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  1. Hey, so just a question I had about the version of Saku Saku on Steam. Since the original version has important scenes with naked sprites, how does it handle that? Are they just censored? Or are they removed entirely? And are the panty shots censored as well? I’m asking this because I’m considering recommending it to a YouTuber who I’m pretty sure would really love the story, but wants to keep his channel clean for the most part.
  2. The demo has been officially released! https://dmasterxd.itch.io/falling-star
  3. Update: Yoshi’s sprite has been completed. I also have some screenshots. (As mentioned backgrounds are subject to change).
  4. Welcome Jerome, I hope you enjoy your time here. And good luck learning, I can’t help you but I’ll be rooting for you!
  5. Hello Isla, welcome! I hope you have fun here.
  6. Update: Yuichi’s sprite has been completed.
  7. Another update, sprite art for Akira has been finished.
  8. Well here is an update in the form of music. Hinako's theme composed by ChtuluSeeker: https://soundcloud.com/davidsalazar-1/sets/falling-star-visual-novel
  9. I’m currently reading Family Project. Matsuri is super cute. Chuunhua is also pretty nice. Jun and Masumi grew on me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to like Aoba though...
  10. Well it takes place over the course of six months and the final route is seven months. If the word count puts you off as well that’s fine though. It’s definitely 800k though. I typed the script in renpy before transferring it over to word and it excludes code from the word count.
  11. Thanks! I’ll check out yours as well.
  12. Oh, I have done all of the writing for it already. The editing, however, is still not finished (basic typo editing and stuff, all of the plot rewrites are done).For music, I was originally going to use tracks I made on Musicshake but then I came across a composer I really liked. So currently we only have an OP song. As for the backgrounds, I was planning on doing a Kickstarter for that as I don't have enough to pay for it. I also plan on releasing a demo alongside it in early May. I can still show screenshots with the stock backgrounds if people are interested though. And yeah, I was well aware the Japanese school setting was going to be a turn off for a lot of people when I started it. But last time I tried doing something else I ended up hating the project so much it started to feel more like a chore than anything. I don't ever want to feel that way about writing again, so now I'd rather just write this kind of stuff for anyone who does still enjoy it. And yes I am part of a team and we have a Twitter account and a Facebook page already, so I will update the first post with them. I will get working on making a website ASAP though. And thanks for all your feedback everyone!
  13. Falling Star is an upcoming romance/drama visual novel spanning over 800k words. If you are interested please read on for more details. Summary: A wish; the magnificent enormous tree standing in the center of Okaraka town is said to have the ability to grant a single wish to whoever manages to climb up to the top. Of course only a handful of people actually believe in this age-old Urban legend. Sasaki Jiro is not one of those people. He's never believed it not even as a small child, now he's finally returning to his home and his opinion hasn't changed in the least. Plagued by strange visions as he returns to his hometown for his final year of high school, Jiro's younger cousin, Inoue Sora somehow manages to get Jiro to join the Astronomy Club. Among the two cousins in the club are Fujimoto Shiro, Jiro's childhood friend, Nura Misaki, a mysterious loner, Chitose Akira, the energetic class president, Hasekura Hinako, a preppy seventh grader, and Sendo Yuichi, a perverted honor student. Eventually, Jiro begins enjoying his time with the Astronomy Club but underneath all the happiness and playful comedy there are dark secrets lurking inside everyone's souls. Characters: Sasaki Jiro- "I hate the world. I think it's a really crappy place. That's why I want to live my life to the fullest. I refuse to let the bastard win." Slightly cynical and skeptical to the core. Jiro is the protagonist of the story. He enjoys messing around with his friends to get a reaction out of them, Sora and Shiro being among his favorite targets. However, despite his usual attitude, he can be a generally nice guy when it counts. Inoue Sora- "Will kissing Shiro really mean I can stay...Alright then, I'll do it!" Naive and gullible, Sora is Jiro's cousin and the president of the Astronomy Club. She's a very kind and polite girl who excels at cooking. She is a good leader and can keep Jiro in check despite usually falling for his jokes. However, she has a tendency to sleepwalk quite frequently, always resulting in chaos. She also is immensely strong despite her gentle appearance. Fujimoto Shiro- "You must wanna have both your arms broken, huh?" Brash and short-tempered, Shiro is Jiro's and Sora's childhood friend and granddaughter of the town's founders. Shiro can be easily aggravated especially by the likes of Jiro and Yuichi. She is a lover of all animals and an avid hater of the heat, often doing whatever it takes to avoid sweating. Chitose Akira- "Hahaha! You guys all actually thought I was gonna pull my skirt down! Upbeat and playful, Akira is the class representative. She loves to play around and as such she usually counters Jiro's teasing with some of her own. However, she knows when to get serious about her job. She also has a tendency to accidentally say blunt things. Akira loves to eat and is frightened of birds. Nura Misaki- "It's horrendous." Cold and aloof, Misaki is a quiet girl in the Astronomy Club. She prefers to be alone and is often eating her lunch on the school's roof. Like Akira, Misaki also has a tendency to be rather blunt, however, in her case, it is completely intentional. Misaki has a fondness for poetry and ketchup and hates being touched. Hasekura Hinako- "Fuee~ I'm an adult!" Proud and stubborn, Hinako is a rich middle school student. She is spoiled and has never been punished for anything. As a result, she takes this as being treated as an adult and thus thinks of herself as such. For some reason, she has a habit of saying "Fuee". She has a strong bond with Akira who she looks up to like a sister. She also is quite addicted to playing crane machines. Hinako loves stuffed animals and hates cats. Sendo Yuichi- "Misaki, my dear. I can see your panties from here. It is truly a lovely angle." Perverted and intelligent, Yuichi is at the top of the third year class. Despite his status of being an honor student as well as a pretty good athlete, he makes no attempt to hide his more indecent qualities. However, somehow he is always there for his friends when it counts the most. Inoue Yoshi- “I LOVE YOU JIRO, MY BOY!!!!!” Loud and hammy, Yoshi is the supervisor of the Astronomy Club. He makes the most out of every day by having as much fun as possible. He cares deeply for Jiro and Sora and is always ready to calm down when he knows they need it. He is completely oblivious to his terrible cooking and music skills. Also feel free to check out our team StarGuide’s social media accounts: https://mobile.twitter.com/StarGuide7 https://m.facebook.com/StarGuide-1723853527657853/?ref=bookmarks Demo: https://dmasterxd.itch.io/falling-star
  14. Nice to meet you as well. Hm, not sure really. I’ve enjoyed all of the ones I’ve finished at least one route of so far. But if I had to pick I guess Cross+Channel. I thought the story was great and everything but I just really couldn’t stand Taichi. ^^;
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