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  1. I seem to agree with people here. Shingeki no Kyoujin, One Punch Man and Sword Art Online are overrated in my eyes, though there are good things about them (SnK Season 2 is my favorite of anything in these three anime). For my input: There are a quite few anime I didn't like that are really popular, but if I had to drop names - I thought Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service were really boring. On the other side I don't know any anime that is considered bad that I liked. Maybe because I don't know what is considered bad. Accorinding to MAL stats, my top 4 of biggest positive vote difference from the median are on Kara no Kyoukai movies 2-3 and both seasons of Higurashi, but neither of them are actually popularly disliked.
  2. What Anime are you watching now?

    Longer arcs and girls from previous arcs returning? Sold. I'll watch season 2 at least and then go from there. I don't want to skip any manga only arcs so I'll probably read them when I come to them in the anime. There is a good list of the arcs in the Kaminomi wikia so I should be able to jump between anime and manga. Thanks. Currently I took Inu x Boku SS for a quick rewatch, since it is a nice short anime with a satisfying ending and it's somewhat similar to Kamisama Hajimemashita. It's pretty much as I remember it, though both Ririchyo and Miketsukami are downgrades from Nanami/Tomoe in my eyes.
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    Watched Kaminomi's season 1 today and I am rather torn about continuing. On one hand, I dislike the whole episodic "conquering" because it feels rather pointless without an ending. Instead the girl's memory is wiped and Keima moves on to another girl. It also doesn't give enough time for the girls to shine. On the other hand, Keima himself is interesting, there are a few curious things I feel it may yet explore and most of all: These make me really curious. So I'd like an opinion of the good people around here. Is the ending where Keima picks a girl in the anime or do I have to read the manga afterwards? If that's the case, at what chapter is the last anime episode? I don't mind reading manga, but with a massive backlog it might be a better idea to just stop here. Also, maybe the story takes a less episodic turn later on? I have no strong opinion on whether a disconnected ending is better than no ending, but it makes me sad that there will be no more Kamisama anime
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    Thanks, I'll skip it. The beauty of the art and animation were a big part of why I liked KnK, so I'll watch the movies again the next time I feel like revisiting it.
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yes I've seen it, it was an okay episode for me. The conclusion itself was satisfying, but I felt there were a lot of things that got skipped between E4 of Kako-hen and the final OVA.
  6. What Anime are you watching now?

    Rewatched Kamisama Hajimemashita recently up to Kako-hen and have to say I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the first time I watched it. It has the usual archetypes for the main characters (cute and cheerful girl and the cool older guy who acts cold to the girl, but is actually really interested in the girl) but Nanami and Tomoe actually are really interesting in those roles. Then I watched Kako-hen for the first time and it kinda blew me away. There was a minor issue in the end since I felt that there was some explanations cut to fit the 4 episodes (which was proven right when I read the manga) but I was stuck to the screen for the entire two hours. It was the best thing I've seen in months (admittedly I wasn't watching much anime recently and when I was watching it was mostly long shonen (Fairy Tail/Inuyasha) that had average stories at best). Spent pretty much the entire day reading Kamisama manga today and I am really sad the last chapters are still not translated. I couldn't even find raw chapters to try my japanese on, but it looks like they have been out for a while. Agreed on that one, wasn't too excited going into an anime about space janitors, but it told a great story without leaning on overused anime cliches. I had no idea of what would happen next and it always felt fresh. Definitely a series I would recommend to anyone. Kara no Kyokai is probably my favorite anime of all time, definitely one of, so I am curious if the LN is worth the read. Is it available in english and is the story different enough (or more fleshed out) from the anime to warrant a read instead of just rewatching all the movies?
  7. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    Haven't read that many yet, but my top 3 so far this year would be: 3. Steins;Gate 0 - Liked Maho a lot and had fun reading it, because it is more Steins;Gate, but it was considerably weaker than the original. 2. Virtue's Last Reward - Read the Zero Escape trilogy very recently and the second game stood out most for me. It had a few great characters and a couple of cool plot twists. 1. Grisaia no Meikyuu - Read the trilogy a few months back. This one wasn't as good as GnK (it was a re-read this year, so it doesn't count), but far better than Rakuen. Yuuji's past was really interesting and it made me view him a bit differently as a character and I had a completely different impression on Asako from the little bits of information I had in GnK. Also the after stories were nice. Honorable mention to Crescendo which would probably be here if it wasn't so short.
  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    Going through my n-th shonen phase currently. Right now I am watching Inuyasha (watched Fairy Tail 2014 before that). While Inuyasha himself is quite boring as MC, the other main cast characters are okay and the supporting characters are great. I am still not sure whether I like or hate Kikyou, but she's interesting. Sesshoumaru's sidekick Jaken is hilarious and I find Sesshoumaru himself to be a much more interesting character than his brother at the moment. Few years ago I watched all that there was to watch of Monogatari. I keep thinking about watching all the new stuff that came out since, but I don't know where to start because I am not even sure which ones exactly I've seen already. Starting everything from scratch could be an option, but I've tried rewatching Bakemonogatari and was quite bored.
  9. What are you playing?

    Finished Zero Time Dilemma today, so I am done with the trilogy now. I disliked that they kept changing the art between the games. Not because it looked bad, I got used to it, but because the same character looked completely different in different games. Clover in 1-2, Akane and Jumpey in 1-3 and Sigma and Phi in 2-3. They felt like completely different people to me. About the third game itself - I liked the playing random fragments of story and trying to piece it together, it was an interesting experience. It's a shame the cast was split into teams the way it was, because I liked C and D teams a lot, but when it came to team Q I was forcing myself a bit. Mira was okay, but I didn't like Q and Eric, well, fuck Eric. Also it's a shame that this interesting story telling was used on the weakest story of the trilogy. They kept putting more and more sci-fi elements into it, but unlike in the first two games, there were no attempts to explain them and eventually I gave up trying to make it make sense. The characters of teams C and D were really interesting though, so I enjoyed it even if it made none of it. Specific things I found bullshit:
  10. RPG/Strategy VN

    Yeah, I'll skip these at least for now. Yeah, I played it. I said it on the first post too First two look similar in gameplay to Hyperdimension Neptunia or am I wrong? Second one especially. The last one I'll check out sometime. The gameplay doesn't look like what I'm looking for, but the art looks interesting and the ratings on vndb are quite high. I look forward to seeing what you come up with, but I probably have at least tried most of single player RPGs and a lot of strategy games on PC. Thanks for the information. So both Ar games are out for me, since Nosurge is on PS3 and Tonelico third game is on PS3 as well. I really wouldn't like to end it on a cliffhanger and I don't intend to buy a PS3
  11. RPG/Strategy VN

    The "I want something shorter" only extends to moe and charage. For example - Chrono Clock. A vn I can easily go through in a weekend and pick up a few cute girls in the process, but If it was longer, I wouldn't have the patience for it. For games, or visual novels that actually have a good story, I say the longer the better. Even if it's 100+ hours of game/read time. And I tried Sakura Dungeon already and I didn't like it much.
  12. What are you playing?

    Following up on Virtue's Last Reward: Despite all the negative things I said about it, the characters (mostly Phi and Tenmyouji) helped me get through the worst parts and I became really invested in the story at some point. The ending was solid with a few twists I expected and some that caught me completely unaware. Also many of the faults that I found were either somewhat alleviated or completely fixed. It's still not perfect, but I really feel like I've enjoyed it now that it's over. On to Zero Time Dilemma! I am a bit worried that it doesn't have a vndb entry, but I'm way too curious now. E: Played Zero Time Dilemma for 10 minutes
  13. RPG/Strategy VN

    Thanks for the additional suggestions Dark_blade64 and Templarseeker. Ar Tonelico and Ar Nosurge look like playstation exclusives. I don't know if emulating them is possible, but I'll add them to my plan to read list for now. I don't think I'll touch them soon though as Fire Emblem takes all of my "gaming" time and I still watch anime/play other VNs so I'm set for a good while. As for Hyperdimension Neptunia and Agarest, I actually have played them both already. HN for around 10 hours and Agarest for more than 40, but dropped them both. I'm not the biggest fan of the type of gameplay that Neptunia has (I also played Fairy Fencer F, but I managed to finish that) and Agarest had weird combat mechanics (like standing in particular tiles to combo up) and a lot of "filler" battles that took a long time to complete, had no story part to them and were easy, so it felt tedious after a while. Moekuri may be something I'd like, but it might be too much moe for me. I don't mind it in short moege sometimes, but if the game is long I'd get sick of it. Littlewitch may be interesting too, but I don't really see the gameplay aspect of it. What is it that you do in that game? And lastly, I don't have anything against OELVN. I like the anime art and Japanese voice acting, but the best RPG and strategy games that I've played are all western, so if there are some OELVN hybrids that are good, feel free to recommend me them.
  14. RPG/Strategy VN

    Ha, I guess I'll check the video once I'm playing Binding Blade then
  15. RPG/Strategy VN

    I thought there were only character endings (the little texts about what everyone was doing after the game) that depends on what supports I get for which characters. Is there an overall "good ending" as opposed to normal ending that depends on what I do, or are you talking about specific characters?