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    Akshay got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in Plk_Lesiak’s Shovelware Adventures: free Sakura games   
    you just gave the yuri ones golden poo.....
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    Akshay reacted to Mr Poltroon in [Review] Danganronpa   
    Does not like pink blood. 0/10 Review. Doesn't get the "essence" of the game.
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    Akshay reacted to MaggieROBOT in [Review] Danganronpa   
    Good review, but I wanted to share my opinion about the plot points left unexplained.
    But you're right about the PC port, ugh.
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    Akshay got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in One Thousand Lies (free VN review)   
    It looks interesting and its only 7 hours. You motivated me to read it. I like how you review.

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