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  1. You'll need a composer too for BGM n stuffs. still wondering whether I should take on the role or not......
  2. A new challenger approaches

    Hoooo.... I thought it was "Before Christ" or something like that..... A pen name....I've always wanted one for my own........ my writing skill sucks, so no pen name for me! Anyway, enjoy your stay, mate!
  3. A new challenger approaches

    A writer! Hello! Just a question....what's "B.C" stands for?
  4. Hullo!

    uh...like.... Enjoy your stay……hehehe… ...... ........seems like a creep..... Do I really need to elaborate?.....hehehe...... Wait...wrong expression...lemme change it コホン! hehehe...... I am a creep Anyway, enjoy your stay!
  5. Hullo!

    Another oasis joined the community! At first I thought the picture was Kasumi (Popipa)……then again the hair is different Here r several welcome sentences for you, pick 1: 1. Please never leave us! 2. If you leave, I'll find you! 3. Enjoy your stay! or…… 4. Enjoy your stay……hehehe…
  6. Hi, Gay! (let's just assume that this is your name) But damn! This thread sure is active.... Lemme join! I usually use 斎木 才和 (read as Saiki Saiwa) for my nick name whenever a game requires both sure and given name. But if not, then I will use "Adhen", it makes me feel at ease since this is abbreviation of my real name. The idea came from Kirigaya Kazuto being Kirito (damn that guy! genius!) If you ever see a player in a game (mostly Japanese online game) using "Adhen" as a name and not アッデン, that's probably me *Just FYI, 斎木 is a family name (no meaning) and 才和 is formed with 才 (talent) and 和 (harmony), so you get the picture of the name there.
  7. Hello There!

    Aaaah...a potential script writer Welcome to Fuwa! Enjoy your stay and.......... Try not to dive too deep, mate
  8. Hello everybody

    Hmmm..... "Annabell joined the forum!" *BGM rolls in* Don't ask why, but I just got a feeling that this is right Welcome to Fuwa, Annabell! Enjoy your stay~
  9. Heya !

    I thought you were a guy originated female...well.....you know.... I don't have a fujoshi friend but I have one who swings both ways! Anyway, welcome to Fuwa! Enjoy your stay~
  10. Another Fresh Face

    now that you mentioned it…I've never realized that Anyway, welcome to Fuwa, Dr.……(sorry, not good at remembering names)
  11. It's us, not me!

    Welcome, welcome! いらっしゃい!へいらっしゃい!! Maaaan (or maybe men??!!), I always admire devs like you guys!
  12. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    I really have to do this…
  13. This one seems like a legit commercial's line! lol I personally use Windows Defender, maybe because it is easy to use, it gives me monthly report (never read it), tho. As for viruses? no prob......Actually, I don't pay any attentions to this (don't realize = no viruses)
  14. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    There was one time I enjoyed this genre.....and I keep on thinking about the reason Just can't remember them well, tho Maybe I can find the reason if I watch another one
  15. Wow! Thanks for the greetings guys! Really appreciate them! 感動しましたよ。。。 Damn! Am I too late!? Lemme check the page lool