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  1. Favorite route: Yumiko from Grisaia Favorite ending: Yumiko from Grisaia
  2. VN's are like any other "entertainment". As an example books, tv shows, animes, movies and so on.... Does it make you smarter if you just watch animes or TV shows every day? Well, you will learn something new but do you will get a job or do will become better in school/university or at your work? I don't think so. Like any other "entertainment" they are there to bring out some feelings (to make you laugh, to motivate yourself, to become angry, to feel saddness, some people even get a depression) in you and entertain you. Furthermore sometimes they are also there to escape from the reality and do something else. Just forget your stress and relax. It's just a hobby and like any other hobbys you'll learn something new. It dosen't mater if this knowlegde is valuabe or not. For each person it has a different meaning and that's why my answer is: YES and NO! It also depends what you are reading... if you are just reading a Nukige, then NO you won't get smarter, Bro...
  3. A golden age of EROGE's? It was a very long time ago. It was the year 2014, when they released NEKOPARA and a lot of well known youtuber started to read it. Ofc it was a marketing strategy. But at this moment the world knew it, that Eroge's... *cough* I mean Visual Novel's ofc and Nekogirls are great. That's why you don't praise the sun but rather praise the Nekogirls. Some mens found finally their waifu and dumped their girlfriends. ......
  4. Haha, awesome Ranzo! Yuri Brigade and BL Brigade I love it:) Best battle cry PS: Even if I was a girl, I would still love the yuri genre
  5. Today I finished Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- After such a long time finally a good MC in a VN. I loved Suoh's character development. From a timid and shy girl to a courageous, more open and friendly girl, who does everything to protect and help her friends. The last VN's I read were boring and I didn't have the motivation to finish it. However Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- was great. It had everything what I actually wanted in a VN. A nice story, good drama, a bit of romance and a very good character development! Furthermore I love every character in this VN, but Rikka was a bit annoying My favorite CG: I WANT TO READ PART 2,... PART 3 (SENPAIIIIII & A forbbiden love between Sister<3) ... & PART4 I will probably have to wait 4 years until all prequels are released in english... Come on JAST USA... Now I am feeling a void in my heart after finishing the first part. Why?
  6. I dropped it because it's so damn boring. Personally I think it's a trash VN... Well, it's not my cup of tea.
  7. Kyou is nice and which brunette? Maya or Yukino? I don't like Yukino (childhood friend). Maya is awesome best character ^-^ I am reading Flowers and seriously I love it Already some Yuri-stuff in the first minutes: Ah, my yuri heart is beating fast ^-^ I am really excited. Nice OST, beautiful Art and character design.
  8. Well, here are some new informations: CLICK They already translated Kyou and Maya Append Scenarios and you can download it. ...Man they work really fast... They were on a break but I didn't expect that they would release the Append Scenarios after 1 1/2 month from their last work... However I would be more happy if they would start with HoshiOri now instead of re-reading Hatsukoi 1/1. But I am already happy to hear something from tsurezurescans. I am looking forward to read HoshiOri and I hope they will translate it. But those guys work very fast and I think they will translate HoshiOri.
  9. Yeah you are a bit paranoid, haha. --> CLICK Well, I am happy that we have some new informations.
  10. Thank you. I actually changed my mind. I will read Rewrite later in my summer holidays because it's a long VN and I need a different type of genre now. Otherwise I will get a burnout because of too much SoL^^ Therefore I am going to read........................... CLICK My heart is beating like crazy *-* I actually wanted to wait till JAST release the 2nd part. But I can't wait anymore
  11. Personally I would prefer if they would instantly move to HoshiOri instead if the Fandisc of Hatsukoi.... Well I won't read the fandisc of Hatsukoi... Boring story, boring drama and a boring Protagonist
  12. Me too... I read koichoco before I started with Hatsukoi 1/1. To be honest I liked KoiChoco more than Hatsukoi. However I hate that in Hatsukoi and KoiChoco isn't a route for the teacher... I liked the Teacher in Hatsukoi and seriously I can't understand why they didn't make a route for her. She is a good character... I was dissapointed Nonetheless I hope tsurezurescans will translate Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. It's a lot better than Hatsukoi.... Better and really good MC but he isn't a Kazami Yuuji ofc. Better Heroine's, story, drama and satisfying endings. That's something for me. I actually would recommend you to read Chrono Clock it's better than Hatsukoi but a little bit short. Hopefully the MC in Rewrite is better... I don't need another boring and standard MC. Well, I actually read the Heroine's route that I like at the most (Maya and Midori). Like I said before, it's like Noble Works...(and I dropped Noble Works...) Too much light-hearted and forced drama. It's a good VN to relax but for someone who wants a good romance VN with an interesting story or good drama, I wouldn't recommend it. Furthermore the Protagonist is really standard, stupid and so boring, that you lose your motivation to read it. However I will read Kyou's route when I am bored.
  13. This! I totally agree. Chrono Clock is a good moege VN. Nice characters, a good story for a moege and the incest Route isn't your typical standard incest route. Personally I am not a fan of incest. However in Chrono Clock it was my favorite route.
  14. I just read Maya's and Mirodi's route so far. Maya's route is really cute. The drama was.... okay (?) MC is really boring, typical standard school Protagonist but a little bit hetare sometimes. Midori is also cute but her route is boring, if you like her then maybe you will love her route. But the drama was forced... IMO it's really boring, the Protagonist isn't really something special, there isn't a really good story. if you are looking for a good romance/drama VN then don't read it. If you liked Noble Works and love vanilla stuff, then maybe it's something for you. I love Romance VN with good drama or a interesting story. But Hatsukoi 1/1 is just a romance & SoL VN. Furthermore my problem was that the drama wasn't interesting. Even Princess Evangile and Chrono Clock have a better drama and story. (I almost cried in Michiru's and Kuro's route in Chrono Clock) To sum it up: Bad drama, cute girls, a lot of vanilla stuff, Protagonist is boring and stupid, the story isn't interesting Thanks, hopefully Lucia's route is great
  15. I am reading Hatsukoi 1/1 and Magical Marriage Lunatics. However I am going to pause both of them. Because they are both just cute Visual Novel. There isn't a character development, both MC are just standard. No story and even the drama is just boring. Now I am going to read Rewrite because I want to read Lucia's route
  16. Well, currently I am reading Magical Marriage Lunatics (common route at the moment) and Hatsukoi 1/1 (Maya's route at the moment). Seriously, Magical Marriage Lunatics is boring >.< I loved Princess Evangile and the MC was also great but this one is just boring. MC is your typical standard Protagonist and the common route is awfully boring. In Princess Evangile there was a good drama and every time something happens even in the common route. (because of our beloved headmistress) Does somebody know if it the girls route are interesting ? Especially Karin's and Luluna's route. And can I just skip the common route? xP
  17. Well, did you ever heard about the "skip"- function? It's a magical function that allows you to skip every text even the one you didn't read. IMO that would be faster than to wait for a save-data. I did it for KoiChoco because:
  18. You should change Currently Reading: KonoSora to Currently dropped: KonoSora Well, I dropped it too because it was just too boring. Mate?
  19. BRO they already announced it days ago... and you call yourself a yuri fan? I am disappointed! AND YES, that's a great News! I am totally looking forward, hopefully it won't be a short Anime or a bad adaptation...
  20. Fox-Girl + Shrine maiden I will probably just read her route and maybe the witch. I think NowItsAngeTime read this: https://vndb.org/t4641
  21. This thread again... Until I am finished with the route's I am interested in. If there is a really good route but I don't like the girl (e.g. Amane from grisaia), then I will read it ofc. Well, I actually don't care about to complete it 100% because I am reading VN's to work of stress and relax. But no to bore myself. I am not a M.
  22. Well, we are already waiting for years so some more years won't hurt. The hope dies last. I thought you will say Sekai Project and well, I agree with you. But maybe there will be some suprises this or next year, hopefully.
  23. I know besides 4, didn't know that the pay is low. However let me ask you a different question: Is there any other english VN publisher who will actually bring out White Album 2? Just as you said there are many factors but at the moment I think that White Album 2 is just a dream for the people in the west. Personally I believe until machine translation becomes really good I don't think we will ever get WA2 in english. PS: You name is so funny. Sometimes I have to laugh
  24. Basically this! I would love if Mangagamer would localize White Album 2. The problem is that the licence is very expensive and I don't know if we will ever get a proper translation. White Album 2 is on the top of my wishlist besides Hosi Ori Yume Mirai and I think there are a lot of peope out there who would love to read White Album 2. I even would buy a physical copy and I never do something like that for a VN... I watched the Anime and I really want to read Touma's route.(Yes I shipp Touma with the MC and I hate Setsuna!) Furthermore I hate that fucking cliffhanger at the end of the anime. I really want to know whats going to happen after the ~Introductory Chapter~. But at the moment it's just a dream that will or never will come true, sadly... However: http://blog.mangagamer.org/2018/03/27/2018-licensing-survey-results-and-more/ It's on the top in those lists for a very long time and there is no annoucement for a licence so far. Mangagamer we are WAITING! But I am happy that we will get Trinoline and Hapymaher from Mangagamer but those VN's aren't White Album 2
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