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  1. Also, timeline in Megumi's route doesn't compute at all. All those things, that are described like they shoudld have happened over the years, would have to happen over few months or even weeks. Completely illogical.

    I think some of the reviewers already pointed it out in detail, but cannot find relevant text right now. However, there's simply no time when all of this


    Megumi's sister joining student council
    Megumi admiring her, and joining too
    They are in council together
    New (pervert) teacher arrives at school
    Megumi's sister being molested (for prolonged time!) and then killed by pervert teacher
    Said teacher getting sentenced
    Megumi's family rejecting her while mourning her sister's loss
    Then teacher gets free
    Returns to the school
    Starts to stalk Megumi
    The rest of the route

    could happen.

    It's just physically impossible, especially with 6+3+3 school system. Well, maybe if it was one of those schools that combined both middle- and high- school branches in a single institution, it could be a bit plausible (setting aside the degree to which the school system is or isn't corrupted*), but as it is described in-game now, it's enormous plot hole.


    *And if anyone wants to see more realistic darker side of VN high-school setting, Aeka's route in Yume Miru Kusuri is the way to go.

  2. Very nice review. Nevertheless, I think I'll skip this VN ;)

    You titled your thread on r/vn "Shining Song Starnova - the most "Japanese" EVN ever created [Review]", and after seeing that I obviously immediately thought about Katawa Shoujo. But comparing my impressions of KS and what I read in your review of SSS, it seems that they approach the issue of being "Japanese EVN" very differently. KS managed to fool many people into thinking it was translation of JVN (which is pretty big achievement, I think), and in my memories there are Japanese voices even though it was unvoiced ;) However, it didn't went over the top with "weebness" as SSS apparently does, and it was very good decision (they even presented quite decent in-story justification for dropping honorifics :D).

    The most obvious example of "over the top weebness and edginess gone wrong" is probably No One But You,  and I'm quite sure that SSS doesn't drop to such horrible levels of atrocity, but while I probably could somewhat enjoy it two years ago (after all, I enjoyed some aspects of NOBY back then), today it would be too much.

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