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  1. Unfortunately, due to some issues with programming, the demo will be delayed until the end of the year. I'm so, so, sorry to everyone who was expecting to play it tomorrow. I was SO stoked to release it for everyone's enjoyment. You have no idea, I could barely sleep earlier this week because I had finished most of the art assets needed to get the game ready. (The image above is also one of the CG's you would have seen in the game!) Overall Problem: There were a lot of hiccups and hurdles in terms of programming and nothing was ever finished. More than half the script was left out (none of the 7 unique endings made it...), and no UI was implemented. There wasn't even a mini-game unfortunately. It was very disheartening. The Solution: I will be starting the code over from scratch using Ren'Py and will be doing it myself! PROS: I will know just how much is getting done in realtime I will have realistic goals & milestones set for myself 95% of this game will be made by me! Whoo! I will have more time to add more customization and things I couldn't get done in time for this demo CONS: I have to start from square 1 The demo will be delayed because it will add more burden on me My coding ability isn't the best, so I may be slow to start... I'm - again - so sorry to the people who were looking forward to this game! I really did try my best to get it out. I hope everyone can forgive me for my lack of delivery! T __ T;; ================================== On another note...... until the demo is released, I am hoping to do an Art Contest! To keep myself motivated I mentioned before that I was feeling down. I think it will take a bit of motivation for me to keep going after this setback, so I'm thinking that seeing people's fan art will keep me alive for the next 2 months as I try to buckle down and get it done! (Seeing your babies drawn by other people is the biggest motivator for anyone!) You can read more details here if interested: http://www.lovenet.moe/ Thank you everyone who has been with me during this journey! It has been a ROLLER COASTER of emotions for me, mostly me crying because of how sweet, amazing and supportive people have been. Like, I don't even know how to describe the warmth and blessings of this community. Thank you so much!!
  2. FINAL UPDATE! (Before the demo comes out...) Probably... Previews of Sprites!: Chrome Re-Design: . As you can tell, I went through some character design updates on a couple characters! I know, with the deadline coming so close, probably not a smart idea.. but....I just had to do it. T ~ T;; Still have to color 2 more characters after Chrome... and draw 1 more... sigh, kill meeee -- AHAHA. (Just gotta keep telling myself it'll be over soon) Hope you guys are excited for the demo coming soon!
  3. Hiii everyone! Sorry I have been slow on updates. It's really getting to crunch time so I've been really dead. T ~ T;; Here is a doodle of how I felt last night: On ANOTHER note...! I have finally finished lining all the characters (minus the MC) and have put down the base colors. All that's left for the character is to color them all! I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow evening before I go to bed. > w < And finally, we have recruited a wonderful video editor, WhiteCharsima. He is so wonderful! Even with a tight deadline of less than 1 week, he has accepted to create a short simple trailer for us. A sneak peek of what he's working on: I hope you guys are enjoying the updates! ^ ^
  4. Started on the sprites *FINALLY!* ^ w ^ Whoooo! About time~ lol WIP Shots Step 1. Lineart + Base Colors Step 2. Decide on coloring style *We went with the 3rd style because it was a good balance between polished, but also saves me some time LOL (our deadline is coming up! Yikes >.<;;;;) When we end up launching a kickstarter, we might add "re-coloring" the sprites as a stretch goal. :3 Step 3. Final Image
  5. Awesome, thank you so much!! From all the feedback we gathered, it's a very close call XD hehe. I think we'll wait a couple days before finalizing the icon!! ======================= Update: GUI 100% Finished!! (Sorta...) I had to take out 1 feature for the demo (the "Love Net" book, which would show the romance progress with your character + profile info), just because I was having a super hard time trying to design it... I scrapped like 5 different designs because they weren't coming out very nicely! So... we're leaving it out for now. I might try to tackle it at the very end if there is extra time though~ ^ ^ GUI for the Timed Text Mini-Game GUI for Settings
  6. Hi everyone! Just finished writing the ENTIRE SCRIPT!! We're at about 24k words (estimating about 4k words of coding jargon), with 7 unique endings! ^ ^ And now we're exploring the .exe icon. Would love your guys' thoughts! (I like #1-4 designs the most, but programmer-chan is a fan of #5. xD)
  7. Ohhh! I didn't know it was so simple. I guess I never really explored it, and there were many links XD Should have looked closer!
  8. Ooooh! I actually haven't explored that yet. VNDB looks a little intimidating haha. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for suggesting that! I probably would have not thought about it. XD
  9. Oh, wow! That looks really cool actually! I'll have to ask the programmer because at this point, it would mostly be about implementing it into the game. XD I would love it if we could do that though! Thanks for the suggestion. <3 ===================================== Oh man, sorry for the long silence there! I was working on the script, but had a prior travel arrangement over the weekend (all day from Friday~Sunday) and couldn't really work on anything during that time. But I've been working hard since I've come back! Newest Update: Just hit an 18k milestone in our writing! This is just for 1 route in Arc 1, haha~ Finished casting for voices for our characters! People have begun to submit lines too, very exciting. The theme song was finished on Thursday! You can listen here: SOUNDCLOUD . Screenshots: Visual sneak peek of the script on Sublime Text Editor! Almost at that 18,000 word count! Some shenanigans that my programmer and I say to each other. (I'm "Waifu" heh) Click on the above screenshot to check out my (hopeful) timeline of deliverables! You'll start seeing some artwork again soon! ^ ^
  10. Oh! I have never heard of such a feature before. Do you mean a flowchart that players can reference, and event scenes will stay hidden/grayed out until you "unlock" them?
  11. Hi all! Sorry for the delay in an update~ Here is the current branching for 1 of the routes (out of 5) in Arc 1! It is indeed fairly short. We are aiming for roughly 10,000 words for this route.
  12. Wow! The aesthetics are absolutely beautiful. I love all the details in pixel work you have here.
  13. Thank you guys so much for your feedback! (Sorry for taking a while to respond, been dealing with a bit of a medical emergency. > ~ < ) And thank you @Fuwa Elite! Glad you like it ^ ^ Our setting is placed in High School, so we did want the browsers to be relatively the same age with their personality being characteristic of which browser they represent (e.g. Netscape being very weak and slow to respond). As for Opera *ohoho* :^) I think so, too! Chrome, we thought, was an overall pleasant guy that was good at everything and wanted to portray almost a stereo-typical male protagonist kind of feel! ======================== Also, wanted to say if anyone is interested in Voice Acting, we have a very, very short deadline, but would love auditions from anyone who would like to take a shot and has some free time! (Clicking on the picture will send you to the Recruitment Thread on LemmaSoft :D)
  14. Apologies for not updating yesterday. I felt like I didn't make enough progress to warrant a post, but now I have a bit more to share today! Here we have the Main Menu Screen. Our programmer is hoping to get some animations going (a "nice-to-have" feature). And the save/load screen along with the gallery! With this, I'd say I've tackled about 50% of the GUi for Arc 1! Just have to make the screen for settings, Mini-Game, the MC's portrait screen, and "The Love Net" (book filled with each character's bio). If we have time, we'd like to include a "Map" of different locations you can go to, but it may not happen! XD P.S. Please ignore some of my super old sketches/drawings for a long time ago. > ~ < yikes;; embarrassing. Finally, we had the idea that if you finish the game once (in this case, the demo), your main menu screen will look glitched like this: I'm wondering......... am I revealing too much? LOL I should leave some surprise shouldn't I... *hmmmmmm* Also, we'll be recruiting some voice actors to see if we can include a nice extra element to the game!
  15. Hi all! Today's update is the UI assets I made so far~ I'd say I'm about 25-30% done with all the GUI needed for the 1st episode of the game. Also, we're doing a major re-haul for the demo being released on November 6th. Instead of coming out with 3 short arcs (potentially unpolished), we will be extending Arc 1 to be a little longer and make it SUPER polished for a teaser~ Oh, and almost forgot~~~~ Big Announcement! So based on some feedback on other groups/forums, we've decided to focus on JUST Arc 1, instead of 3 shorter arcs. We will be extending Arc 1 to incorporate a few of the story elements in other arcs, and will be releasing just 1 episode for our demo on November 6. Another thing is...... because of our expanded long-term scope, we are adding a couple more characters! 1 was requested very heavily. A very... "dark" character. XD Ehehe~~ Hope you guys like the addition.