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  1. Looking for a certain +18 VN

    Yea this is what I was looking for! Thank you so much
  2. Hello people, some days ago I found a VN that caught my eye, but for some reasons I didnt save a link to VNDB and lost the track of it So I need your help to find it again if you are willing to help of course. I remember one of the CG of the game was a serious-looking-face blonde with something like a big scar or a tattoo on her back taking a shower, then some monsters similar to yokai appears and rape her. Also I think it is a military VN. Sadly thats everything I can remember, I know its a hard task but any help is welcome. Have a nice day!
  3. Hello, im going to start this vn, is there any walkthrough of the translated routes? Or choices are simple like in Hatsukoi?
  4. Yes it is! Thank you so much
  5. Hello people, few weeks ago i have played a visual novel, an eroge. I had to clean my pc so i deleted it, sadly i cant remember the name of that game anymore and i cant find in on VNDB searching it with tags. I would like to ask for your help guys to find it again, this is the stuff i remember about it: - It was about a male student who had an accident related to a bridge, so he has amnesia and he cant remember any childhood friend. - He has nightmares about the bridge and he sees himself drowned on the river behind the bridge. - One of the main heroines is a redhair who is harsh to the main character and is usually alone. If im not wrong She is like that because she made a promiss with a childhood friend (who is the mc) but he forgot about it (she didnt remember mc was the boy of the promise either). - Other of the heroines i remember was the typical deredere class president, but one of the CGs of the VN shows her on the shower with a knife, covered in blood. - It was a very short game i only did the redhair route and it took me only 3-4 hours. - I think it was on Steam because i remember it had a +18 patch that added the CG scenes. Thats everthing i remember for now, i enoyed it a lot and wanted to play the other routes. So if anyone knows the name of the game please tell me, any help is appreciated. (Sorry for my english, is not my native language)