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  1. Top Fights in VNs? (light general spoilers)

    I'm not into action but if I have to mention, it will be Soukou Akki Muramasa And Shirou vs Ren is my favorite in Dies Irae.
  2. Dies Irae art project help

    "Our lives are but petals in the wind: moments lost in the annals of time. No matter how fiercely we struggle to make it ours, eternity will always elude us." -Lotus Reichhart.
  3. Enemy Heroine and Protaganist Romance

    Isn't Dies Irae fit this category ?There is Ren and Kei. Edit: Nevermind, he said romance is the key element. That is certainly not Dies Irae.
  4. Program that helps translate VN text as you play...

    I believed VNR can work with Majikoi A-5. Did you test it ?
  5. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    I see. Thank you very much.
  6. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    Can you explain so that I can edit the topic ,please ? I'm fairly new here despite lurking for a long time and don't know much about this.
  7. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    Thank you for your information. That helps me very much.z The truth is when reading Dies Irae, I took break between routes and started exploring some of Masada/Light VNs. After reading the Trial of KKK, Vendetta, Trinity, Soushuu senshinkan Hachimyoujin..They all gave the same impression of Masada/Light style: starting with some information about the theme of that VNs (for example Dies Irae with recurrence, Vendetta with the meaning of victory) or forshadowing (Trinity, SSH). And the way they present the information is so hard to follow. I kind of getting lost in the middle way and have to re-read some parts (not sentence) two or three times to fully understand it. That's why I don't have confidence in my understanding of Dies Irae despite finishing it. The characters also have many layers of development that require a good amount of effort to truly appreciate it. Another two question related to Dies Irae.
  8. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    Hi. I just finished Dies Irae lately. There are some places that I do not understand or maybe misunderstand. If anyone could clarify for me, that would be great.
  9. This is the first time I played Hibiki Works title, so I am a little bit confused about append file. I downloaded it and coppied it to the main folder of the game. But when I start the game, the append story is still missing. I have played the Append life of Hatsukoi 1/1 before. When I open Hatsukoi 1/1 the append story is in there although I didn't finish the game. Can someone help me with this ? Do I need to finish the the game first and then the append life will unlocked ? Thank you in advanced.