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  1. As for the secret it's spaced out like this 

    13 9911 1

  2. FUN! in the playground

    FUN! in the playground Story: A young loner named Jaxon, spends his after school hours at the park hoping to make a friend. Eventually he catches the eye of the players choosing and his wish comes true! Still in development state. Created by: Christian Means Music: Dova Syndrome, Rengoku Teien Graphics: Found on the web, pictures are owned by their respectful owners. Game Testers: Seth Link:Game Notes: (I'm new, so I don't know If I posted this in the correct forum)
  3. [colored ❤ feelings]

    Awesome, I'll keep you posted! The First color is ready to go.
  4. [colored ❤ feelings]

    Fixed, and any feedback will good to help out in the Development stage.
  5. [colored ❤ feelings]

    Charon's games (Mix Ore) actually influenced the game.
  6. [colored ❤ feelings]

    [colored ❤ feelings] Game Link Status: In development Genre: Visual novel, Yandere, Girls Love About ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A young High School girl named Renai Sutori gets into a horrible bike accident, causing her minor injures and amnesia. She is taken by a mysterious person who takes care of her. The problem is, Renai doesn't remember who the person is before she lost her memory... Could they be who they say they are? Controls ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ F4 to shift into Fullscreen and Windowed Mode Enter = Confirm Color Routes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________