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  1. Eroge with huge breasts or Bakunyū

    You can try recently TL Harem Game - all 5 heroines have big breasts .
  2. I had the same problem , You need turn on kiss minigame not text choices just for this one choice . At least that worked for me .
  3. Hi and and please help

    I can only bow and thank you for recomendaion KonoSora . I REALLY like it .
  4. Hi and and please help

    Thank you for help , my fault for not done proper search before make topic , sorry .
  5. Hi and and please help

    Thanks once more , i'll try it after Fureraba then .
  6. Hi and and please help

    Thank you very much . I played Chrono Clock and Noble Works some time ago , stopped in the middle tough , maybe i should give them second chance Today I bought If My Heart Had Wings on steam , are there many differences from MangaGamer version (other that +18 content) ?
  7. Hi and and please help

    Well , i can stand some drama but don't like it that much . And answering Your question - sadly no , even my english is poor . Thanks for reccomedation , but already finished that one , and i must admit is was funny . Also liked Dal Sengo , Koisuru Natsu no Last resort , Hoshizora no Memoria . At this moment finishing last route in Fureraba and looking for something similiar . Thanks for everyone for help .
  8. Hi and and please help

    Thanks , I'll try it . Judging from vndb description looks good .
  9. Hi and and please help

    Hello I`m currently reading Fureraba and I really like it. So Someone can recommend me some similar VN ? I don`t like forced drama like in Wish upon a shooting star or in Hatsukoi 1/1 (especially Runa route...) . Looks like i can fully enjoy only romance Vn , so any good choices around here ? BTW, sorry for my english , never learn it , my only knowledge is from internet , really sorry