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  1. Ye I thought so but it seems like the LEC Translations are mostly meh, there are the comments way better. Also dunno which one translated that but in the black box the red font that u can see in the picture I sent above, the translations are very good. But sadly it seems like that they dont go throughout the novel
  2. Oke, I think I got the gist out of it. Im really thankful for ur help. One little thing: Should I change my Internet Connection to online or offline?
  3. thx for ur help I almost removed everything. Just have on the 3rd one something. Also I realized that some User Comments have better translations than the ones in the blackbox. Im currently using "LEC"? Maybe I dont really now how to activate it tbh, but I think Im using that. Do u have any recommendings for me which translations or s.th like that I should use? And also how to remove that thing on the 3rd place, dunno which language that is but I disabled anything except english.
  4. Hello! I also need help, if possible. This is the first time that Im using VNR bcs I cant wait for Aokana Translations anymore. So I tried using that but there are so many translations that its kinda annoying. How can I remove them ? I only want english and srsly dont need that many just a little bit. Would really appreciate ur help!
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