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  1. Follow me to find out who our next character is in The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot!


  2. Marketing Questions & Development Frustrations

    Thank you for the tip! I'll try and keep my posts at least 3 hours apart! 😀
  3. Can Too Many Choices Ruin Your VN Reading Experience?

    I always hated getting bad ends in every vn I played and would always have to look up online guides to get the good end cause it was the only end I wanted to see haha. But! When I started writing a bad end for the vn I'm working on, I realized I could show a different side of my characters. So now in my good end one character goes through a major character development but in my bad end, a different character goes through a development. I think the key thing to different endings shouldn't be a punishment on the player for not getting enough affection points with their love interest but it should be a chance to show different areas where your plot could develop. That way every ending is exciting to get even if it’s "bad"
  4. Marketing Questions & Development Frustrations

    Thanks! I have a small time blogger who I'm planning on giving my demo and then the full game if they’re interested once it's all completely finished of course.
  5. Marketing Questions & Development Frustrations

    Thank you! Is there ever a point where you can post too much? Like is there a magic number where it starts to be sort of spammy? Cause on twitter i'll go and search for people talking about visual novels and i'll recommend following my progress but I'm scared of doing that too much but it's been the only way i've gotten followers so far.
  6. Marketing Questions & Development Frustrations

    Hi everyone! I'm an indie developer of a murder mystery visual novel and boy have I been learning so much about social media marketing and realizing how little I know. It is my first visual novel after all so I did expect some bums in the road. I'm in a bit of a slow development period because I'm a full time college student and so is my artist. I decided to use this chance to create background images (I actually do those my artist does characters and gui) and so far that's going a lot faster than I imagined so I'm super stoked about that! But I also decided to make a wordpress blog and create a whole bunch of social media accounts and keeping up with them isn't the hard part. It's figuring out what kind of content people would like to see. Especially because I'm at a point where I could release a demo if I had the character sprites but I don't and I'm like ah! I really want to show off my demo and spread the cute characters and funny story I have but I can't. I'm doing character spotlights now and in the near future i'll be posting about game mechanics such as how to solve a case since my game is about being a detective. I suppose I'm wondering what other kinds of content could I produce for marketing purposes while I'm waiting for my demo to come out? And how do I stay positive with such a low follower count and low engagement with the community? Also, if anyone has like a good amount of followers on any social media site, how long did it take to get to like 100 or 1000 followers? Thanks so much for reading this crazy long post haha. Any help is appreciated!
  7. I'm having a poll on my twitter page! Come vote to tell me your favorite part about solving a case or comment down below!




  8. Meet our super fly character Delilah Araceli here! 



    Delilah Araceli


    She won’t let me say. Just know she’s a very… mature adult.



    Physical Description

    Height: 5’ 6" (171 cm)

    Chestnut, Reddish Brown Hair

    Caramel Skin

    Distinguishing Features

    Full Lips and Eyelashes

    A butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder that matches her younger sister’s butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder.


    Smart, clever, beautiful, and kind. Though she is intelligent and fun to be around, she is unaware of these qualities and as a result is self doubting and socially awkward. She believes that using the younger generation’s lingo will make her seem younger and more attractive but often comes off as trying too hard.


    Writing on her blog and reading other blogs.

    Cooking meals with her family when she visits her younger sister, her brother-in-law, and parents.

    Random Fact

    Knows the lyrics to every song in Hamilton.

    Deepest Fears

    Eating salty foods without realizing a small cut on her finger.

    Not being able to protect her younger sister.

    Thanks for supporting The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot! And thanks to the lovely Marty who does our art. She does even more work you can check out here. She makes webcomics here.

    Look forward to regular updates every Wednesday!

    If you’re interested in knowing more about the story, click here.

    Can’t get enough of me you thick buttermilk buiscuit you? Ok, ok you can follow me here for even more posts.

  9. This character's spotlight isn't until Wednesday! Can you solve her personality before then? 


  10. Meet Grace Sinclair! The main character and girl you play as in The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot! 




  11. Marketing a visual novel

    I'm trying to market my visual novel as well! It's the first game I've made so I'm not that experienced. What I've been learning so far is that reddit has been getting me the most views on my wordpress blog about my game. I posted in the visual novel subreddit, but I think I made a mistake in marketing my game so early in its development. I'm only going to post their again after I have my free demo completed, because there's nothing for my viewers to really talk about in the comments section, so my original post has kind of just died from inactivity haha. Facebook is also a good way to market. My plan is to join a bunch of visual novel facebook groups and when I finish my demo, post them there. Not sure if it will work, but I think it's a good idea. Hope this helps!
  12. Nice to Meet Everyone!

    Thank you! Our demo release is in a couple months. I'm anxious to share it with this friendly community
  13. Nice to Meet Everyone!

    Hi nice to meet you Yeah lively crowd here haha
  14. Nice to Meet Everyone!