It's just that for some reasons they refuse to ship some products - but that applies both to all-ages and adult versions, and seems pretty random. As for online shops and digital versions - I have bought them from DLSite and getchu, but had no luck with DMM.
  18. What makes Amatsu Misora ni different from the others? (I got curious since it sits in my backlog/wishlist together with Suzunone Seven)
  19. I have one more question. What is exact syntax for replace function? For example, I'd like to filter out ruby text/furigana. In case of this game, it means removing "<R*/" (with * here acting as a wildcard) and ">". What arguments should I provide to replace function?
  20. It seems that they fixed it in all-ages version. There, if you enter Rikako's true route without completing others (especially Ema's true, and Rikako's normal, that is kind of a glimpse or foreshadowing of true ending) you get bad ending: Apparently they wasted too much time and budget on h-scenes In the all-ages version the story got expanded a bit here and there, and with the porn interludes removed it felt perhaps more coherent, but still there could be more. I guess that's my main gripe with h-scenes in this title. Like I mentioned in my pseudo-review - when reading
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