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  1. Thanks for this review. I've heard that HoshiMemo was released in a poor state, but I had no idea it was this bad. I understand from your blog that you have some experience in the translation / editing business, Fred, so I'd like to pick your brain on this. How does this even happen? I was under the impression Sekai Project is a professional company so it boggles my mind how something can be released in this state without anyone noticing. Is it a total lack of QCers, hiring incompetent editors, lacking a proper budget or what? I can understand a sub-par translation but not one that i
  2. Didn't expect to see you here, but now that you are, I'll expect my shill payment in the mail :^) Looking forward to Chapter 4!
  3. Having played through Euphoria, and being a mere novice when it comes to darker VNs, the fact that its H-scenes are not "too extreme" like the other games on the list chills me to my very core.
  4. You're probably correct about that! Valerie was definitely the most direct of the bunch, but there were some hints, opportunities, and slightly suggestive scenarios in Kaori's route too. It's a shame that the ending was so abrupt and a total let-down, though. I felt like I was at the height of the story when suddenly the ending slapped me in the face. On a side note, I love how other characters got into relationships and had their own lives, in a way. Also, look out for my new blog one of these days then, Lesiak. I'd love to have your commentary! also i follow your blog senpai OELVNS
  5. Sorry if I misunderstood here, but does this mean you've never actually read Danganronpa? As a newcomer to the series having only played the first game, I'd be interested to hear your opinion on whether or not the sequels match the quality of the first entry. You assume wrongly, Zaka. I would love to hear more about the first and second entries in your list, as you seem like a knowledgeable VN connoisseur, atleast moreso than myself. Furthermore, if I have interpreted correctly, it seems that you prefer to read visual novels in Japanese rather than English translations almost w
  6. As a fellow fan of STEINS;GATE myself, have you played STEINS;GATE 0, Kurisu-Chan? If so, what is your opinion on it? Thanks for the write-up by the way, it reminded me that I still have to try out Danganronpa's sequels!
  7. You're very welcome, thanks so much for reading Lesiak! Ace Academy is an awesome game as well, the fact that it had a fully platonic route, and even an ending for the "token male best friend" character, impressed me very much. PixelFade's products will always be on my radar, too. I should have noted that Crystalline is being released episodically, but even with just 3 / 5 chapters released I feel I've gotten my money's worth in laughs already. Also, the animations and general art are of exceptional quality for a western VN, in my humble opinion. Thank you very much for the transl
  8. Are you sick of immersing yourself into a good story when a wayward, stiff penis drags you out of the plot and into an entirely different dimension? Do you think H-scenes are deplorable and exemplification of how far humanity has strayed from God's original vision for mankind? Does it upset you when your virtual chaste relationship with a VN character is progressing well when you suddenly open the door on her while she is changing, without any player input? Fear not, then, my friend, for you are not alone. Gaze upon the forthcoming list without need to fear even a single ounce of sin
  9. Hello Nikolay, and welcome to the forums! I watched the trailer and the gameplay video and still have hardly any idea what your VN is about. Do you have a description / synopsis of the plot? Personally, I like the art. It looks fresh and unique compared to most VNs I see these days. I think giving the sprites a few poses or animations would be a big improvement; right now they look a bit rigid, especially Pin. It's not that bad at first, but over the entire VN it can get boring seeing characters permanently standing in the same exact position. The music is passable, nothing special there
  10. I may be late to the hat party but I'm still feeling that holiday spirit. Forgive my technological and artistic ineptitude, Fiddle, but I'd be overjoyed if you could kit me out with a Santa hat as well!
  11. I sure hope those are katanas you're grabbing or I'll have to have a word with the non-weeb police myself Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm on board with the idea of western-made VNs too, so if you come across any good ones let me know Even if it's yuri. I'm really proud of your choice in VNs, son. KnS had just the right mix with its historical setting, murder mystery theme, and likeable protagonist; it checked all the right boxes for me. Really loved it even though I probably died more times than I did in my first playthrough of Dark Souls III. I'm excited for KnS 3 too
  12. I'll come clean right away. I don't particularly like anime, I don't have any special interest in Japan or Japanese culture, and I'm the kind of guy that patches his 18+ games to the all-ages version. Some of my mates call me a "normie", even though I'm still not sure what that even means. Before you grab your pitchforks and send me on a one-way trip to the Shadow Realm, let me tell you what I do love: visual novels. I love the Kara no Shoujo series, STEINS;GATE, World End Economica, anything with a narrative focus really. Even if some of Kara no Shoujo's 18+ scenes made me want to get a
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