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    AstralSword got a reaction from droganpc in What Anime are you watching now?   
    I watched "The Rising of The Shield Hero" anime and while the portrail of the suffering Martyr gets overly abused sometimes, the anime ends when this aspect of the saga is about to come to an end as well.

    Sadly, that IS the impression most people get from the first season.

    I ended up gobbling down every content I could find and read all 17 light novel volumes available in english.

    I have to say the series has its ups and downs, but overall it has much more than the whole "false rape accusations are horrible" and "modern day slavery is fine if you treat your slaves well enough" that brought all the hate and love the series got.

    Fortunately, the second season supposedly will cover at least the Spirit Tortoise Arc, which covers quite a bit of character development and introduces a lot more regarding how the world works.

    It should settle for new and old fans alike, while solving the problems the first season had.
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    AstralSword got a reaction from Phantom Ein in Zanmataisei Demonbane - Translation into portuguese/Tradução para o português - UPDATE 29/09/2020   
    Project Introduction
    People working on it: AstralSword, yes, me.
    VN link in VNDB.
    Visual Novel information
    VN heavily based in the Cthulhu Mythos (Lovecraftian lore). Also Mecha and Magic.
    VN fortemente baseada no Mito de Cthulhu (conteúdo Lovecraftiano). Também Mecha e Magia.
    Staff or Team Members
    Honorable mention¹: Xander, contributed hugely with the base font to put accents, cedillas and whatnot inside the game (your font saved my bacon)
    Honorable mention²: aluigi, administrator of the ZenHax forum, which created a custom script to extract the CGs from the PS2 version (my bacon was saved so I could hand it over to you)
    Geral: 4,96%

    NSS Files Translated: 42/808
    Quality Check/Special characters imput/PS2 CGs & videos imput: 25/808
    Voice&Text sync/Sincronia de vozes com texto: 25/808
    Common Route
    -Introduction/Introdução -------------------------------------------------------01/01 Concluído/Finished
    -Chap 01 -------------------------------------------------------17/17 Concluído/Finished
    -Chap 02 -------------------------------------------------------17/17 Concluído/Finished
    -Chap 03 -------------------------------------------------------01/32 Em andamento/On going
    -Chap 04 -------------------------------------------------------00/25 Em andamento/On going
    -Chap 05 -------------------------------------------------------00/11 Em andamento/On going
    -Chap 06 -------------------------------------------------------00/15 Em andamento/On going
    -Chap 07 -------------------------------------------------------00/23* Em andamento/On going
    *Chapter 07 starts each heroine's routes/O capítulo 07 define o inicio das rotas de cada heroína
    Al-Azif Route
    Hadou Ruri Route
    Leica Route
    Not yet.

    Hot News
    ...I am still alive, even though the project looks like it's dead.

    I'm coming back to it and anyone still interested in reading Demonbane in PT-BR / with the voice patch fully applied, along the Playstation 2 CGs and videos, please give me a few days and I'll update the project with results.

    ...Ainda estou vivo, mesmo que o projeto aparente estar morto.
    Estou retomando e àqueles ainda interessados em ler o Demonbane em PT-BR / com o voice patch totalmente funcional, assim como as CGs e os videos da versão de Playstation 2, por favor me dê alguns dias e atualizarei o projeto com resultados.

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    AstralSword got a reaction from PrincessOfFinch in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Regarding Gurren Lagann, I am a tear jerker for happy endings. Well...
    The manga has not the most perfect story in the universe, but it is damn worth a read, at least once.
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    AstralSword got a reaction from PrincessOfFinch in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Gurren Lagann is very good. I don't like the ending that much, but I could hardly think of something not too cheesy.

    Also, Elfen Lied's manga is quite beautiful indeed. The anime did great on the soundtracks, but it covered almost nothing of it.

    When the shit would really hit the fan, it ended.
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    AstralSword reacted to TakunDes in Script Extraction Thread   
    Does anyone want to help out with extracting the script from ゾンビのあふれた世界で俺だけが襲われな ?
    I did look at the tutorial section but it didn't seem to help much. It's using Noa file type for the Scripts. Anyone can give guidance on what tools are needed to extract for this game. the thread on data-extraction-thread/ was very unhelpful
    I am interested in translating the first one, if it all goes well translating the second and third game as well, just kinda want to make its popularity grows. I don't have a job and I use PC full time everyday for up to 10-15 hours so I had plenty of time around doing nothing atm
    help would be appreciated!
    Edit: Okay I managed to extract the script into XML  so i can edit them to English, but how do i export it back to Noa file again for testing?
    Edit2: okay I figured out everything luckily, and it works in game
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    AstralSword got a reaction from TakunDes in Script Extraction Thread   
    Whoa. That was fast.

    Good luck on your project buddy
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    AstralSword got a reaction from tymmur in What does an editor do in fan translation?   
    I understand that completely but, if you have the time to wait untill your mind "forgets" what you wrote, that issue can be minimized (not to perfection, of course, but after two passes it is bound to be very close).

    My Demonbane translation from english to portuguese is going smoothly in the sense that I actually like the results of the first 2 chapters.

    One thing that works to erase the "auto-correct effect" (at least in my head) is to recompile the translated script in the game and proofread it there.
    Since I translate the script using Notepad++, reading it in the game is like looking at a totally different beast.
    The font is a different size, there are OSTs, there are CGs, so the feeling inside your head is different. It works.
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    AstralSword reacted to Pabloc in KonoSora / IMHHW ReTranslation patch   
    Actually I was the only one form the original Restoration patch team who kept working on this all the time. Avi8Tor and MeruP joined a while after the old patch was released, and that's pretty much the core team. Others either came and went or joined for the final QC/testing a few months ago (well, it was almost a year ago actually...) - and Ange definitely did most of the work in that regard.
    Personally, I managed to stay committed to it only because I'm stupidly stubborn and don't like leaving things unfinished.
    In the end, this is the VN that got me into translating stuff (and that in turn significantly improved not only my Japanese, but also my writing skills), so I really wanted to see this project through. Well, I did take a few breaks due to insufficient motivation, but each time I somehow managed to come back to working on it.
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    AstralSword got a reaction from mitchhamilton in KonoSora / IMHHW ReTranslation patch   
    Jesus Christ, fellas...

    I can hardly imagine how it must feel do complete a project like this.

    Kudos to you all!
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    AstralSword got a reaction from Laczy90 in Data extraction thread   
    Thanks a bunch bro. I received help yesterday and was able to modify the font.

    I also used FontCreator before reading your post, so I guess this is the best tool around for this haha

    Also thanks for going out of your way to actually offering to send me the program. I really appreciate the help
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    AstralSword got a reaction from Xander in Modify a font to put special characters inside a Shift-Jis file   
    The editor I tried to use the first time is a mess. FontForge is no good. At least for this.

    Xander actually sent me a custom font of his by PM, and it worked wonders.

    But since spanish does not have all the special characters I need, I also installed FontCreator and was able to add the missing ones.

    FontCreator is surprinsingly easy to use, so I recommend it deeply in case anyone needs to customize a font like I ended up doing.

    Everyone that cared to answer this thread have my sincere thanks, because all the responses were very helpful.

    Also, Xander, thanks a bunch again bro. You saved my bacon big time

    O editor que tentei de primeira é muito bugado. FontForge não é bom, pelo menos para isso.

    O usuário Xander acabou me enviado uma fonte modificada por ele por PM, e deu certinho.

    Mas como o espanhol carece alguns caracteres que eu preciso, também instalei o FontCreator e adicionei os que faltavam.

    O FontCreator é surpreendentemente fácil de usar, então recomendo-o profundamente caso alguém precise modificar uma fonte da mesma forma que eu fiz.

    Agradeço de verdade a todos que se importaram em responder a esse tópico, pois todas as respostas ajudaram muito.

    E mais uma vez, Xander, valeu mesmo mano. Você salvou a minha pele muito mesmo
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    AstralSword reacted to Laczy90 in Data extraction thread   
    Whit FontCreator. If you need, i can send you.
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    AstralSword reacted to marcus-beta in Modify a font to put special characters inside a Shift-Jis file   
    acho que seu editor está recriando a tabela de glifos da fonte, como as fontes sjis contém uma quantia massiva de caracteres alguns editores de fontes que não tem como alvo as fontes 932 acabam gerando uma nova fonte "corrompida" que pode afetar o reconhecimento de alguns jogos, ou não...
    bem, não tenho certeza se é seu caso.
    Leve em conta também que é a MS Gothic, tu instalou corretamente a fonte modificada? se tu apenas abriu e deu instalar esse é seu erro, a MS Gothic é uma fonte protegida do sistema, tu não vai conseguir modifica-la tão facilmente.

    I think your editor is recreating the source glyphs table, as sjis fonts contains a massive amount of characters some font editors that do not target 932 fonts end up generating a new "corrupted" font that may affect the recognition of some games, or not ...
    well, I'm not sure if that's your case.
    Take into account also that it is MS Gothic, have you correctly installed the modified font? if you just opened and gave install this is your mistake, MS Gothic is a protected system font, you will not be able to modify it so easily.
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    AstralSword reacted to Xander in Modify a font to put special characters inside a Shift-Jis file   
    Try with another fonts, or use FontCreator.
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    AstralSword got a reaction from Forgetful Frank in Hey everyone!   
    I am sorry I did not come here from the start.

    Translator, gamer, so so archer and above all, VN lover at your service. Pleased to meet you all.
    ---Takes hat off
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