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  1. What are you playing?

    Finished the first chapter of Danganronpa 3 and I don't think I've ever felt so unsatisfied after a chapter in any of the previous games. A big part of it is unresponsive controls with keyboard and mouse (googling the issue yielded suggestions to try controller, but I don't have one. Maybe someone here had the same issues and managed to fix them?), but the story itself was full of holes. Maybe some of them will be filled later, but I wanted to talk about them now.
  2. On h-scenes in VNs

    He never dispelled it. It wasn't magically ok after Yuuji porked her, she carried that guilt till the end. Whether or not she was mistaken about wanting to be punished or if it the sex helped her any, the h-scenes showed a side of their relationship that wasn't conveyed otherwise and it wouldn't have the same impact if the sex was implied. I think it was definitely possible to show that side without h-scenes, so they weren't necessary, but removing them outright without replacing them with something else does change the story.
  3. On h-scenes in VNs

    While I agree on the overall point, I have to mention Grisaia no Kajitsu as an example for this exact thing here:
  4. What are you playing?

    I pretty much have free time only on weekends so I am normally avoiding big VNs (taking breaks in the middle is very unappealing to me). I make due with anime or short VNs with gameplay. However when I manage to get some time off, I binge VNs like a crazy person. Had two weeks on June - went through all Grisaias and Steins;Gate 0. Had 5 days off last week - read Tokyo Babel. Next is probably the week between Christmas and New Years, I am not sure what I'll read yet. SubaHibi looks great, but maybe I can squeeze in two. Maybe Danganronpa 3? I am looking forward to it already.
  5. What are you playing?

    Finished Tokyo Babel today. There were a lot of great things about the novel: Unique routes are great, though I felt Lilith's was way superior to other two. The concept of gaining power from your reason to live was interesting. Adam and Eve being a couple throughout all the routes. Usually in VNs all the girls are single and are there to be 'conquered', but Adam and Eve were solid. I especially liked Adam and his very simplistic reasoning. Samael was cute on one hand but cold-blooded on another Loved that contrast. The endings were okay for the most part, but The one thing I really disliked about the VN is that there was so much fighting when the results were obvious. You know that Setsuna will win in the end, but every battle drags out anyway. I'd have much preferred all that time being spent on random school life events and battles ending after a couple of sentences. P.S. Uriel was so annoying. Every time he appeared, he was screaming like a pig being murdered with just as much sense in his words.
  6. What Anime are you watching now?

    Watching Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin right now. It isn't the most pleasant anime I've ever watched to put it mildly, but it packs a hell of a punch.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    Just finished My Hero Academia S2, really liked the tournament arc. I am a big fan of them in general, but this one wasn't a generic shounen tournament arc where every fight is extended beyond reason. It had some long fights where the power levels were around equal and some really short ones where the difference was overwhelming. Seeing motivations from minor characters was also satisfying, but the biggest reason I liked it was because I couldn't really predict what would happen. The second half of it wasn't as good, but overall I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had with it. I still don't like Midoriya and Bakugo, but Shoto stood out for me. I barely remembered him from Season 1, but now he's my favorite character of the series. Also I feel like Shigaraki has a lot of potential as a villain.
  8. What are you playing?

    I meant Setsuna when I said I like the protagonist. For the Steins;Gate discussion, I have read the VN and watched the anime a couple of times and I must say I prefer the anime version. VN has some exclusive scenes that makes it worth reading anyway (you can't have too much Steins;Gate), but when I revisit it, it will be in the anime format. It is a great adaptation and I prefer seeing Okarin from 3rd person instead of 1st. Also the anime exclusive story (Deja-vu movie) is pretty good too. It is probably the only VN that I feel this way about.
  9. What are you playing?

    Started reading Tokyo Babel today. So far it's pretty good - the story isn't anything special so far, but I like the protagonist. Kajitsu >>> Meikyu >> Rakuen Agreed on this. If I had to be precise on the arrow placing it would be something like Kajitsu >> Meikyuu >>>> Rakuen for me. I am really looking forward to reading SubaHibi. I've seen a lot of positive words about it here and I can see it's already in 6th place in vndb rating which I've grown to trust a lot by now. So far the only one in the top page by rating that disappointed me was G-Senjou no Maou.
  10. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I am playing a couple games when I find time, first of all people here have recommended me Fire Emblem, so I've been going through them one by one. Played 12,11,8,7,6 up to now and currently going through 8th again, on hard mode this time. The gameplay is really fun and I doubt I'll get bored soon, though my pace of playing has gone down considerably in the last few weeks. The stories are pretty much all the same and support conversations are way too rare to compensate for it. Also I am going through Divinity Original Sin II campaign with my brother, the battles are fun and being able to go through the campaing in co-op is great. It is one of the slowest games I know though. And we still bring out Heroes III once or twice a month when another brother joins us, been playing it since early 2000s and I am still not bored.
  11. Your top five Favorite MALE characters

    I was aware of Sharin no Kuni, have been wanting to read it for a long time now, but a proper release is coming soon so I'll wait for that. For Tokyo Babel, it also was in my radar, but now I have a good reason to get to it, so I'll try it out, thanks.
  12. Your top five Favorite MALE characters

    Okay, I'm sure there are quite a few badass characters in the ocean of untranslated VNs, but I can't swim yet, so let me rephrase that: name one in a translated Visual Novel. For now I'll put these two in my wishlist, because they do look quite good.
  13. Your top five Favorite MALE characters

    5. Tenmyouji (Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward). Liked his character: Family and loved ones first, never trust someone who has betrayed you. 4. Shirogane Takeru (Muv-Luv). Hated him so many times, but he's the protagonist I relate to most by far and his character development is unrivaled. 3. Hakuoro (Utawarerumono). A mature man that is always on top of things was really refreshing when most protagonists are bland teenagers. 2. Okabe Rintarou (Steins Gate). Who can dislike the mad scientist? He has the most character of all protagonists I've seen and his interactions with everyone else on the cast brought out different sides of him. Spoiler for S;G 0 1. Kazami Yuuji (Grisaia series). I dare you to name a protagonist more badass than him (seriously, please name one, I'd love to play another VN with a badass protagonist). His serious side also sometimes caused unintended hilarity where none should be found normally.
  14. What Anime are you watching now?

    Let me join in on the salty wagon. Just finished reading it. It's not like I disliked her, before the last arc she was one of the 3-4 girls that I rooted for and her being girl chosen makes a lot of sense: It's just the way it was handled was pretty bad in my opinion. P.S. The post below gave it away way before the ending. I immediately knew who it was with like 40 chapters remaining. I'll learn to know not to read the posts here before finishing things.
  15. To Play or not to Play?

    I haven't played A Profile, but I definitely recommend Crescendo. Most of the routes are light hearted romance that, while too short for me, are pretty satisfying, but Yuka's (and one more route, don't want to spoil too much) is significantly darker which provides a nice contrast. You can go for a light hearted route after a heavy one to cheer up. About the route in question: Yuka was my least favorite heroine, but I still thought it was the best route of the game. It was interesting, it was memorable and the feeling when you reach a good ending after a heavy route like that is different than when it's all fun and games. Also it has the best 'bad' ending of the game. There was one thing that was handled quite poorly in my opinion, but saying anything more would go into spoilers. Don't know about you, but it was really unpleasant for me, because I can't handle such stuff that well, but I am still glad I read it.