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    Akshay got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Birthday thread   
    Thanks, @littleshogun, @Plk_Lesiak, @Dreamysyu. I've been so busy lately, I didn't even remember LOL. Swamped with applications and stuff. I should be free again come December though.
    Thanks again, and sorry for the late response.
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    Akshay got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in Birthday thread   
    Thanks, @littleshogun, @Plk_Lesiak, @Dreamysyu. I've been so busy lately, I didn't even remember LOL. Swamped with applications and stuff. I should be free again come December though.
    Thanks again, and sorry for the late response.
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    Akshay reacted to Dreamysyu in Birthday thread   
    Happy Birthday to @Akshay!
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    Akshay reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Birthday thread   
    All Best Wishes to @Akshay! (I just realized I always pronounced your name wrong... )
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    Akshay reacted to littleshogun in Birthday thread   
    Happy belated 23rd birthday to our @Akshay, and I hope you'll have a good year ahead.
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    Akshay reacted to Zakamutt in Mahoyo Translation overview podcast w/ Zaka's Mutts   
    Have you ever wondered just how many Mahoyo translation projects there were? And if any of them were any good? And would you like me to marry your sister?
    If you answered yes to just one of those questions, you're going to love this podcast, which features a light-hearted deep dive into every project except the new French one because we recorded it like 3 months ago. Fuck! Oh well there's a picture referencing it and our general opinion (it's probably gonna be shit) so whatever. Oh, and there's some high level opening and ending videos. Plus autism. Large amounts of autism. Holy shit.
    The actual host isn't me, but that's an unimportant detail.
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    Akshay reacted to NowItsAngeTime in Visual Novel Monthly Recap - July + August 2019 News   
    This is a new solo video series I'm starting to recap Major News each month related to Visual Novel Releases, Announcements, Major Project Updates, and the Community.
    For the first video, I wanted to include July since it was a pretty big month with all the Anime Expo announcements.
    Feel free to leave any feedback, positive or negative. Constructive preferred.
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    Akshay reacted to Kosakyun in School graduates, doesn't reading vns with school settings make you feel kinda lonely?   
    Ahahahahahaha, you're not wrong about that.
    I recently graduated college, so I've began thinking that without classes and stuff, it feels really weird reading the stories of people who are supposedly "in the height of their youth" and stuff being in high school and stuff. Consuming stories like these makes me think back to my time in high school and makes me ask myself, "Why are their experiences so colorful and stuff when I just toiled over my 12 hour schedule and bulky assignments?" I sorta realized the answer to that at some point, but I find myself still wondering about that every now and then.
    In a way, it makes me feel lonely and sorta sad that I didn't make as much of my time back then like what these people are doing in these stories. But the feelings don't stop there. If anything, loneliness that comes up from memories of high school almost always comes up with vague nostalgia for me, regardless of being able to directly relate with the events in the story or not. I guess it's because more than 'making use of my experiences to the highest extent', I've began to realize that at some point in time I've worked as hard as they have for a certain goal, bantered with my friends so much that it made my stomach hurt, and grieved over something that I deem trivial these days. And that makes me feel good even if just a little, knowing that at some point, I was also living my own kind of story to the utmost extent that I can manage to. The loneliness ceases to come from not being able to live life to the fullest, instead coming from a sort of yearning for those times that have passed.
    But hey, I also use it as leverage to launch myself forward! If I haven't managed to do my best for the days that have already passed, then I'll do it for the coming days in the future! If I did live my days to the fullest ever since those times, then I'll continue doing so, even if the days currently feel stagnant! If it happened in the past, then I'm sure I can make it happen again. HS settings do make you yearn for those colorful experiences, but they also remind you that you can have those experiences, even as early as high school! Better late than never, you know!
    I hope you find these stories to be ones that remind you of good memories as you gain more years on you. 
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    Akshay reacted to Shilla in [ART] [OPEN] [NOT PAID] I need volunteers!   
    Hey there, I am planning to create a new visual novel project and I need volunteers to do the art~
    You won't be getting paid, but will be given credits for your art. 
    The visual novel I'm planning to make has a dark story to it~ So I need somebody who can draw with that sort of dark style~ 
    Email me at [email protected] and send me your sample artwork. I will reply to your email ~
    *The visual novel I'm creating will not be for commercial purposes, and will not involve any sort of payment.
    Thank you very much.
    (for reference) ~

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    Akshay reacted to littleshogun in AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements   
    Since it's only 10 days before AX, I think it would be appropriate if I'm open the thread about it. As for the schedule, you can see it below under the spoiler.
    In case you'd have a hard time to adjust the time, it's Los Angeles time and it's timezone was at GMT -7.
    Since we'll probably will going to have a lot of announcements, I'll probably either put the announcements in the spoiler box or just link it to the post that contain the announcements. For my comment here, I think we already know that Denpa here would be announced all of 18+ version of Sekai announcement if Sekai decided to announce a VN that did have 18+ contents censored, and occasionally some original announcements so we can treat Denpa and Sekai announcements as one for the most part. Mangagamer curiously only have one announcement planned according to their announcement page, although we may have sudden announcement from them like back at last year AX though. No much comment from both of Fakku and Aksys seeing that most probably their announcement would be nukige and sci-fi respectively, although I wonder though what Sol Press will bring to the table here.
    I guess that's all for what I can say now, and I'll bump this if AX is started or whenever there's an announcement (Duh).
    PS - I'll use PS for the announcements below, and since the number will be a lot I'll use spoiler box for the announcements.
    Sekai Project
    Aksys Games
    Sol Press
    Spike Chunsoft
    That's all for AX announcements here, and I'll try to comment on those later.
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    Akshay reacted to kokoro in Is A Sky Full Of Stars +18 Restoration completed?   
    I think the MTL patch is good enough for sex. Not like it has any literary value.
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    Akshay reacted to sanahtlig in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    Just wanted to reiterate this.  I tried to have this discussion back in the day.  I was shut down.  Reflection was obviously not the priority at the time.
    Though it doesn't seem to me like you want to "reflect" or have a "discussion".  You want others to agree with you.  You want those who disagree to be marginalized.  And you're leaving because this isn't a battle--what else is it?--you think you can win.  Yet here you are, continuing the fight even when you decided that your battle is over.
    If you want to talk only with people who agree with you, then create a private Discord channel and invite your friends.  It'll be a lot less stressful--and probably a lot less interesting.
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    Akshay reacted to Plk_Lesiak in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    @Funyarinpa the exact post I wanted to respond to was hidden and I'll leave up to @Dergonu whether my response is justified, but are you sure you want to use this "anger and disgust" argument? Disgust is nr 1 emotion driving every kind of bigotry. And as much as I disagree with many people arguing with you, the more agitated you get, the more that is exactly what you're starting to look like - a bigot, labelling broad categories of people as harmful degenerates because they reject your moral viewpoints. Asking them to keep their offensive compulsions private, as they supposedly endanger the society by showing them, exactly like conservatives always pushed gay people to do.
    Obviously, it's not a perfect parallel, but I just want to to put what you're doing into perspective. You ask people to show empathy and follow with condemnation and judgment. You go on emotional tirades instead of making a case for yourself - I mean, who exactly the loli discussions on niche forums are hurting? Who is exposed to them against their will? You do all the things that makes me cringe away from the social justice movements despite agreeing with them on the vast majority of stuff - you try to sanitize the public sphere instead of fighting to educate people to do better. You show contempt that only makes the other side feel threatened and resentful. And even if you're morally, and maybe even practically right... That's simply not how you approach people. There's no point to any of it, if you behave like that.
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    Akshay reacted to SkraalQ in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    People is and always will be so different and have many different opinions, we cannot avoid this. Despite that, we must try to respect each other and allow everyone to express what they think. We must protect the right of everyone to stay away from things/people they dislike too, that way nothing is forced upon no one and everyone is happy and everyone is free to voice their opinion on stuff.
    Someone can hurt you with words. You can ignore this someone then and befriend others whose words you like.
    No one forces you to share their views, and no one forces you to argue with them about how yours are better. If this hurts you, you can just ignore it. If you feel the psychological NEED to impose your morals upon them despite being able to ignore it, it is you who is making a problem for yourself.
    Please think about it coldly, realise you can just ignore the people and the VN's you dislike, and enjoy what is good for you and be happy.
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    Akshay reacted to littleshogun in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    I guess someone really like OriginalRen way so much that the OP did follow his way to write a thread before leave, and left some personal baggage here. Well take your time to sort of your issue, and possibly not read this thread until you calmed down a lot (You're still young after all).
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    Akshay reacted to novurdim in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    Basically, this whole topic is a simple indirect kink-bashing under an imaginary excuse of "normalising" something, the thing you can see on those weird twitter accounts with kirby avatars whose day usually consists of going around and attacking people for enjoying the stuff they might consider problematic. I'm pretty sure the thoughtlessly hysterical stance of Funya is very harmful to humanity in general, a thing that leads to censoring any stuff the arbitrary hivemind doesn't like, an endless pitfall of sorts. You don't like certain themes and imagery? Avoid it. It's very easy to do nowadays. Making yourself look like a weird victim simply because you aren't capable of responsible consuption is such a childish thing to do that it doesn't deserve any real discussion. I am not interested in reading stuff like Euphoria, Starless or Maggot baits but that doesn't mean that community is somehow bad for liking those or that people should be banned from the discussion. The only possible advise here is to grow up and learn to differentiate reality from fiction.
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    Akshay reacted to Thyndd in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    I remember I had an argument with you over some political views that touched upon some of the topics you mention here. Keeping that in mind and recalling how things transpired, I know better than to engage in another debate with you. Moreover, that's completely beside the point.
    If you feel hurt, frustrated or whatever by being here, hey, just leave, that's your prerogative and there's no right or wrong. But just let me tell you one thing. No matter where you go, you'll find people whose opinions heavily conflict with yours. Some of them you'll find disgusting and will make you feel outraged. Maybe if you had the power to do so you'd become a tyrant and outright ban everything that doesn't fit your vision of the world. But you know what? The truth of the matter is that you are powerless, and no one cares about what you think is right. If you don't learn to accept that you'll feel uncomfortable anywhere and everywhere. Optionally you could create your own echo chamber, shun everyone that makes you feel offended and become the bigot that you accused other people of being. Again, your prerogative.
    Let me remind you that in order not to leave everything to the subjective righteousness of a few, we have laws. As long as those laws are abided by, we must objectively accept that no human rights have been violated. You are obviously entitled to feel in a certain way about a subject, but by openly holding in contempt law-abiding people who just happen to differ in their views you come across as someone who prooobably should get off his high horse. Carelessly disliking people and making you unlikable yourself doesn't tend to yield very good results, that much I can unfortunately tell from experience, because I think as teenagers everyone stood there to some extent. Some people just drag it out for longer than it should last.
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    Akshay got a reaction from Templarseeker in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
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    Akshay got a reaction from Noumi Kudryavka in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
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    Akshay got a reaction from Dreamysyu in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
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    Akshay got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
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    Akshay got a reaction from Emi in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
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    Akshay reacted to littleshogun in Damekoi aka Most Forbidden Love in the World Released [UPDATED]   
    So yeah we finally have it released after almost two year of waiting according to Mangagamer's tweet here (Their next release is Amrilato at June 13th later for the info), and seeing that the writer is also WA2 writer anyone who play that should recognize some resemblance at Damekoi here. Lastly feel free to discuss it here, and I'll add more info (Also poll) later at this post.
    Edit - As for the VN itself, since I already read some reviews and also already played a bit of WA2, I can say that Maruto here did use this VN as his stepping stone for WA2 later, or rather we can treat this as WA prototype. That aside, I like that this VN is still have a lot of good reception out there, and for now I can say that Damekoi here might be another candidate for the best VN at this year after Hoshiori, although of course we still need to wait until December later. Just in case you still unsure abut this VN, you can read the reviews (A lot of that) that was written by Conjueror (The translator), mod Clephas (At his usual blog), Yuumei (Beware A LOT of spoiler), Joyjason (You know this VN will be good when usually critical Joyjason say that this is his best VN), and Warum (Also have some spoiler). Since the reviews here contain some spoiler to the degrees and some of you may not like the spoiler very much, you can read some Mangagamer's post by the translator (Conjueror obviously) and the editor (Garejei who is also Conjueror's usual partner). Oh and while the reviews here did view Damekoi in very favorable light, it's still up to the reader though on how they'll appreciate it later.
    For the premise, I wouldn't talk much abut it seeing that all of the reviews did good job to explain it. But in case you did want to avoid the spoiler by not read the review, I'll quote the introduction from Mangagamer site below.
    For the characters and seiyuu, let me write abut those below.
    1. Hinosaka Mitoko

    The man heroine of Damekoi and she's more or less resemble Setsuna from WA in that she's very cheerful even though she's tsundere toward Osamu (And easily jealous as well), and from the opening her season is spring. Her setting is that she was left by her irresponsible mother and that she was left alone with heavy responsibilities to take care the boardinghouse (Including pay the bills) while at the same time she need to mind her future seeing that she was still in school, so obviously she need Osamu's support even though she denied it (Being tsundere and all). Her seiyuu is Taguchi Hiroko in which she have a lot of roles in VNs such as Kagami Sumika from Muv Luv franchise, Hinata Natsumi from Sharin, Suou Amane from Grsaia franchise, Yarai Miu from Dracu Riot, Masamune Shizuru from Noble Works, Tsukishma Kyou from Hatsukoi 1/1, Murasaki Hazuki from Dal Segno, Miyamura Miyako from ef, Kasugano Sora from Yosuga no Sora, and Kitsuki Riho from Koiresort.
    2. Amagi Kaya

    Osamu's new forward coworker, and since I compared Mitoko to Setsuna then I would say that Kaya here did resemble Chiaki to a degree from the first glance. Also like Mitoko she also have her season at the opening, and in Kaya's case it's summer. Other than supposed coworker, she also like to tease Osamu whenever she got the chance and that she like to wear the sexy clothes much to Osamu's dismay (Although the reader may not mind too much though). Also like Osamu, she'd get fired from her previous job before she met Osamu. Her seiyuu is Sakurai Harumi, in that her roles are Kanemoto Akari from Noble Works, Takamori Haruka from Beat Blade Haruka, Kanami from Rance 03, Tokizaki Maya from Hatsukoi 1/1, Tokido Saya from Little Busters, Yayoi B. Lutwidge from Hapymaher, Lily from Himegari, and Kisaragi Mizuha from Gin'iro Haruka.
    3. Sawashima Himeo

    The scheming and young neighbor character who also happen to be Osamu's rich neighbour, and also tends to show her jealousy towards Osamu because he can get more close to Mitoko (Himeo here is very close friend to Mitoko). Like the other Damekoi heroines, she have the season motif as well and for her it's autumn. As for her character resemblance like Mari she's also the MC's employer, although for her role in story wise Koharu might be even closer. As for her seiyuu she's the one who got two seiyuu for different version (Takahashi Ciaki for PC and Sakakibara Yui for PSV version), although since this is PC version I'll use the PC one. For Chiaki herself, her roles are Hayase Mitsuki from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (And Muv Luv franchise), Ishtar from I/O, Kusunoki Yua from Chaos Head, Akamine Saiko from 11eyes, Sasaki Yuka from Swan Song, and Kanroji Nanami from School Days.
    4. Kounou Asami

    Mitoko's homeroom teacher who always worry abut her, and also have a special connection with Osamu in that she's his former wife. She's also quite popular in that she's quite well known as being nice to the students, although she argue a lot with Mitoko though. As for her comparison, I would think that Kazusa would be the most obvious comparison here with her have the conflict with Osamu, and Osamu understandably have awkward meeting with her. As for her season, it's winter which is very obvious seeing that it's the only season left. Her seiyuu is Isshiki Hikaru (Real name Tanaka Ryouko) who like Mitoko's seiyuu also have a lot of roles, such as Narukana from Seinarukana, Makabe Midori from Hatsukoi 1/1, Hinaori Kagome from Comyu, Sakaki Yumiko from Grsaia franchise, Kawahara Sakuya from I/O, Neon Schalar Smilja from Gahkthun, Ichinotani Touko from Ayakashibito, and Kurugaya Yuiko from Little Busters.
    I guess that's all for all of the info that I can gather here, and remember to not expect this as kamige (ie trapped in the hype) even though the reviews favor it very much.
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