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  1. 22 hours ago, Seraphim said:

    One thing that's seriously awkward is the fact that the characters, for whatever reason, mostly refer to each other and themselves as "roommate", "landlady", "neighbor" and so on instead of their actual names.

    In 3DOELVNs those are usually signs of early incest version that has been poorly covered up for patreon purposes ;)

  2. Well, I played it, and it was playable, but had some quirks, mistranslations, and an untranslated parts (like Estel's presentation/lecture, where AFAIR text was in the form of the images). Overally, it shows that it's unfinished. From my "review-ish" post:

    On 11/7/2018 at 5:54 PM, adamstan said:

    Unfortunately translation isn't the best. I'm aware that it is unfinished patch, with almost year worth of editing not implemented. There are also some mistranslations and awkward lines here and there. It is readable, but rather rough. Of course the routes that were translated the last (Estel, Midori, Wreath and true) suffer the most. I spotted one particularly amusing mistranslation in Midori's route:


      Reveal hidden contents



    When I read I was like "WTF?" - second Midori's line doesn't make sense in the context at all.

    Actually she says "なんかさ、音楽も楽しいこともうれしいことも、全部どうでもよくなっちゃって" which would rather translate to something along "Music, fun things, happy things... I didn't care for any of it anymore" - and that fits with the previous and next line. As for the origin of this error, I suspect that どうでも got mistaken for とっても - when you're tired they can look somewhat alike ;)

    Also, the line before says それだね、小学校六年の時, which means "in the sixth grade" rather than "six years ago", but here, by pure coincidence both versions are correct, as they are in the 12th year now (high school 3rd year), so sixth grade was six years ago ;)


    Also, in Wreath's lines, sometimes "そう" and ”はい” are translated in a way that doesn't fit the context - like そう translated almost always as "I see", while in some lines it evidently meant just something like "yes/that's right". In the final route she is asked about something by Mai, (like "hey, was that blablabla?" kind of question) and confirms by saying はい, which got translated as "Okay", and it didn't make sense in a context ("Yes" would be more fitting).

    I'm sure that it all would have been caught and corrected during TLC and editing stage, but unfortunately some parts of this patch are just 1st pass translation, so those kinds of problems are inevitable.

    Also, while we can argue infinitely about honorifics :P , leaving "Itadakimasu", "Gochisousama", "Oba-san" and "Oji-san" untranslated was very bad idea. Actually, if there weren't some scenes where characters make fuss about them, I'd opt for removing honorifics from this translation too.

    Another problem is that in Midori's, Estel's, Wreath's and true routes there are some images with parts of the story (like Estel's lecture) and they aren't translated.

    Despite the translation problems, I loved the VN. I think one day I'm going to replay it in Japanese ;)

  3. 8 hours ago, Silvz said:

    Today I finished World End Syndrome. It was fantastic, I loved it and it got me hooked through the whole story.

    Yeah, I loved it too despite some flaws (that map movement system...) :) Now, Toybox, where's the damn sequel? You think you can get away with teasing us like that? :yuzuXD:

  4. I just found nice easter egg / reference in DameKoi. :)

    Do you remember a game they played in chapter 7 during the


    Himeo's welcome party?

    Buntarou says that he remembers this game being a VN, while Yoshinori says that he grabbed the assets of said VN and remade it.

    Actually, all the locations they mention and the music that is playing is from first Hermit's VN - Folklore Jam (also written by Maruto).

  5. 12 minutes ago, Larxe1 said:

    Who's your favorite heroine and episode? Although I feel like your favorite heroine is already Sora though lol

    That's a tough question. Sora is for me definitely the best character, as she shines throughout the whole series, and brings light into every episode :) But when coming to the "choose your best waifu" problem, that's another dimension ;) To put it simply, I loved them all. And each episode was better than the previous one. In first episode I thought that Miyako was very sweet girl, and I wouldn't mind a girlfriend like her. But then came Sora's route, and I found it to be very good too. Haruka was also lovely, and I really liked how she developed as a character. And then there was Noa. I didn't care too much about her throughout the first three episodes - especially since she was always staying on the side. But her episode turned this all upside down and made me fall for her head over heels.


    And her death in the bad ending hit me as hard as the hardest KEY's tearjerkers

    So, however contradictory it might seem - Sora is my best character, Episode 4 is my best episode, and I'm unable to choose my favorite heroine.

  6. 9 hours ago, Larxe1 said:

    To be more specific, the characters felt very unreal, they didn't have any sense of realness to them in the sense that their traits don't feel real, it rather feels instead that they had specific traits in mind to appeal to each otaku fetish, and made a character around them. While this may be a harsh thing to say, it was still enjoyable in its own way.

    While most of the characters were rather tropey - which seemed to work perhaps thanks to fantasy elements in the setting? - there's one exception, and that's banter between Kakeru and Sora, which, at least to me, felt surprisingly natural. And maybe that's what makes Sora the best character :) 

    As for your complaints towards Sora's route - that's where all-ages version shows its superiority ;)


    Since they're not fucking, of course the relationship doesn't turn into full-blown incest, and I prefer it this way :)

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Steam editions without adult patches, since there are parts where they are overly censored (especially the Haruka's chapter). The only "proper" all-ages version is Complete Edition, (available in two physical versions and on DLSite) which unfortunately is untranslated. But if one wants to read -Nine- in Japanese, it's great (and it's in 1080p :D) Besides, the epilogue is all-ages only anyway ;)


    As for Damekoi,

    Few days ago I finished Kaya's route. I liked it, although it shows that she's just a "side heroine" :( I have stopped for a moment, because last few days I've been too tired to read, but maybe I'll return to it today.

    BTW I again did a quick comparison between the All-ages edition that I'm playing and +18 MangaGamer's version (so far only for Kaya's route). And once again I lean heavily towards all-ages version, even if sometimes it felt a bit too tame (but then, it has +15 rating). I found the replacement scenes added in the PSP version to be much nicer than too-many badly-animated H-scenes from MG's edition. Really, some of those animations looked so bad it's not even funny :P  I was very disappointed to find out that scenes like


    The fun with fireworks in the park or very amusing date in the game center

    were just the replacement scenes, and were completely absent from adult version - they fit the route so well. Also, all-ages edition added very nice post-credits epilogue for Kaya (and I assume for other "side" heroines as well, but will know for sure after finishing them)

    It's a pity that all-ages version is available only on low-res PSP though :( I wish there was PC or PS3 port...

  7. It's the first time I see such glitches.

    2 hours ago, Vorhd said:

    I also have my system locale and location set to Japanese/Japan.

    With badly set locale you'd usually just get garbage instead of Japanese text (or the game refuses to run at all)

    When I played Mashiro Iro Symphony I had to fiddle a bit with various patches to make it start, but once it started, it ran without any errors. Maybe that's compatibility problem with newer Windows versions? I played on Win 7.

  8. 39 minutes ago, Larxe1 said:

    https://vndb.org/v23205  After flip-flopping from a lot of different VN's I finally settled on Swallowtail.  I didn't expect to be immersed in the story considering it felt very rough, both in writing and system but it was unique enough to stand out for me to gain my interest. There is actually is established relationships between the protag and the heroines, which is interesting, the story starts with you already going out with one of the childhood friends Rie, and shows flashbacks from the past also focused on Yuuna, which I think is the true heroine.

    Yuuna was originally Shou's (The main character) girlfriend but she randomly disappeared in the festival which is the main focal point of the mystery of the game I guess. The prologue was hella long though I think I was in 5-10 hours before I saw the opening. Saeko is also one of the Ex's of Shou so you could expect that the MC isn't a donkan or hetare, but he's actually a competent and fairly popular guy, albeit a bit bland himself but it made him stand out in the sea of eroge protagonists who sometimes act like idiots or losers. Shou is actually a charismatic guy which made me like him.

    The game alternates 50/50 between the past and the present, which is fairly unique but sometimes presented in the interface badly. This is the kind of game I like which seems down to earth with characters not acting like caricatures. I'll make a review when I'm done with this

    Thanks for another VN added to bookmark/wishlist :)

  9. 3 hours ago, littleshogun said:

    as for Nine I don't think that the engine between original and translated are different.

    They're the same - all versions of Nine use Kirikiri engine.

    As for my playing - I reached sixth chapter in Damekoi, and in the meantime it all started to come together and make sense :) The very beginning was perhaps a bit too chaotic, but after getting used to that style now it's okay.

  10. 34 minutes ago, Novel21 said:

    I'm going to play Shuffle

    Which version of Shuffle do you have? I have Steam version from YumeHaven, which is apparently a port of PS2 version, but haven't read it yet. AFAIK currently none of the translated versions is available because licensing agreements have ran out.

  11. On 9/26/2021 at 9:08 PM, adamstan said:

    when playing in PPSSPP it's quite glitchy when it come to screen changes [...] Or perhaps PSP port itself is buggy?

    Yesterday I got an actual PSP and tried it - the game runs perfectly fine on real hardware, so it's purely an emulation issue. Unfortunately for now I have to rely on PPSSPP since I need text hooking - retyping words manually into dictionary from PSP screen would be too much of a hassle ;)

    As for the Damekoi itself - I'm around third chapter and all heroines have been introduced. Protagonist is slowly improving himself. Somehow I start to like Kaya, and I'm really curious how in hell that cunning Himeo could become a heroine - so far she seems rather villainous :P I'd also perhaps prefer if Asami was main heroine - although some say that actually her and Mitoko are two "main" heroines, while Kaya and Himeo are side ones. But still main emphasis seems to be put on Mitoko judging by the title.


    On 11/24/2019 at 12:47 PM, ChaosRaven said:

    The VN tries pretty hard to be like an episodic anime, but fails because it's a VN and not an anime. There's too much switching around of perspectives without any reason that just drags the pacing down and the protagonist feels undeveloped and bland as a consequence.

    Those things bother me as well - the game doesn't flow, it feels chopped.

  12. And so, as planned, today I started PSP edition of DameKoi

    I just finished first chapter of prologue/common route. I see some comedy and drama potential, but I'm already a bit annoyed and tired by the protagonist. It seems that in the meantime my tolerance for the hetare protagonists has dropped significantly :P Well, it's too early to judge, so let's see how it unfolds. Mitoko is nice, and the three guys living at the house are funny :)  Also, MC's traits seem to be so exaggerated, that perhaps it's best taken tongue-in-cheek?

    I have to say that language-wise this is much harder to read than 9 -Nine- was - at least for me.

    Also, I guess this is caused by some compatibility issues, but when playing in PPSSPP it's quite glitchy when it come to screen changes - each time a character sprite changes pose or position, it disappears for a second, and sometimes there's a moment of a previous screen peeking out - weird. Or perhaps PSP port itself is buggy? I guess I'll never know...

  13. Okay, I found the solution, using 'expressions' field of the DCODE. Since original function pointed to rax+rbx, I just changed it to rax+rbx-1, to shift captured area one byte 'left'. Now it works as it should :)


    So here's working D-CODE for PSP version of DameKoi:


    (It has to be attached after starting the game)


  14. Hello, @0xDC00

    Could you perhaps help me with another PSP title? This time I'm trying to work out the D-CODE for PSP version of DameKoi

    I found the signature that almost works:

    44 0FB6 4C 03 00  - movzx r9d,byte ptr [rbx+rax+00]
    44 0FB6 4C 03 00     
    E9 19000000          
    3D 00000100          
    72 07                
    3D 00400100          
    72 E7                
    8D 00                


    But it has one little problem - it keeps truncating the first byte of the captured string, which leads to garbled up first character of the text:


    How can I fix that?


  15. Not much news from me, but the project is not dead - @Plk_Lesiak is gradually proceeding with proofreading and editing :)

    But today I stumbled upon interesting thing on vndb - which further confirms my theory about common pool of assets shared between various TIARE/JAST games. Just look at this screenshot from Muchimuchi Sexy Parfait Onee-sama You which was released on Windows only (no PC98 version).


    And compare with this:



  16. Today I finished 9 -Nine-

    Haruka's route (Ep.3) was sweet, one of the better executed romance parts in this VN. Also, in this episode the plot thickens, and we finally meet the actual villains. Overally great episode, and I gave it 8.5 score - but it was totally overshadowed by the grand final that the Episode 4 is.

    That was truly an epic ride. In this part we also finally get closer to Noa and see her sweeter and cuter parts, as well as the hardships she faces. I got really attached to her, and the bad ending hit me right in the gut. Actually, my experience of this part was similar to Clannad -



    When I was playing Clannad, Nagisa's death didn't hit me immediately - I started realizing and grasping what has really happened sometime later.

    Now getting back to  Nine. When suddenly Yoichi appeared and started killing everyone with a smiling face, I was so dumbfounded and startled by the contrast, that I was just watching the events unfolding, unable to even make any emotional reaction - that is, until the CG with Kakeru holding dying Noa in his arms appeared. At that moment, it hit me like a wave - really, I almost physically felt a wave of emotions surging through me, and I was crying during that whole scene...


    Of course it made the final showdown leading to the true ending even more intense and satisfying. Cute romance, epic fight, great character development, emotional rollercoaster - that's definitely a 9 ;)

    New Episode is just extended epilogue, that ties some loose ends and gives epilogue for each heroine. Very nice, I especially liked Haruka's part.


    And then at the very end there's short bonus scene where we (as a player, not as Kakeru) meet Sofie in her true form - it's just one CG and few lines, but it was a nice touch.

    All in all it was definitely one of the better VNs that I played. While there were stronger and weaker parts, as a whole it did very well, and so for me Nine is 9 :D

    And I really saw some parallells with Amber Quartz - school SoL mixed with fantasy fight, superpowers, and character routes forming together the full story.


    In one of the routes protagonist's male friend also became a villain, although not on the same scale as Yoichi in Nine.

    Main difference was that Nine didn't have childhood friends, troubled memories, and Air-like medieval history episode ;)


    I played Complete Edition, which is Japanese All-ages version.

    Perhaps almost everybody will go for H-version anyway, but it's worth noting, that Steam/Sekai Project's all-ages versions seem to be more censored compared to the Complete Edition. First two episodes seem to be almost the same, but there are some major differences in Haruka's route. I'll list what I spotted below under spoiler tags:

    • Episode 3 (Haruka's route)
    • The CG for the scene where Kakeru influenced by Haruka's power pushes her on the bed and starts touching her breasts is missing (replaced with white screen) and the text also seems to be shortened.
    • Even though the text mentions Haruka wearing Kakeru's shirt, there's no sprite with her wearing a shirt - instead the one with her normal clothes is used. In the later scene, where she gives Kakeru a lap pillow after unbuttoning the shirt, it is also text-only in Steam edition, while in Complete Edition there's actually sprite variant with the unbuttoned shirt (in adult version there was a h-scene with boob sucking)
      (Yes, those are the screens from the "All Ages" version :P - but I guess Steam wouldn't allow that)
    • The scene with the two getting together in a bath has been completely removed from Sekai's all-ages version, while in the Complete Edition it's intact.

    So that means 2 CGs, one scene and one sprite version missing.

    • Episode 4 (Noa's route)
    • The CG of Noa playing with cats got sligthly cropped to exclude panties area ;)
    • The CG of Noa and Kakeru cuddling together naked (wrapped up in a blanket) got removed, and replaced with a Noa's sprite (wearing a shirt) against bedroom background

    OTOH the CG with dying Noa in Kakeru's arms is more bloody in the Steam edition - but the only difference is that there are more red bloodstains on their clothes.

    Also, Complete Edition adds Sprite Viewer feature in the gallery menu, that Sekai/Denpasoft versions don't have.


    Now I think I'll take a short break, and then perhaps I'll try DameKoi (PSP version)

  17. 7 hours ago, Silvz said:

    According to various sources, the game is a complete experience, with three main routes and a ton of content. The only thing it lacks are the sequels and a conclusion, but the latter you can watch in the anime version.

    That's good to know, thanks :)

    7 hours ago, Silvz said:

    I just wish there were more common scenes - as in scenes focused in the mystery instead of the characters - along the way.

    From what I remember, there were some routes that were focused more on the mystery, and the others where focus was more on the characters. But when taking the game as a whole, I think it was more or less balanced. If memory serves, main story reveals were in Miu's route, and then in true, and I think that's why guides recommend playing Miu's route as the last one.

    While I gave WES "only" 7.5, I also loved it - it lost some points mostly because of the map system and its associated woes.

  18. 37 minutes ago, onorub said:

    I dunno, i felt that route structure was one of the most overrated aspects of 9-nine. Too much hand-holding in comparison to YU-NO or the Zero Escape series, especially in episode 4 since that had so many opportunities for puzzle-solving on par with 428.

    Ah, actually I'm not a big fan of puzzles, and YU-NO is the only "multi route mystery" of that scale I played so far (with the walkthrough on hand all the time ;) ). There was also World End Syndrome, but it was pretty light. What I meant, that it has been well integrated into the story - as in having consistent and somewhat amusing in-story justification.


    Especially once the meta fourth wall breaking occured at the end of Ep. 3, when it turns out, that the Overlord is not Kakeru but the player

    Other VNs when routes were justified in-story that I played were two of the Key classics - Clannad and LittleBusters - but those were of slightly different kind.

    Amber Quartz seems to have a bit similar structure to 9 -nine-, but there it wasn't spelled out clearly.

  19. Yesterday I finished Ep. 3 and immediately started Ep. 4 of 9 -Nine-.

    Ep. 3 was great, and Ep. 4 is very promising. I think I'll write more when I finish all parts. For now let me just say that Sora is probably the best character in this VN :D And the way route structure is incorporated into the story itself is IMO on par with YU-NO.

  20. BTW Yesterday I finished second episode of 9 -Nine-.

    It was so engaging that I almost binged it - started on the late Sunday morning, and kept going at it until 2AM. 2 hours of sleep, go to work, and after I got back home I finished it, with ~16 hours on the counter.

    In this episode there was more focus on the mystery plot than a romance. Also the overall tone got a bit more serious.

    Relationship with Sora was kept rather on the wholesome side in the all-ages version, and I can't really complain about it - it was good route, and had good flow.

    Ep2 also seems to serve as a more detailed introduction for Haruka, who's the next heroine.

    So, this episode gets an 8, and today I'm going to start Ep3 :)


    I also took a sneak-peek into the adult versions of the first two episodes, but, as my forum title might suggest, I prefer the more wholesome variant presented in all-ages version. Those H-scenes were a bit too much. Thankfuly vanilla, but just too much of them crammed into very short time frame, which feels off. Also, I don't really like this style of animation - it makes the game look like those flash-based sex-sims :P The only animated H-scenes I liked so far in a VN were those in PC98 Love Escalator and its Windows remake Lovers - but those were hand-drawn, not vector animation, and it made great difference.

    Also, I'd have to check it more thoroughly, but at first glance it seems that all-ages version from Sekai/Steam and Complete Edition that I'm playing are slightly different.

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