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  1. protagonist from a Different World

    Thanks for the recommendations, they were helpful. i bought Seinarukana on steam a while ago but never played it because it wont run on windows 10, any way thank you.
  2. protagonist from a Different World

    Boy thats alot! i'll give some a try thanks
  3. protagonist from a Different World

    I'll give them a shot, thank you
  4. I'm craving for some isekai games similar to Crystalline and Ascendant Hearts. It seems kinda impossible to find any isekai vn anywhere, so if anyone knows any good ones it'll be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
  5. Milf Heroines

    I'm looking for some good translated vn with older heroines. EX: Sasahara Etsuko, Kumagai Aki, and Hashimoto Ryouko Thank you.
  6. Muscular Heroine/ isekai setting

    Thank you Infinite Stomach ill differently look into alotta of them. As for the other part of my topic don't worry about it i knew it was unpopular, but you never know. nukiges are fine too
  7. I'm a huge fan of any anime or manga that is an isekai( protagonist from another world ex: konosuba) and wondered if there are any good vn like this? I did get Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- from steam, however since I'm on windows 10 it won't work. also unrelated to the first question i was looking for a vn where one or more of the heroine where muscular like Takahara Minako from The Guts!, since its not in English(and might never be) i was looking for one in English. Thank you in advance.