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  1. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get a full grasp on Japanese. I worry sometimes the translation I deliver will be sub-par and I'll all motivation to continue.
  2. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    Yup. Got spooked by it and didn't want to learn. Fucked off of Fuwanovel and shitposted on 4chan for a couple of months. The farthest I've gotten with my "studies" was "Addressing People".
  3. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    Holy shit basic training sucked. Anyways, I'm back and am looking for translators. Message me if you're interested.

    I haven't browsed /vn/ in an extremely long time. The input of others is better than just mine alone. I am not trying to offload the work to someone else, I just need help. I was too rash in trying to translate something like this by myself.
  5. I'm looking for folks to translate some old vanilla nukiges by the (now renamed to Milk Factory) group SQUEEZ. If you are interested in giving these VN's a proper translation, send me a DM or reply in the thread. Lets make the dream come true.
  6. Hi, can you please name the folder the .pak was found in? The tool he mentioned is only capable of doing the script (dialogue) translation. If the file is found in the /CGPACK/ then you're definitely going to need another tool as that file contains the images (names, scenes, UI stuff) needed for the VN. Also, can you please specify what VN you are attempting to translate? If its anything by SQUEEZ (now Milk Factory) I can help you out.
  7. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    So Milk Factory's new visual novel, Ero Mahou, is running on the kirikiri engine. Would anyone be willing to give me a basic understanding of how to extract and patch vn's that run on this engine?
  8. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    I can do text and pictures, so I'm now in the process of learning japanese. There's an anon named Quof who said he'll take a look at Milk Factory's (formerly SQUEEZ) next title Ero Mahou. I can DM you the mega for the tools I use.
  9. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    Its just dropping .bmp files in. I've been trying to figure out how to edit .idx and .pak files when all I needed was to just drop the edited .bmp file into the cg folder.
  10. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    No dice. The cg images are packed into an archive called CGPACK.pak . If I take out the .gr file (i.e ethics.gr) and replace it with its converted .bmp form, I can still repack it, but when i try to run the game, all i get is a black screen.
  11. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    So help me if that's all I need to do I'm going to screech
  12. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    Update. By using https://tlwiki.org/?title=Tools#AE_-_VN_Tools I was able to extract the games original CGPACK. However, the files extracted from it encrypted or something with a strange .gr file extension. The .gr can be exported with the above mentioned tool into a .png/.jpg, which can be edited with PS or gimp. The main problem I'm having now is making the edited file back into its original .gr form. The tool mentioned above is able to repack the files from the extracted CGPACK back into its original form, which can be used in-game without any problems. However, if I try and rename my edited file back into its .gr form and repack it into the extracted cg files and then start the game up, I only get a black screen. Something is lost when the .gr file gets converted into a .png/.jpg, so I'm asking for help.
  13. Data extraction thread

    Can someone take a look at the HSHINTAI_decrypt code and explain to me why it can't handle files over the size of 2 gigs? https://tlwiki.org/images/8/88/HSHINTAI_decrypt.zip
  14. SQUEEZ games and the EAGLS engine

    Less of a translation, more of putting it through multiple machines and making sense of it all. Still don't understand why people haven't picked up on this yet, as the idea of having a big boobed harem would be enticing to most folk.
  15. Need a bit of help with the engine and the extractor HSHINTAI_decrypt. One of SQUEEZ's most recent title, EroAppli, has a CGPACK file with a 2+ gb size, a size that the decrypter can't handle. I'm assuming the files inside this are the ones needed to edit the buttons on the screen and characters names. However, when extracting the same filetype on a different game, mainly Paidol, all i get is gibberish. It isn't the same gibberish when not working in Japanese Locale, but a gibberish I'm too afraid to mess with. I would appreciate any help with these problems, as I want to provide a complete translation of all of SQUEEZ's vanilla titles. Thank you.