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  1. Finding out about your past is one of the storylines within the game, so its probably for the best to not do go into detail here. However I will say that he is quite impatient, sarcastic and doesn't really appreciate the situation he is in.
  2. Query 1: You are the MC! There are many decisions that you have to make throughout the game that creates the MC's personality (more dating sim style). Is he an asshole? Is he kind? Thats all up to you! Query 2: As for the backgrounds of the characters, they are all really suspicious and not even MC knows the true story about them until he gets to know them better. However there might be some accidental leaks from the "restricted department" of the prison main office in the future, but who knows right?
  3. Query 1: Purpose of the game? To serve out your prison sentence and become a functioning member of society of course! I mean its that simple right? Though, being in prison would kinda suck... Query 2: The game is currently planned to be around a 70 - 30 split for story - gameplay. The setting is all placed in one location and we use real-time movement to move between the visual novel dialogue scenarios (compared to menus in a traditional visual novel). It also contains combat and rpg character building, but this is more "dungeon" based. The best way I can describe the way the game plays out is that it flows similar to games like persona 4, but instead of it being turn based its action based combat.
  4. Thanks for the reply I have added your questions (and answered them) to the post above!
  5. Using this space to answer any questions, so please ask away! --------------------------------- (At Akshays request) Estimated Length: Medium (around 30 hours) Voicing: Currently only in-game sounds such as attacking, using abilities etc... We are considering having full voice acting if we get enough support in the future. H- content: None at the moment, however we may consider doing an R-rated version if the demand is high enough.