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  1. MegaHP3


    Which version of HHG do you suggest? There are 2 versions of it.
  2. MegaHP3


    Some of these have really intriguing setups, as well as some tags that get me intrigued. But having read a lot of VNs with covers that show nothing but the heroines (hand-reaching, holding their hands to their chests, and looking stupid) I have become rather afraid that these will turn out to be slice of life, moe, boredom. Now, the reason I didn't dislike Draculius's SoL, is because slice of life in Draculius, is no where near the point of the game and are kept at short lengths far inbetween. Can you go over these for me, and tell me if their SoL, Moege aspects aren't at lengths? (disli
  3. MegaHP3


    Do you know any other that has as great a protagonist as Jun from Draculius? He really offered perspective, wasn't OP, and really smart. I literally just finished it. I am ecstatic right now, I tried Dies Irae, but the protagonist was really awful, a shit ton of pacing issues, weak villains that were always weaker. None of the heroes got hurt, and they were static from beginning to end(Protagonist especially). When I asked people said this is the Chuuni genre. Draculius is none of that, the characters all get development, from small to major. Is Draculius even a Chuuni? You said that Gri
  4. MegaHP3


    By the way, thank you so much for that Draculius suggestion. I really liked the protagonist, he really was special. I don't think I've played a VN with a highschool setting this well thought. The protagonist isn't the "overpowered underdog" trope that you see all the time in Chuuni, things don't always go to plan, he loses limps, his perspective on people changes, and even a friend. Jun's enemies are competent, and compelling. Great setting for a vampire VN, it's just really well written, well executed piece.
  5. MegaHP3


    I should've asked this then, but allow me to do so now. What are the titles you removed?
  6. What does this mean? Does it mean outside of lying, he's not very articulate? Is there something that you think OP might not like this protagonist?
  7. MegaHP3


    I don't know what that means exactly. Does the game just go long boring stretches of Slice of Life like Tiny dungeon? also "a 'joke' path where Jun doesn't make the full transition to a vampire during the story (focused on Rian and Zeno)" Does this mean that those 2 heroines' routes are jokes?
  8. MegaHP3


    The ones inside the spoiler look really interesting, Draculius especially. I tried looking up a few reviews, but a quick scan spoiled a major development in the game. Can you talk about it, and give it a few descriptions for me? Romance, Chuuni, Moe, Slice of Life(the last two I consider worthless), Intrigue. Looking at the description in VNDB shows there is a level of political intrigue, which is just my jam. I don't like Slice of life, nor Moeges.
  9. I understand, thank you two for your answers. That answers things.
  10. Somehow I didn't get a notification for this answer as I was waiting for the notification sign to pop up. Anyway, is Kasumi's route not important to play before Rea, and Mari?
  11. I started with Rea, but I read somewhere that I need to restart the game asap, and pick another route. Kasumi, Kei, Marie, and then Rei. Can I play with that order and go Kei, first then Kasumi? I'd like to go for Kei first as she has a Mayadere tag.
  12. I quickly scanned the tags for the game and didn't see a romance tag, I guess I was wrong. (It was small, so that's probably why I didn't see it.) Then I'll also pick Cartagra. It looks intriguing.
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