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  1. Hi all! Sorry for the delay in an update~ Here is the current branching for 1 of the routes (out of 5) in Arc 1! It is indeed fairly short. We are aiming for roughly 10,000 words for this route.
  2. Wow! The aesthetics are absolutely beautiful. I love all the details in pixel work you have here.
  3. Thank you guys so much for your feedback! (Sorry for taking a while to respond, been dealing with a bit of a medical emergency. > ~ < ) And thank you @Fuwa Elite! Glad you like it ^ ^ Our setting is placed in High School, so we did want the browsers to be relatively the same age with their personality being characteristic of which browser they represent (e.g. Netscape being very weak and slow to respond). As for Opera *ohoho* :^) I think so, too! Chrome, we thought, was an overall pleasant guy that was good at everything and wanted to portray almost a stereo-typical male protagonist kind of feel! ======================== Also, wanted to say if anyone is interested in Voice Acting, we have a very, very short deadline, but would love auditions from anyone who would like to take a shot and has some free time! (Clicking on the picture will send you to the Recruitment Thread on LemmaSoft :D)
  4. Apologies for not updating yesterday. I felt like I didn't make enough progress to warrant a post, but now I have a bit more to share today! Here we have the Main Menu Screen. Our programmer is hoping to get some animations going (a "nice-to-have" feature). And the save/load screen along with the gallery! With this, I'd say I've tackled about 50% of the GUi for Arc 1! Just have to make the screen for settings, Mini-Game, the MC's portrait screen, and "The Love Net" (book filled with each character's bio). If we have time, we'd like to include a "Map" of different locations you can go to, but it may not happen! XD P.S. Please ignore some of my super old sketches/drawings for a long time ago. > ~ < yikes;; embarrassing. Finally, we had the idea that if you finish the game once (in this case, the demo), your main menu screen will look glitched like this: I'm wondering......... am I revealing too much? LOL I should leave some surprise shouldn't I... *hmmmmmm* Also, we'll be recruiting some voice actors to see if we can include a nice extra element to the game!
  5. Hi all! Today's update is the UI assets I made so far~ I'd say I'm about 25-30% done with all the GUI needed for the 1st episode of the game. Also, we're doing a major re-haul for the demo being released on November 6th. Instead of coming out with 3 short arcs (potentially unpolished), we will be extending Arc 1 to be a little longer and make it SUPER polished for a teaser~ Oh, and almost forgot~~~~ Big Announcement! So based on some feedback on other groups/forums, we've decided to focus on JUST Arc 1, instead of 3 shorter arcs. We will be extending Arc 1 to incorporate a few of the story elements in other arcs, and will be releasing just 1 episode for our demo on November 6. Another thing is...... because of our expanded long-term scope, we are adding a couple more characters! 1 was requested very heavily. A very... "dark" character. XD Ehehe~~ Hope you guys like the addition.
  6. Thank you very much for your encouragement! It is definitely a difficult thing to tackle, but I do hope we succeed too hehe! ^ ^
  7. Awww, thank you very much! I'm glad you like the artwork. ^ ^ Yes, I will hopefully bring up the sensitive topics in such a way that isn't "all up in your face" to the reader, which would be the opposite effect of what we'd hope! Unless you mean the web browser theme... in which case, we hope it will provide comic relief for an otherwise dark story! ^ ^ We are hoping to balance it out with some fun elements along with sensitive, serious topics. ================ Also, just finished the rest of the character sketches AND the logo last night!! WHOOO! Update here:
  8. Just finished all the concept artwork I could get out of me today! Can't work anymore. @ ~ @ must sleep~ I'll be doing 3-4 final concept artwork and then I'll be done with all the character sketches. ^ ^ (1 will not be revealed tho~ ehe)
  9. 【 Romance ✦ Psychological ✦ Tragedy 】 A game about love , desperation, and sensitivity. Explore the world of romance with web browsers while being exposed to dark, real world problems. Theme: Everyone is Beautiful Warning: Do not follow if you are sensitive to topics like violence, gender identity and death. Features 4 planned arcs with over 50 scenes More than 20 CG's to collect for your gallery Main Character Customization (based on time limit) Play 3 different mini-games to boost your love chances Re-play value with 13 unique endings Point & stat system to determine your romantic partner Addresses real-world problems 6 Hot Boys & 1 Hot Girl Summary It's a brand new school year and you just transferred into W3 Academy. As you begin your 3rd Year, you meet some very interesting people who have issues of their own. School events and festivals lead to some interesting developments between you and a potential romantic interest. But be careful, there's more than meets the eye. You may struggle, cry, or plead in this not-so-ordinary high school life. Shunned if spoken, ignored when muted 。 Characters Credit The Programmer (Former Known As ProgrammerGuy) ◈ programmer | initial story woobv ◈ director | writer | artist × ui designer Progress Deadline: November 6, 2017 Outline: 100% Script: Arc 1 (50%) | Arc 2 (0%) | Arc 3 (0%) | Arc 4 (0%) Sprites: 1% CG: 0% GUI: 0% Programming: 5% At the moment, we are confident we can finish up to Arc 2. Stretch Goal: Arc 3. Dream: Arc 4. If there is enough interest, we will continue the project after November 6, 2017. * We will be using free Backgrounds and Audio under the Creative Commons License Questions ◼ What do you think of our approach to handle some very tough topics? ◼ What are you expecting/hoping to see in the game? ◼ If you could sum up the characters' personalities in 1 sentence, what would it be (more character concepts coming soon)? ◼ What is the most appealing aspect of this game thus far? ◼ Please describe your first impressions of this game. ◼ Using your best judgment, what do you think this game will be about mostly? Director's Notes Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for your interest in our game. The goal of this game is mostly to bring awareness to some very dark and sensitive topics that many high school students face today. Of course, there are so many issues that our youth struggles with, so we only tackle a few of the bigger topics that are sometimes swept under the rug (like bullying, sexual assault, gender crisis). This may offend some people, but overall, I hope to bring light on these topics. There are so many very. real. problems that people around us continue to deal with. I would like to dedicate this to those who struggled, are struggling, and will struggle with these things.