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  1. I found this picture from the library shepherd tumblr when the translation was in progress, from here we can get the idea from which routes are possible and the fact that there are true endings for the 5 main heroines: https://imgur.com/RGY2GnC
  2. You mean the BGIKit? https://github.com/Iriasu/BGIKit
  3. Yeah, you're right about that, the fact that He didn't announce anything about the progress of the translation really bothers in some way. Once He said "In truth, I actually restarted this project around last September, when I finally managed to wrest some free time back, albeit at a noticably slower pace than before. I didn’t announce it as I wasn’t sure if I could commit to finishing it… but after several months of (more or less) consistent progress, I’m confident of doing so now. Though for the record, I won’t be posting weekly updates as I used to. I’ll likely limit it to milestone posts until the eventual (and I do mean eventual) release of the full translation patch." Then, He posted the Milestone Update "There are still a load of images, some engine tweaking, and a long QC phase to go through, so don’t expect a release anytime soon - at the very least, not likely by this year." - Oct 31st, 2016 Ever since, He hasn't posted anything about it, let's hope He is still working in the project, if He didn't post anything maybe is because He will come back with the final release of the patch.
  4. Like any other person, He has things to do, and things to go, maybe more importantly than testing-releasing the patch, it's not a simple task to achieve, it requires a lot of time and effort to be completed even at a bad state. Remember that this is a voluntary work, that He did(Or maybe does) in his free time, so, we have to wait patiently until a new update or a final release of the patch. Apart of this, we can assume 3 possible scenarios: 1. Nearly null free time to spend to complete the translation of the game. 2. He's ill or something similar (I hope He is doing well). 3. He just lost all motivation to continue this project or make the patch for the game, even if it's already translated fully with some errors. I think those are the most possible scenarios to think of. Again, we don't know about the other people's life, some people live in a wooden house, some people nearly has the chance to access the internet, some people don't have a family to rely on, some people live to the limits...in such odd conditions, that's why we are wrong judging a person to not release something if we don't know how the other person is doing, or which situation is facing right now. So, what we have to do now, is wait, for something to be announced by the Librarian Shepherd, that's all.
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