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  1. ORTIES (ANTHA & Kincy) - Plus Putes que toutes les Putes My family and I had a disturbing movie night for Halloween and watched the movie "Raw". We can't get over how... weirdly good this song is.
  2. Currently addicted to "Obey Me!". Also playing "Samurai Love Ballad Party", "Wizardess+", "Gossip School", and "Twilight School" on my phone. As for my PC, I'm currently playing quite a few including "Backstage Pass" and "Dream Daddy".
  3. The best thing to do is go to the App store and just browse "Visual Novels" or "Otome". I have a lot on my phone that I found through Google Play, with some of them being ones that are also on PC. Heartbaked was one of the cutest ones I played on my phone and then my PC.
  4. I had this game downloaded from a long while ago and finally got to playing it. I loved the characters, with Kylan's route surprisingly being my most favorite. I loved the different endings, glad I got the romantic good ones first before the bad ones. I really am glad I got to play this game. There were some times that had me tear up, so well done! I can't find much out about what happened to this company and why the game got pulled from Steam, but I found this page and wanted to leave some sort of review so you guys (if you're out there) can see that we still love your game.
  5. Demo 2 is STILL being worked on. I fail at making progress reports. But, others have been testing my demo for me and helping me find errors that need to be changed and I've been preoccupied between that and trying to get the art to look more professional. I'm almost done with the artwork. Once artwork is done, the demo will soon follow, and then as people test the 2nd demo, I will be working on animation and small changes to implement into the game. Demo 2 should be the last and final demo. Also, Woot! Even more Fanart! (just discovered this one, even though its from December 2017)
  6. Demo 2 is STILL being worked on. Currently, the progress is slow because I am re-doing my artwork. My father-in-law gifted me Photoshop and I have been smoothing out the details to ensure all of my art looks prettier and more professional. I am also going through the first demo and making changes as well as ensuring that all feedback about my game has been taken into consideration in order to ensure better gameplay. Also, Yay! More Fanart!
  7. Basically this whole entire scene with Toma from Amnesia: Memories. Every "good" choice is basically kissing his butt when all I really wanted to do was run away from the psycho.
  8. It's actually very good. I've basically non-stopped played it since I started, like a week ago. The story is intriguing and they do a good job with character growth. There's a good mix of silliness and sadness and seriousness in it. It's free to play, which is a plus, and has amazing characters. The music is really soothing to listen to and I love the art style. I would definitely suggest it, especially if you like magic and fairytales. And, if you do play it, I would suggest playing Rumple, Rod, and Karma first, before playing Fritz and Waltz (the two characters that unlock after you play the
  9. Depending on what program you use, I'd be more than happy to help out with whatever I can. I am slow and working on many of my own projects, but I've never had a team before. I've taught myself art, basic Python coding (so I can work with Ren'Py) and am okay with writing. Feel free to message me if you want to talk. I'm not exactly the greatest at the stuff I do, but I love seeing others make awesome games. Some indie games (Cinderella Phenomenon, Cute Demon Crashers, Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones) are among my most favorite VNs. I would love to see even more get made.
  10. Finally getting around to playing "Cinderella Phenomenon". 32 Hours in (slow reader and had to replay Karma's route, cause I love that dude <3) and almost done with Waltz's route. Got one more to go and then I'll be done.
  11. I am still slowly working on Demo #2. I have re-released a second version of the demo (Demo 1.0 Version 2) with changes based off of the feedback I have received from BETA testers. Thanks to the feedback of many amazing BETA testers, I have incorporated changes to my existing demo and have added them in order to make the game even better:*A history menu was added, for those who needed one or missed dialogue *Rollback feature was edited to allow people to go back and change their mind, if they wanted to. *I incorporated more "emotion" into the character, when it comes to the death of her pare
  12. Thank you for the critique on my description. I was definitely struggling with trying to make a good description for my game. I really appreciate the feedback and will try working on a better description. Honestly, I was going for a few hours or so; with each route bringing a slightly different view or story to the reader. Originally my VN was a series of stories I had written, based off of my love for D&D. In total, the stories came out to about 800 pages. I sadly lost most of it due to a fire (caused by having a gas leak) while we were moving in between states. I still had a lot of
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