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  1. As most people point out, translating is a tough job. But the real hurdle is the quality and accuracy of it, and I might be the worst person to rely on for you guys, because of my perfectionist streak/complex which is the primary source of my frustration everytime I look back on what I did, and right now I'm being like "wth was I thinking!?" There's also issues with the currently released chapters. I won't take the links down or anything, but I will update once/if I get to it Thanks for your patience, guys. It means a lot. As for those who want to translate it themselves, by all
  2. I...... I'm not dead. But Christmas is almost here. Let's focus on that instead! Celebrate the holidays, be with family and friends, cheer and welcome the New Year btw this visual novel takes place in 1988 and Christmas Day was on a Sunday truly befitting a day when blue sparkles became a thing in the Typeverse hahahahahahahaha I'm sorry this keeps happening everybody
  3. Get the word out please. This project's still budding but I'm still fighting Tbh, there is a major overhaul going on over here but nothing screwy or hiatus-inducing and I won't let that happen
  4. Chapters 1 and 1.5 have been patched. I know it's not much given how long this took, but coupled with the interface and the titles and the credits etc, I'll be going a lot faster now. Maybe!
  5. That's interesting to note, actually. The last guy who did it stopped at 7, and I'm pretty sure it's because it was a pain in the neck to translate so much slice of life stuff that follows after that chapter. Not to mention all the extra chapters. That's why I said 19. Yeah, we're definitely at a 1/3 of Mahoyo thus far.
  6. In a way, it's up to whether or not the honorifics becomes a really big deal in the VN's story. It's much easier to be rid of honorifics from the English translation generally, but there are times when the charm of the dialogue disappears with it. It's not always lazy, or weeb. Sometimes it's actually important.
  7. I honestly don't know how many people are actually serious for this, I saw one or two people try for themselves way back and then gave up after chapter 1 or halfway through chapter 1. What's discouraging is the amount of textwrap and possibly all the image editing.
  8. Wow, where does the time go? The last thing I updated was the interface of the config menu and the text display, which I'm still struggling to polish. Because my work started off terrible. And the process got halted for the past few months all because of some water damage to my enter key (the number 2 most needed key on the keyboard, runner-up to the spacebar!), so yes, much delay was made due to this and for that I am truly sorry. The keyboard's fine, the files are fine, and the translation is not being hampered by puzzling Japanese pictographs here and there, more like
  9. 1) It doesn't have to be harmful, actually. It can be hilarious. As in, take-this-sentence-wildly-out-of-context hilarious. For me, the horror of a bad translation isn't really the inaccuracy or the stilted use of the output language's vocabulary or even the sentence structure, but the unedited and direct translation of run-on sentences that the Japanese are habitually prone to, and these are incredibly long-winded and confusing. Stop the train I wanna get off destination where ahhhh 2) Time devoted to making it a very nice read. It's hard work, but some professional pride still goe
  10. I at least need to show wth I was doing for two weeks as proof that I'm not getting lazy. One was word-wrapping the text, two was editing my past mistakes, and three was the interface as shown below. At the very least, it's really the interface that's giving me trouble b/c pictures. Word-wrap on kirikiri is a problem in of itself but I found a workaround. Everything is fine, folks, the delay is just me being a clumsy newbie.
  11. Now I feel sick. OoooooOoooOoooOOoooooOOGH!!!! I get super held back when I'm just one-person-armying anything big, but thankfully I get used to managing my time and sched for Mahoyo. It's taking a while to get that patch out (b/c editing, mygod I was a terrible translator 2 yrs ago haha). Look out for a probably sneak-peek?? Thanks!
  12. It's event music for sure. I feel like it was only used for that one battle scene. EDIT: Aoko fights a boss for this music track, um, that's spoiler-free right?
  13. Unfortunately, me and the rest of the Mahoyo fanbase pushed the not-really-care method a little too hard, and once it actually became clear that nobody has the gumption to finish the entire VN, translators decided to just glean from the important portions of Mahoyo (e.g. definition of magic, Aoko's magic, spoiler stuff, etc) I know exactly how you feel, trust me. I wouldn't have submitted this if I was just going to quit halfway, so no fear. Or fear, for reverse psychology's sake!
  14. Thanks! I swear to make this patch work! Seriously?? I figured it just dropped from everyone's radar after Commie announced their hiatus (editing problems I think). But I do hope to make the project yield all of Mahoyo's charm points, hehe.
  15. Mahoutsukai no Yoru / Witch on the Holy Night System Requirements: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 CPU: Pentinum4 over 1GHz (recommended some CPU around 2.66GHz) RAM: More than 1GB HDD: 5GB Resolution: 1024×576 pixels or higher screen Optical drive: DVD-ROM drive that supports dual-layer DirectX 9.0 First, I'd like to apologize for the long wait, and your patience was rewarded, with perhaps a much steadier stream of updating from now on [hopefullly!]. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Can't contribute to much but here's what I got right now: 1) Handle: izzeybee 2) Positions you can fill: Translator, Editor, Translation Checker, Project Leader (to be confirmed??) 3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Fantasy, Adventure, Science fiction, Slice of Life, Romance 4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Availability currently depends on workload; can handle some stuff on the side 5) VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Absolutely trying to make a translation patch for Mahoutsukai no Yoru atm 6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: To k
  17. Enormous thanks to the peeps that contributed to this section..like seriously! I just rose back from lurker hell (again...!) and decided after much speculation that I probably should crack down on my pet Mahoyo translation project -- ie graduate from MS word and pdfs, hahaha Here's to the successful attempt to extract and repack scripts via Kirikiri. Again guys, thanks a lot
  18. Lurker, line up for yer mugshot asap!
  19. Thanks for the greetings, guys It's good to be here! @littleshogun: It's actually not complete yet -- Mahoutsukai no Yoru, famously (infamously??) delayed by Commie. I'm doing a one-person translation, but it's not a patch, though. Five and a half chapters stuffed into separate pdfs. Translator/Checker/Proofreader/Editor all in one go.
  20. Izzeybee reporting in! I found my way into the VN dimension after deciding to translate one on my own, and it's great ^^ Here's to this intro and my first post!
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