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  1. Guys! We've released our demo! Go get it by clicking on the link above (just below the featured image) and feel free to drop your thoughts about our demo here!
  2. This week in our KS: We've Reached 100 Backers! (March 13) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/878373124/one-last-crane-visual-novel/posts/2130764 Our Thunderclap is Up! (March 15) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/878373124/one-last-crane-visual-novel/posts/2136681 More will be added in the future!
  3. Wow! We've gotten plugged in! Thank you so much for the shout out!
  4. 1. Yeah, it's pretty much the same as KS. 2. Complete VN playthrough could be around 10-20 hours in one sitting. 3. Good news: It's not. You can go straight to your best girl.
  5. 1. It will be written in EN and translated to JP, CH, INA 2. DigitalEZ will be handling the translations. 3. The post was handled from Tokyo, so the currency was set in yens by default. Of course, you can still donate in USDs as they will be converted into such. 4. It's taken for granted for Japanese publishers to sell their games also in DMM. Also updated some things for more details about the devs. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. GET OUR DEMO RIGHT HERE! After a long year of treatment without any positive results, Yuuki asks for his final wish: to return to his hometown and fulfill his promise to meet again with his childhood friend, Saki Nishimura. However, as always, things are hard for him. Saki no longer lives where she used to, and no one knows her whereabouts. The last hint Yuuki got was from the high school Saki had said she wanted to attend—Shimizu High School. Together with his adopted little sister, Mary, and his new tomboyish neighbor, Chihiro, Yuuki keeps searching for the girl, only to meet Asu
  7. Thank you so much! Please look forward to our future updates! Thank you for noticing! Yes, we tried to tackle quite a theme for a debut project. Gotta make that impact lmao Genres don't count as spoilers if you haven't seen the 'crying' part xD Thank you very much! Sweet! Thank you so much! can't help it oh, by the way, it's here. Catch the date.
  8. Thank you so much for noticing us! We sincerely wish to make it through the upcoming campaign!
  9. Nice to meet you! We are a recently formed Visual Novel startup with a passion to create wonderfully sweet stories as our major objective. As per now we’re about to reveal our debut nakige, One Last Crane. There will be more going on about the project so don’t hesitate to follow our social media accounts for future updates! Facebook Twitter Our Homepage of course, you can check them in our Signatures as well!
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