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  1. Thank you, forgive me for these simple words are all I can use to show my gratitude without going overboard... You don't know how many times I've just sat in front of pc watching this game's opening sequence, and now there's actually hope for me to play it... If all goes well both titles might even be translated.... so I wish u the best of luck.
  2. Violet Hill (DEMO released)

    Looks interesting, but since I'm an inflexible straight man I will continue to wait specifically for the release of the original Violet Hill. I wish you guys luck on both these projects.
  3. I wish you guys all the best, I enjoyed watching the anime (both seasons). Looking forward to what the game has for offer.
  4. I got a question, what's the difference between ShinKoihime and Koihime Musou? is Shinkoihime a better version of Koihime Musou with a massive amount of content added?
  5. Violet Hill (DEMO released)

    This looks interesting, will keep an eye on it....
  6. Sexy (but not hentai) manga

    Oops... Posted twice... Guess I'll just add some more Iinazuke Kyoutei, To Love Ru series, Gun x Clover, Cross x Regalia, Trinity Seven, Hundred, Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, 12 Beast, Nana to Kaoru (soft S&M manga), Sexual Hunter Riot, Sekirei, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Haru Yo Koi, Fujimura-kun Meitsu (it's hilariously awesome) and the list could gone on so I'll stop here. I'm sure you already know some of these.
  7. Sexy (but not hentai) manga

    What about Minamoto-kun Monogatari? it's pretty interesting.
  8. What are you guys?! Isn't this a bit too quick, just checked on this today and at the time it was at 97, now it's at 98..... Your gonna make me reorganize the order I intend to read my VNs :wub:Lol... Jokes aside thank you for your diligent efforts in bringing us this VN, I will continue to wish you luck in this project and any other ones you may decide to translate in future.
  9. HuniePop

    Thanks for the walkthrough, I've unlocked everything except those two bonus girls, now to proceed in the game. Forgive me Beli... Lola... you two will always be my true waifus in this game but since there are no routes in this game I can't help but cheat.
  10. Goodluck on this project.
  11. What Anime are you watching now?

    Planning to re-watch Amagami... Just love that anime... Currently checking out the new anime that's out whilst keeping a close eye on Ace of Diamonds (this is how a sports anime should be). I have high hopes for Parasyte (read the manga and loved it), the anime has started nicely and the fact that it will have 24 episodes means the content from the manga will be utilized well, Trinity Seven's (current favorite) main character is just awesome looking forward to the developments, Nanatsu no Taiza (this should be how it's written I think) is pretty cool (the manga is epic), Vanadis no Ou looks great but it has disappointed me on the fact that it will only have 13 episodes (curse this trend even Tokyo Ghoul!), a friend was describing the light to me and there seems to be a lot of things that happen in the future, Abstaining from Terra Formers at the moment (Lol), and the last one I checked out is a celebratory compilation by Anime-Koi called Ai Tenchi Muyou, don't know all the characters (haven't watcched all the anime related to that world) but I'm hooked cause the main character is based on Masaki Kenshi from Isekai no Seikishi no Monogatari....I think I missed a something on the name but anyway I consider this one of the best among the harem anime I have watched, the comedy, the action, the heroines ( ......the heroines),the plot twists etc... were just nicely done.... the main character was a monster though in these skits it seems he doesn't have his abilities or skills which is unfortunate cause he seriously needs them... Sigh.... Now to download more anime... The struggle continues .... Need the new Gundam anime been aching for mechs (Gundams) and war ...
  12. is this a dream? isn't this translation progressing too fast?? Lol
  13. What are you playing?

    Playing Dengeki Stryker, it's actually been a while since i played any VNs picked this one up to help get the gears turning again and it seems it was the right choice. It's a fun read with great sound tracks, right now I'm currently on the final arc (Light Saga) taking a short break so I can get some school and downloading done (I know it's a bad combination, but for the greater good of mankind I'll do it). In terms of the routes (WARNING MINOR SPOILERS); Ichimonji's route (Sky saga) was my favourite (loved the ending), Haruna's route (Heaven's saga) was awesome but sad, the Sky saga showed just how bad ass a certain character was (it short it was epic), Hilko's route (Love saga) was the most romance oriented (and it was seriously well done) as the name suggests, loved the development of it's plot where as in Rin/Clie's route (Steel Saga) I would have loved it better if it was more branched (was too linear reducing it's value, since you have to read it twice to conquer both girls and to unlock the last saga). In my opinion the h-scenes from the original (Dengeki Stryker- Haruna and Ichimonji's routes) were nicely done (four panels of CGs which allowed for a nicely fleshed out scene) where as the rest of the scenes were not as good (just 2 panels), they didn't do the other heroines justice, some of the scenes were kinda awkward (an h-scene should memorable... Lol) All in all so far I'm enjoying the game cause it's pretty intense and the sound tracks are just epic, though sometimes Haruna's clingyness gets to me (as cute as she is). Now to finish the Light Saga.... So much to read so little time.... Perhpas I said too much haven't posted here in a while either
  14. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    All I can say is thank you for your hard work and good luck with the project. (Currently staring at my copy of the game counting the days to installation.... I hope I make it... )
  15. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Well, on my part I'm grateful to it cause I didn't know anything about Majikoi until I watched the anime (of course it's nothing compared to the VN but it was still fun to me. Good thing I watched the anime before getting to it's awesome VN). It gave me a strong main heroine who was also an onee-san and when I found the VN (Heavens be blessed), the world of VNs hit a new level.