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  1. Old vs. new! I really struggled with this one in 2019. So many attempts at designing the road, the water (which is super hard with a brown palette!), at adapting the creative-commons tree... I knew Nothing about drawing, and after all this time... This area in not even in the game anymore! Instead, its spiritual descendant plays a much more notable part, and in a different section of the realm. : )
  2. Gale Rocks is a home to a stubborn, patient community. The settlers, unable to live off the rocky land and its fruitless forest, turned their eyes toward the sea, and to this day trade salt and fish for vegetables, iron, and clothes. Over the course of the centuries and through many sacrifices, they left the safe caverns, raised the walls, and expanded their village, bit by bit. In sunny days, most of them form crews of boatmen and hunt for sea fish in the shallow waters, while a smaller group cuts down trees, prepares lumber, and oversees the production of barrels. When the weather gets
  3. Quite happy with the current style of Roadwarden’s icons. : ) A fistful of icons - 6 of the newer items and a reminder how does the inventory look like in the game. : )
  4. The next Roadwarden devlog is now up! On new visuals, ambient tracks, updated UI, changed vocabulary...
  5. Hi there! I have a whole bunch of screenshots to show, they would turn this thread into a scrollfest... Please take a look at them here!
  6. I’m glad I took some time to return to the very beginning of Roadwarden. So many changes throughout the entire prologue section, but I still like the first paragraph.
  7. The many faces of the Clean Spear inn, previously known as a tavern.
  8. The residence of the magic crafter. October 2019 vs February 2021. I’m so, so happy with this one.
  9. It’s been a year since the last time I visited Howler’s Dell... It now looks somewhat prettier. : ) I currently work on the ambient nature sounds for the game, and next week I’ll start writing new scenes and interactions, in the meantime updating the older illustrations... This winter is great for the game. ^^ [/img]
  10. Since both wood and stone are valuable building materials, the abandoned shelters usually get dismantled. The only ones which remain are either so difficult to reach that they are not worth the struggle, or are kept just in case, so that the locals have an option to quickly rebuild them once the better days arrive. Keeping the ruins also comes with a risk - clearings lure those of the creatures which need space to build their own nests, while walls can be a solid basis for a new lair.
  11. Creeks is the youngest and the smallest settlement in the peninsula, started by a group of refugees who fled from the war only twenty five years ago. At first supported by the locals, they had to quickly find a new home. They raised their settlement among the unclaimed hills, trying to tame the forest and its infertile soil, but with little success. The inexperienced newcomers, most of which used to be townsfolk, struggled to efficiently utilize the available resources. Cramped in small huts, forced to forage and hunt to survive, they lost many souls to hunger and beasts before the end of the
  12. Here goes the new Roadwarden devlog! I cover the UI changes, the updated visuals, new tools for the players, the redesigned magic system... I tried to keep it short, but in general, autumn was great for the game, and I have high hopes for the winter season.
  13. I hesitate to share the new visuals from the game since many of them would ruin a few surprises I’ve prepared for you, but as I get better at placing pixels, I sometimes have to take a step back and update this and that. Icons, UI, illustrations. Here are two examples. The first one is the camp from the game’s opening section - the second picture ever finished for the project. Some of the mistakes I fixed now are a bit embarrassing. The second one used to be a generic mountain road, just a background displayed as the player rides through the highlands. Now it’s not only adapted to th
  14. There’s been many changes in Roadwarden’s UI, what’s also tied to the way the game is played. Here you can see the completely changed magic system, the new trading menus, and the redesigned world map. There have been many more changes, and but I’ll save the explanations for the upcoming devlog. All this while I’m also writing new content. This autumn has been great for the game, and no wonder - it synergizes with the color palette I use. ; )
  15. The new title screen, with a slightly altered prologue. I think it looks pretty good, and I still love the music.
  16. It took me a full month, but I’m finished with the Foggy Lake tavern, one of the last large areas in Roadwarden - well, at least when it comes to the things the PC can do here, not its “actual” size. ; ) The keeper of this place knows more about the peninsula than anyone in the North, but she rarely shares her knowledge for free. I was missing this feeling - during the previous few months I was focused on small content chunks and little areas, and now I was able to truly explore this place and the personalities of its dwellers. I’m quite happy with all the unique interactions you’ll find
  17. Icon update! After almost two years of thinking there’s “something” wrong with them, I believe that’s a good step. ^^
  18. When your role-playing choice may be used to manipulate an NPC so you can get on their good side... What do you do? Stay honest, or tell them what they want to hear?
  19. One of the things that I really like about the game’s fantasy setting is its almost-post-apocalyptic feel. The overgrowing roads, the abandoned ruins, the secluded settlements, terrifying nights, and the scarcity of resources... Yet it’s not a result of a divine will, a random cataclysm, or of some plan orchestrated by an evil overlord. It’s just a harsh place to live in, and it shapes those who try to do so. The roadwarden is not an almighty hero. While their journeys connect the few tamed scraps of the land, they keep fighting to survive and to achieve their goals, not to conquer the wo
  20. Three inns, three different opportunities to hide from the creatures of the night. The obvious differences are the room prices, HP restoration values, and the “breakfast included” service. But there’s more - sleeping in some spots involves unique encounters and conversations, and the prices and benefits change as the player befriends the owners of these places. There are also other areas in the game where the player can find a shelter, but they usually involve a more effort before they get unlocked.
  21. I'm glad you like it! I was wondering about it for months, but I've reached the conclusion that while a die is not very immersive, it helps the player by making it clear what are the rules going on behind the scenes. I think it will have a long-term benefit, since the player will get used to the presence of the icon after some time. (At least that's my hope. ; ))
  22. I’m having a crazy month, but I’ve managed to test some new things. 1) The new d6 icon, that both makes it clear that a choice has a random chance attached to it, and allows me to alter some of the older choices to make them more interesting. It’s especially useful in combat - and gambling. 2) The new “wait” option, a quality-of-life addition to the UI. 3) A WIP illustration. I’m struggling to find a balance between the chaos and emptiness of the wilderness. I'll need to rework it, but I think it's an interesting attempt. October will be one of the loose
  23. You can now find the newest Roadwarden devlog on https://moral-anxiety.itch.io/roadwarden/devlog/176144/invisible-milestones-roadwarden-devlog , with updates on the new approach to the character’s goals, the crossbow rework, the heart of the forest, the game’s release date, and more!
  24. Thanks a lot! I apologize for the late response, I somehow missed the notification. The Foggy Lake tavern is one of the younger shelters that the roadwarden can visit during their patrols. It used to be a single hut used by the hunters and woodcutters from the nearby village, but quickly proved to be useful for trading. It provided the locals with a spot to barter or, once the palisade was raised, to spend a night and feast. Foggy, a huntress and a fisher, has decided to invest into a more durable building, and then moved in as the keeper. She hopes to turn this place into a
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