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  1. Yikes. FFXV sounds like a money pit...I definitely don't want a game I have to keep paying for after its bought. I'll check out your top picks first - Bloodborne and NieR...both games sound pretty good. Thanks guys!
  2. I like hunting down signed comic books. I also have a small collection of Pokemon cards and video game OSTs.
  3. Right now I'm just enjoying Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. I got a new PS4 Slim so I'm looking to play some new games. Got Persona 5, Last Recode, and Tokyo Xanadu ex+ on backlog right now. Dunno if there's any more great JRPGs I should be looking into?
  4. Started reading Hoshino, Me wo Tsubutte...good stuff. Kobayakawa is so relatable. Right now he's my favorite male MC in any manga I'm reading.
  5. Seems like Fuwa is the forum where dreams can come true. lol Call me if you ever need an inbetweener.
  6. @SeniorBlitz - You said it! lol Thanks, man.
  7. lol Thanks, MaggieROBOT. Nothing better than cats and Code Realize, that's for sure. I didn't know about the fandisc though, so that's welcome news! Thanks, Dreamysyu. Pleasure to meet you! Thanks, Ranzo. I appreciate the welcome from a fellow Princess Mononoke fan! Thanks a lot, Weiterfechten. Nice to meet you. Yep, that's what you can call me. I can't wait to get my grubby paws on more of them. Thanks for the welcome, Plk_Lesiak! Thank you, arosia. Wow...we could be clones. lol I also wanted to be an animator way back when. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. Thanks, DarkZedge. Nice to meet you.
  8. Hey everyone, new poster checking in. I don't usually know what to say in these types of posts, but I'll just say I really enjoy Charage and Otoge (Code Realize and CollarxMalice made me a true fan). I just bought a PS4 Slim so I'm looking forward to see what VNs I can get for it. Tossing in some more random info because why not...I like cats and my favorite movie is Princess Mononoke. lol Thanks for reading and nice to be here!
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