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  1. Tokyo Onmyouji is a BL game made by Tyrant for PC and later ported to the PSV. It has a large focus on Japanese mythology and culture, with special attention to Onmyoujis and Ayakashi. Check out the VNDB page for a more detailed explanation and character bios, but here's a summarized version: "A.D 2013. Shinjuku, Tokyo. Japan has been recognized for its Onmyouji business. World War II ended without Tokyo ever experiencing the Great Air Raid. The days are a mixture of the old and new. Hollow souls wander and drift about in Tokyo. The majority of the malicious beings were once humans. Why are humans turning into magical beings? A strange phenomenon that occurs in this land where many thoughts cross paths. The solution is connected to the path to truth. ...Maybe." There's a total of 27 endings, 4 main romantic interests, and a lot of animated CGs and effects that makes the action sequences very dynamic; however, you can turn them off in the menu any time you want. About the project: I'm currently the only one doing all the work, from programing to translating everything as optimal as possible; the game has a lot of things like sutras and even some chantings in chinese, so I'm also having to spend a lot of time researching about them so I can translate and adapt them to english accurately. I'm also planning to release a separate optional patch that uncensors the +18 scenes, so I'll also be busy redrawing ding dongs. As much work i'm currently doing, there's no need for volunteers for now at least, however, that'll probably change when I start the individual guys routes, as that would be too much for me alone. For now, I'll try to get something out in time for new year at least, probably not the full common route but I'll try my best. Current Status: 2/112 files translated.
  2. Hello, I'm planning on translating the visual novel Lucky Dog 1 to another language, and when searching the script file, I opened "LD1.scb" with the notepad and found that all the text was in there. I tried editing it with the notepad but no matter what encoding format I use when saving, even if I don't modify the text in there at all, when opening the game trough its executable "LD1.exe", an error pops up. I'm guessing editing with the notepad is out of the question for now, and i've searched all over about this script format file, but coudn't find any program to edit it. I know it is possible since there's a chinese patch out there, but i'm drawing a blank at how I can edit that file and keep it's original format/encode. Anyone can help me with this? Maybe I should edit something on the .exe executable to make it recognize the edited script? Thanks in advance.