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  1. Having grown in a musical environment , I always make a huge deal of the soundtracks of everything that I play or watch. Sometimes its almost a deal-braker for me, so I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing lol. Anyway, I've played only 6 VNs so far, but here are some memorable moments for me. I really love jazz(watched Sakamichi no Apollon just for the sake of it), finding a good piece in a VN was a pleasant surprise, the piano bits at the end are cool, the sax melody is chilling and the bass solo part is awesome. Also, Katawa Shoujo was my entry to this genre, so it holds a dear place in my hearth even though I've played it years ago. Classical is the only genre that i love more than jazz. This one is based on a piece known as Revolurionary Etude by Chopin (which is meant to butcher your left hand every time you try to play it). Its by far my favorite etude and I was blown away when I recognized the melody that started at 1:03. What a pleasant surprise. There are many tracks from this VN that I like alot (even the ones that weren't based on classical music) but i will just leave this one here. This also was the VN that got me back into these kind of games. Ah the Kasabuta/Scab. I still can't figure out why I like this music so much, and this is a rare ocurrence. I did not like Grisaia very much (which made me play only one route of the first game, i will eventually come back to it tho), even so, this song in conjunction to "that" part of the story is an almost perfect match. It's a little unsettling, while being a bit chill at the same time(???). Some ppl said that they got bored of it pretty quickly. As for myself, I used to halt the reading for a few seconds just to hear this melody one more time. That subtle slapping bass that tells that the song is about to start gets me every time. Also thanks for whoever revived this discussion, I could easily decide to play a VN that the description didn't appeal me, after hearing a good bgm. Just added Fata Morgana to my eventual reads. Could talk about music all day.
  2. Yeah I that's what I've assumed, it should be less like Sherlock and more like "Se7en" or "The Bone Collector". I will definitely give it a try. That's what I plan to do. I think its ok , for what I've read/saw is not even close to the shocking image that I had in my head. Thanks for the input. I've just decided to read those 3 VNs. I just hope that I dont get too hyped for the third one since it will probably take a long time for a translation to come out after it's release. Excellent, this seems to be like the kind of VN that i was looking for, actually the art style is the main thing that caught my attention. I will start reading in January since I plan to read the 3 in sucession and i dont have much time for now. I will look for some shorter/lighthearted VN to read little by little meanwhile. Thank you everyone for your reply!
  3. That is good to know, good soundtrack is actually a huge selling point for me. Thanks for the reply! Yeah i've read about that. I will probably look for some sort of guide. Good to know that the game isn't depressing as i thought. I've read nasty things about this one, this can be the kind of vn that i would consider not playing at all (even though its a short one). Alright, thanks for the heads up! I will wait on that one. Well, if thats the case, maybe the gore isn't over the top or too much for me. Thank you. Yeah i've read about that and Zidan209 just adressed this problem as well. Since i'm more intressed in the storytelling aspect of the game rather than the gameplay itself, do you think that getting some sort of guite/walkthrough will ruin the experience too much? I was planning on doing that. Thanks for the suggestion. Fair enough. People said good things about this one, so at the worst case i will just bear with the scenes. Haha i will give it a thought, though i think that kara no shoujo is pretty much my limit. I've looked on this one as well while i was searching for another vn to read and some comments about it were very depressing. Btw, greetings from Brazil! Guys, thank you all for the replies! Glad to see that this is a healthy community. Good reading to everyone.
  4. Hello my fellows! So i'm new to this amazing VN world. I played Katawa Shoujo years ago, when in the occasion some friend recommended to me (to my surprise since this kind of game is not even remotely popular over here), It was better then I expected(even though it is not my fav genre), then I played Yume Miru Kusuri (just one route) and never touched any VN again, due to the lack of time. Many years later(some weeks ago), i've stumbled in the familiar name "G-Senjou no Maou" (in a comentary section of a classical music piece on youtube), and decided to download it and give it a try. Well, needslessly to say, now i'm back into this stuff and this time more serious about it. But im still somewhat lacking in spare time to read tons of awesome, long visual novels, so i think i'm being a little picky (otherwise i would just try and read everything haha). Enough with my stupid background. I did some research and Kara no Shoujo caught my interest. The question is: just how much depressing is this game? I've read that the graphics are pretty intense. I do not mind too much about gore, i mean, kinda like h-scenes, i dont care too much but i also dont mind then either. I also do not have the weakest stomach in the world but i'm not some stoneheart guy. Some personal examples: Some G-Senjou bad endings hardly made me feel bad for more than a few minutes. Grisaia no Kanjitsu Amane's Route definitely had some impact on me but not as much as some ppl have described on this forum (like "i could not eat while reading" , "disturbed my sleep" or "thought about it for weeks"). Knowing that this game is obviously darker and more mature, and that if im going to play it , i will also play the sequel and Cartagra, i would like to hear opinions from some ppl that have played those. I do not consider myself a sad or a very emotional person, but while i like a story that is deep and leave an impact on the viewer/reader, im not confortable enought with the idea of being disturbed by it on my daily life. I'm not sure i would enjoy a game that shits on your face every time, making you feel hopeless, while topping it with a good amount of disturbing images of unrecognizable bodies. While i might like the contents of the game, even the way the game looks (the art is somewhat "mature-looking"), this overly dark/depressing vibe is kinda pushing me off. What i mean is, while i could enjoy the thriller, mature themes that this game could offer, i would not enjoy the borderline horror or the "make you feel like a hopeless shit" parts of it, if its too much (just like a romance/drama that throws tons of unnecessary hentai at your face whenever it got the chance). So, could someone who played the 3 games shed some light? Is it really that heavy? Is there enough comedy, romance or anything like that to counterbalance it or at least ease the pace a little? I also just got Sharin no Kuni, so if Kara no Shoujo is to dark to my tastes i will probably play that one. Btw, this is my first post here so im sorry for any possible "VN noobism". Also i'm VERY sorry for the huge wall of text, i think that i do not express myself good enough in english (not my native language)