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  1. Tyrano developer here. Given their Frameworks haven't been updated in nearly 10 years, trying to find some viable options. PhoneGap was the goto choice for a long time but Adobe deprecated it. Cordova is similar but, it's still using UIwebview which Apple deprecated in favor of WKwebview. Anyone find something that supports all the modern platforms? Also given the changes to Google and them now requiring apps to be split into a 150MB launcher and have 2GB asset batches is another issue. Game wasn't intended to be split up like that.
  2. Clocking in day 1 right now on the Alpha Demo, our testers are noting about 1-2hrs. The full initial story when it launches will have 4 days + two extra chapters. Granted, day 1 and 2 are the longest but the whole thing is sitting around 30-40k word count. Also account for scene transitions and other effects, time gets increased. Yeah sure if you took the scripts out and read them straight without images, 10-12hrs could be doable. But then you'd lose part of the joy of what makes Visual novels great. The art. Do you usually speed run VNs? I don't know many who actually blow through them like t
  3. Hello, we are Broken Hammer Games. Our current project in development is: All is Fair in Dust and Air. VNdb: https://vndb.org/v21699 We are originally a fan team, turned indie developer who has a contract with Muse Games, the creators of Guns of Icarus. Our VN is based on the Guns of Icarus world. A steampunk/dieselpunk kind of world where airships are the main method of travel. Our story currently spans every nation faction within the world of Guns of Icarus and is expected to clock in past 700,000 word count. Being based within the world of Guns of Icarus, Dust a
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