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  1. Today I found some time and inspiration, and so I pasted another portion of original Japanese text into Ren'py, reaching the middle of 6th chapter
  2. That's tough question I haven't taken any of the JLPT tests, but I estimate I'm somewhere between N4 and N3 levels. I often had to look up unknown words, but I think I understood most of the text, and I enjoyed it. FWIW, I think from the titles listed, I found Natsuzora Kanata to be relatively easy - compared to other untranslated VNs I've read. I think the most important thing is to be familiar with grammar, so you get the sentences structure, and eventually just look up unknown words.
  3. Translated / in English: World End Syndrome - while it's console-only, it is translated, and can be also played on PC via Switch emulators. Key's AIR also takes place in a small town. Yukizakura also should work - it's rural setting, but in winter. And Katawa Shoujo perhaps? As for untranslated ones that I read and enjoyed - Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi and Natsuzora Kanata. Especially the latter has setting very similar to Summer Pockets. Then there's also yet-untranslated Umikana's sequel - Ano Hi no Tabibito, Fureau Mirai.
  4. I have very fond memories of Katawa Shoujo, even though it wasn't my first VN. I remember great, often very soothing music and kind of comfy (?) atmosphere. Also, the characters were quite memorable and well written. For some weird reasons some switch got flipped in my memory, and in my head I remembered the voices of the characters even though the game was unvoiced For me this is one of the true gems, not only for OELVN, but among VNs in general. This, together with The Language of Love is one of the very few OELVNs (perhaps even the only ones) that managed to convincingly pull off
  5. Yes, I'm definitely going to pick up Hello Lady as well. And it seems that NekoNyan's edition will also include Japanese text, so that's nice Yesterday I finished first route in And. I loved it, and I think anyone who liked Nine would also like And. It's like Nine, but with group of childhood friends - there's also a bit of Little Busters' mood there. I'm looking forward to other routes Apart from childhood friends theme, the other difference is that And is (even) less focused on romance than Nine. As for sex scenes, it seems that, at least for Riko's route that I finishe
  6. There are two options. Either comyu is really written in such way or the translation is shit. Since it has been translated by ixrec, both are equally possible I've heard somewhere that the style of the writers responsible both for comyu and for "And" can be hard, but so far the japanese used in And seems pretty normal to me most of the time.
  7. Yeah, because those are not just CGs but whole scenes. And it could also pose licensing problem, since PSP version has different voice for Himeo (and much better one actually ). That's why I suggested separate edition, like with Princess Evangile. ******************************************************************** As for my current read - '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - Yesterday I reached the OP, and I think this was the end of common route. So far this VN is great. I see lots of parallels to Nine, and I wonder if Nine's writer was inspired by it, or if both gam
  8. Of course, the mosaic is the whole point of this gag (There's normal version shown before, and then mosaic gets introduced, and Kou's thoughts wander into dangerous direction ) It would be nice if they did the same thing as with Princess Evangile - release port of console version as an separate all-ages edition.
  9. Now, that kind of lewd joke was pretty bold fo +15 release
  10. Today I started PS3 version of '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - . I played for 3 hours so far (I'm still in the prologue), but I'm loving what I've seen up to now. It looks beautiful, the music is great and characters are, how to say it... it's all engaging right from the start, at least for me. Initially I chose this game because of "reuniting childhood friends with a bit of supernatural thrown in" premise - a bit like Amber Quartz which I loved. According to vndb's plot summary it also seems to feature some kind of "artifacts", so that brings 9 -nine- to mind. Nice comb
  11. According to TV tropes most erotica writers are horny teenage girls (although perhaps that doesn't apply to VNs) ********************************************************************************* Going back to the main topic... Two days ago I finished DameKoi. It didn't exactly WOW me, but still I consider it to be very good. I had a rough start with it - it took some time to get used to the format, but then it kind of gained traction, and from the third or fourth chapter onwards everything was ok. I really liked the characters and dynamics between them - which seems t
  12. I got burned on previous Maruto's titles - especially by final h-scene in Folklore Jam, but I found scenes in Parfait or Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o also to be rather detracting from the game's overall quality - all-ages versions were better and more consistent for me. So while his character and relationship writing is great, I don't trust him on ero stuff In each case it felt like something added because "PC VN has to be eroge".
  13. I also have WA2 on my backlog, but since I'm going for all-ages version (PS3), no translation for me Actually, when I think about it, recently I switched almost completely to playing VNs in Japanese. I never thought that would actually happen The last VN I read in English was World End Syndrome (because text-hooking from the Switch emulator was impossible back then) in February, and before that, Making Lovers in June 2020. I have two weeks off starting next week (basically to the end of the year), but I don't think I will go with White Album 2 for my next read. First I have to f
  14. Since I caught covid at 7th November, I had almost six weeks long break in reading. Recently I finally almost fully recovered, and so I resumed reading Damekoi PSP. Currently I'm at 13th chapter and going for (or actually already almost entered) Asami's route. While I had some complaints at the beginning of the game, it gets better and better as it goes, and as I got used to it. I'm loving how the relationship between Osamu and Asami is portrayed, and I'm really rooting for them. Let's see how it unfolds.
  15. @0xDC00, I have another question. When I loaded my abovementioned DameKoi script into latest agent version (0.1.1) it seems to work (console shows "onEnter" message and memory contents of the address it landed on), but it doesn't copy text to clipboard. So my questions are - how do you create custom scripts for this new version, and how do you search for hooks for it? I found no information on github or discord. Update: My old script for Princess Evangile works. The only difference between the two is that PE uses utf16 encoding, while Damekoi uses shift-jis, and
  16. In 3DOELVNs those are usually signs of early incest version that has been poorly covered up for patreon purposes
  17. Only when playing on emulator. It's quite cumbersome process to find a hook code, but for some games it works. But machine translations from Japanese still suck.
  18. Time for some more 80s J-pop Lovely rich electronic sound and some not-so-obvious chord changes - I like it
  19. Reflection Blue is a subtitle of an extended edition of Summer Pockets.
  20. Well, I played it, and it was playable, but had some quirks, mistranslations, and an untranslated parts (like Estel's presentation/lecture, where AFAIR text was in the form of the images). Overally, it shows that it's unfinished. From my "review-ish" post: Despite the translation problems, I loved the VN. I think one day I'm going to replay it in Japanese
  21. Yeah, I loved it too despite some flaws (that map movement system...) Now, Toybox, where's the damn sequel? You think you can get away with teasing us like that?
  22. I just found nice easter egg / reference in DameKoi. Do you remember a game they played in chapter 7 during the Buntarou says that he remembers this game being a VN, while Yoshinori says that he grabbed the assets of said VN and remade it. Actually, all the locations they mention and the music that is playing is from first Hermit's VN - Folklore Jam (also written by Maruto).
  23. That's a tough question. Sora is for me definitely the best character, as she shines throughout the whole series, and brings light into every episode But when coming to the "choose your best waifu" problem, that's another dimension To put it simply, I loved them all. And each episode was better than the previous one. In first episode I thought that Miyako was very sweet girl, and I wouldn't mind a girlfriend like her. But then came Sora's route, and I found it to be very good too. Haruka was also lovely, and I really liked how she developed as a character. And then there was Noa. I didn't ca
  24. While most of the characters were rather tropey - which seemed to work perhaps thanks to fantasy elements in the setting? - there's one exception, and that's banter between Kakeru and Sora, which, at least to me, felt surprisingly natural. And maybe that's what makes Sora the best character As for your complaints towards Sora's route - that's where all-ages version shows its superiority Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Steam editions without adult patches, since there are parts where they are overly censored (especially the Haruka's chapter). The only "proper" all-ages version
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