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  1. A new challenger approaches

    haha thanks The B.C are the initials of my name. The Royal part's just a penname I've used for as long as I remember. I guess it stemmed from my over the top Britishness.
  2. yeah sounds like a great idea, especially if you have the experience to execute it. It was actually western VN that got me started as before then I wasn't a big fan of Japanese media (oh how things change) but I think that western VN are crucial to the growth of the whole genre as it can bring in whole new audience demographics and the interest/funding that they bring. The first visual novel I took real interest in was 80 days (https://vndb.org/v20013) which may be much more like a game than most VN but that made it so accessible. Not to mention the writing, art and gameplay were all brilliant. Even western VN in the more usual style like the onesyou've covered do wonders for making visual novels more accessible. Loads of people talk on here about how much VN are growing and I think western VN are a significant factor in that trend. So in short, YES! KEEP DOING IT! Also I just like having articles to read
  3. Persona 5

    I've been wanting to play Persona 5 because it does look amazing but I was wondering whether I should play persona 4 first.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm glad to make your acquaintances. I've been using the forum for recommendations and tips for a while now so it only seems right to make an account and go through the motions. God help whoever bothers to read this. About me I'm a writer from the UK. I used to write more western media ranging from game scripts to articles mixed a saucy hint of poetry. However, over the course of the last couple of years I've been drawn into visual novels. Starting with western styles like 80 days and short VN I could find for free online. Gradually I noticed I was reading more and more Japanese VN , even beginning to watch some anime. It was after finishing Katawa Shoujo (yes I'm one of those, you have permission to roll your eyes) that I felt a real passion for visual novels continuing to read more like CLANNAD and Fate/Stay Night. I've thrown out my other writing projects to concentrate on adapting my style to suit visual novels. Hopefully within the future I'll have more to show on here. For now though, I'm just happy to talk to other likeminded people and generally be around.