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  1. Happy birthday Clephas and thank you for writing your blog, it is really a pleasure to read it.
  2. Thank you for all recommendations, especially for Clephas amazing list. I'll go first with Kikokugai and Hanachirasu and then Tokyo Babel after those. I would really like to read Muramasa but I dont think I be able to do it anytime soon. Anyway thank you once more.
  3. Hello Can you recommend me some visual novels with protagonist who is obsessed about achieving his goal, I mean like he is really prepared to achievie it even if it would mean to get heavily injured or to die. For example someone like Guts from Berserk, Eren from Attack on Titan or Velvet from Tales of Berseria. A persona who lost everything and doesnt care about anything else. It's doesnt necessary have to be about revenge but it can be for a ideal like Shiro from Fate Stay Night. It would be nice if the protagonist would know about what awaits him after achieving his goal and that it wont make him feel better. In summary a vn about downfall of a person who knows that is fighting for a lost cause but even so will do everything to achieve it. I hope this is making any sense. I'd prefer translated ones but I will be equally grateful for untranslated too. Thank you in advance.
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