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  1. EDIT: I reinstalled the game and the problem persisted, so I started searching for a solution. I found the program "InstalledCodec" and managed to disable a few of them. I disabled all the Nero codecs and some Bandisoft ones which I have no clue as how they ended on my PC. The game works now. It wasn't an installation issue, and it did crash right when the opening movie tried to load. I'm 100% sure the Nero codecs are fucked up. In this FAQ they tell you to disable NeAudio.ax, but that didn't work, so I took the plunge and turned them all off, as I don't think I'll need them, unless I run into something later, but that's unlikely. Hopefully my thread will be useful to other people, not just for readers of SubaHibi but others who play VNs using the same engine. Thanks everyone for trying to help! I wasted time reinstalling the game and checking for corruption, but whatever.
  2. I think it's the opening. Not sure. I don't know if a movie plays because I've never had SubaHibi before, but it's right at the "sunflower hills" scene. I'm going to reinstall later, if it doesn't work, it's a codec problem. I play old games sometimes and I have an old version of Quicktime and that could be the reason. I dunno. If I recall correctly I did install a codec pack right when I configured Windows - I believe it was CCCP, but I didn't find anything on my computer, so I installed it again, and then I got K-Lite just in case, but I realised there could be a conflict, so I uninstalled everything, and now I only have K-Lite. I even messed with the settings so it would use ffdshow instead of LAV, but it didn't fix anything. The game didn't crash at the other opening movie, in Down The Rabbit Hole I *shrug* Maybe a file got corrupted somewhere or the 18+ patch messed up with the files somehow. I installed the patch before I started playing the game, by the way. I'll reinstall and report back. Thanks everyone.
  3. 'sup! So, I'm having a problem with the Buriko General Interpreter. It's crashing, so I cannot progress with the game. I'm using the International/English version on Windows 7 32-bit. I just started Down The Rabbit Hole II and it's my first time playing. When Yuki is talking to Takuji, his monologue comes up and he says something about the sunflowers. Then I immediately get a crash. Apparently, problems with this engine can mean that there are codec issues, but I reinstalled K-Lite (I didn't even know what I had before, maybe CCCP) and nothing happened. Are my game files corrupt? Do I have to check for errors/reinstall? Goddamn -_-
  4. Yo, thanks everyone! I know some VNs you guys mentioned but only by name. These recommendations seem great More stuff added to my list...
  5. Can Too Many Choices Ruin Your VN Reading Experience?

    True, they can be really cool. But sometimes you don't wanna see characters die or something bad happening :'(
  6. Can Too Many Choices Ruin Your VN Reading Experience?

    I agree with a lot of people here. I like choices! But they shouldn't be meaningless. They should add to the story. Even if it's simple character trivia. Kinetic novels are ok but I'd much rather have multiple paths/endings. My biggest problem is non-obvious choices, like, you never know what you're doing wrong until it's too late because the choices didn't seem important or are confusingly worded. This often results in the wrong route/ending because you accidentally messed up somewhere. Bad endings can be entertaining but are mostly a bummer. Especially because you get too invested on the characters, so when something bad happens, you feel like crap later.
  7. Lets be friends

    Hi, welcome! I'm new here too ^^
  8. Thanks so much! I've heard of To Heart 2 for a long time but never tried it out. I just put it on my list now
  9. Hi, this is a bit of a stupid question, but I was specifically looking for characters like Rin, Hanako and Lilly from Katawa Shoujo. I haven't read many VNs due to laziness and life in general, but it's not a new thing to me. I finally bit the bullet and read KS and I was really intrigued about some character archetypes. I unfortunately cannot read much Japanese so it would have to be a visual novel in English, preferrably for the PC. For those who have not read Katawa Shoujo or don't remember, let me explain what I'm looking for exactly. Basically, Rin is a Cloudcuckoolander - very strange, a bit aloof, sometimes blunt. Hanako is a Shrinking Violet - shy, afraid of people, doesn't have many friends, etc. Lilly is a bit of a Yamato Nadeshiko - motherly figure, kind, loyal, polite, lady-like. I also like tomboyish heroines so please tell me about them. They could be tsundere or not. I'm aware of Nekoko and Aeka from Yume Miru Kusuri. I read some parts of YMK years ago, however, the H-scenes felt slightly unrealistic (and annoying) to me at the time. I am willing to try it out again. Doesn't matter if there is adult content, length is irrelevant. Comedy/action scenes are fine, and I wouldn't mind otome games or even boy's love/yuri with similar characters. Thank you