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  1. Story: Find someone else is a visual novel about the ever-changing nature of relationships, the hardships of dealing with loss and the unfair inevitability of illness and death. Gameplay: Step into the shoes of Noah, a tired protagonist, trying to cope with his girlfriend’s worsening illness. 1+ hour story with many different paths to follow. Explore the darker sides of Stockholm in the company of complex and lost characters. Is love unconditional? End: This game comes from a very personal place and was in many ways necessary to make, storywise. That said, I've still modelled the gameplay after my own preferences for lots of choices and complex characters in games. The graphical style is a mix of the two pools of inspiration I'm raised on: expressive, japanese manga and dark, nordic comic books. Hopefully you'll find something different in this game. It's available here on Itch.io. Free to download.