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  1. Texthooking issue, ITHVNR, ITH

    Thnaks man that worked. I guess I can search for the other ones the same way. You can always rely on the Chinese when it comes to anything.
  2. Texthooking issue, ITHVNR, ITH

    Waffle games seems to have issue with textractor. I'll try the things out he pointed in the faq. And ITH doesn't support the game?
  3. Texthooking issue, ITHVNR, ITH

    With textextractor, The text is just wrong
  4. Texthooking issue, ITHVNR, ITH

    Same issue, incomplete sentence.
  5. So I'm having this issue with ITH and ITHVNR, it can't read the text properly out of waffle published game or games run by this engine. https://imgur.com/j3aYeGb As you can see, the text is incomplete and wrong. The other options also get similar result. Is it an issue with ITH or am I doing something wrong? I read some VN by romaji before as I'm fluent in speaking but if I can't extract the text, I can't run it through translation aggregator to get the romaji in the first place.
  6. Solution So after waiting for a year I found my own solution. Well if you're confident in your spoken and listening skills then you can do this. Otherwise,not really. Glad my years of being a weeb is finally paying off. Except for the names of some character and the spacing sometime, it's very accurate. Good enough for me.
  7. "mahoyomahoutsukai-no-yoruwitch-on-the-holy-night-translation-chapter-1-15-complete" Has the day finally arrived?
  8. So uh. Is this project still going on? Or as usual? The dates and reply content doesn't seem to match.