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    You'll find your way back some day. I got into writing because my mind goes so rampant due to my autism and I felt like it would help me expand my horizons a little bit. I lost my way when I started working and when i lost my job, I came back to writing because I was depressed about it. Eventually, you will find your way back to your favorite hobbies somehow.
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    Jardic47 reacted to Dreamysyu in Writing and VNs: Life's struggle.   
    This reminds me, I myself was kind of into writing when I was in high-school. I was really bad at first, got a bit better after a few novels. Though I recently found one of the novels I wrote back then, and it was still pretty awful. But then the uni started, and I started having a lot less free time, so I eventually just stopped. Ever since then I never really got motivation to sit down and actually write something. Probably never will. I still liked making up stories in my head without actually writing them on paper, but a few years ago I stopped doing even that. Though, who knows, just a couple of days ago a had an idea of a story (which, incidentally, is a lot more openly weebish than anything I imagined before), so who knows, maybe I'll get anywhere with it.
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    My first Gundam was Wing... but my first mecha was Voltron.
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