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    tankhedgehog reacted to Ouraibaa Hjyuraa in Majikoi Translation Project   
    Project completed and patch released!
    Any questions/comments regarding the project and/or patch/translation bugs/problems reports, go here.
    Translation project for Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!( or "Majikoi," for short.)
    By Maji Translations

    Team members/People involved in the process:
    Dowolf - Translator
    Ouraibaa Hjyuraa - Quality Checker, PR guy, and project BOSS leader.
    Helvetica Standard - Image Editor


    Former members:
    Kosuna Maru - Original translator.
    Azengar - Original Programmer 
    The dead Yandere Translations have already translated Common route, Yukie route, Yukie After Story, Kazuko route, Kazuko After story, Momoyo route, Momoyo After Story, Chris route, Chris After Story, Teacher side route, all the menus, end skits, as well as some of the Miyako route and the Kazama side-route. All of Yandere's work (Except crack) has been included in the patch.

    Agave route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Miyako route: 100%, 100% QC. Released.
    Miyako After Story: 100%, 100% QC. Released.
    Kazama side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Chika side-rotue: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Mayo side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Moro side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released.
    Gakuto side-route: 100% translation, 100% QC. Released
    Optional uncensor patch: 100%. Released.
    Uncensor samples (Warning: NSFW):

    (Uncensor quality will vary. Remember, this is fan made. Don't expect premium quality.)

    Patch is completely compatible with both Yandere's version of the game, and base version of the game.

    Link to old thread/Random Talk. (Useful now only as a random chatter thread)
    Walkthrough link (Only for Yandere's work. I'm writing this as I'm about the release the patch, so there obviously isn't any walkthroughs for the non-Yandere routes yet.)
    Download links and instructions
    Buy the game: 
    Note: Fuwanovel doesn't allow us to post a download link for an illegal version of the game. You'll either have to find a pirated version by yourself, or buy it.
    Note 2: Fuwanovel doesn't allow torrents anymore, so you'll have to make do with file-sharing websites. At least from us. Someone else might make a torrent and upload that somewhere like Kickass or Nyaa.
    Patch links (Choose whichever link you prefer):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/44p5yy5x50ng5za/Majikoi_English_Patch.exe
    2. https://mega.co.nz/#!3Ys1UJBa!ZPt1fibDq45jO_g7xxVt3KRRxa-cvyrdZANelOF3jN8
    3. http://www.4shared.com/file/POweZxSRba/Majikoi_English_Patch.html
    4. http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/NK6yGLUM/file.html
    Install Instructions:
    1. Open the "Majikoi English Patch." (Preferably as administrator.)
    2. Click "next." (Duh.)
    3. If you don't have Majikoi installed in the default directory, or don't have Japanese locale, navigate to the game location with the "Browse" button. Choose whatever folder has the まじこい.exe. If you don't have it, then re-install the game. Note: Sometimes, because of Windows pathfinder being stupid, even if you have it installed in the default directory and the locale is set to Japanese, the "next" button will still be gray. If that happens, just click "Browse," and then "open folder" without choosing anything. That should fix it. If not, just navigate to where the game is installed.
    4. Choose what to install. The English Patch contains all of Yandere's work (minus crack), and, of course, our own translations. "Uncensored Images" will replace all the adult images that contain censorship with fan-made uncensored versions, courtesy of Helvetica Standard. These can vary in quality.
    5. Click "install." Wait for it to install.
    6. Click "Finish."
    Aaaaand you're done. Congratulations, you now have a completely English translated version of Majikoi!
    In order to make a non-legit copy of the game work, a cracked .exe is needed. Fuwanovel doesn't allow cracks because of legal issues, however. If you want to play the game with a pirated version, you'll have to find a crack for the game somewhere else. For anyone with a Yandere-patched version of the game, this is not important, as yours is already cracked and our patch doesn't overwrite the crack. For anyone else, try finding Yandere's version on torrent sites, or wait for an independent crack to be posted on websites such as Erogedownload.
    Un-install instructions (Useful if you don't like the uncensored images):
    1. Open "Majikoi English Patch Uninstall" in the folder you installed the patch to, aka your Majikoi folder.
    2. Click "next." (Duh.)
    3. Choose what content to install.
    4. Click "uninstall."
    Done. Please note that the uninstaller simply restores the game to the state it was in before you patched it. So if you had Yandere's version before, and you installed both the English Patch and the uncensored images, and then uninstall them both, the game would revert back to just being Yandere's version.
    Majikoi S
                                                                                                 We are are now working on Majikoi S. Go here for further details.
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Parallel Pain in Japanese Help Thread   
    A bit harder to translate:
    *slurp slurp* (Or whatever licking/sucking sound is) ...the taste's pretty good too, sour and salty. It's an interesting taste. Not everyone would like this wild taste. But if it's from someone you love, you can't get enough of it.
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Parallel Pain in Japanese Help Thread   
    I'm assuming the two lines are what came before
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    tankhedgehog reacted to hellish in Japanese Help Thread   
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Ouraibaa Hjyuraa in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    So it's been confirmed that Shingeki no Kyojin is getting a second season. That's nice.
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Ouraibaa Hjyuraa in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from Helvetica Standard in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    Personally, I think that you shouldn't start translating a VN at all if you don't have the motivation to finish it. It's better to sit back and let a more professional, motivated team handle it 
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    tankhedgehog reacted to greenshadow622 in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    Then tell me what the "objective" view of what would make an anime good.
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    tankhedgehog reacted to KuronX in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    And other shows aren't like that? That's the case for nearly all anime. Those are also side characters. They don't have much depth because the story isn't about them. And by the same definition of "rallying behind something doesn't make it good," the opposite is true as well. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad. Your misogynistic argument doesn't hold water unless you apply it to most anime, in which case, to you, those would all be bad. And anyways, the new heroine in season two is pretty badass and doesn't really seem to be the weak "damsel in distress" that the others were. Give some other reasons for WHY you think the show is bad. As of now you're just begging the question. It's bad because it's bad.
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from rapid motion in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    I don't think SAO would really count as a guilty pleasure, especially not compared to those super fucking weird visual novels you read. If you have anything to be guilty about liking, it's those
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from rapid motion in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    I'm super stoked. I read the light novels and am expecting great things from SAO II and judging from the fist episode (Which I saw the world premier of at Anime Expo with the author of SAO), I'd say it's going to deliver. 
    Just ignore the haters. The first part of the first season of SAO was excellent and the second part was good. Despite what the haters say, SAO is good enough to inspire a large fanbase and earn itself a second season as well as more light novels
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    tankhedgehog reacted to arakura in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    haters will hate
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    tankhedgehog reacted to KuronX in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    I'm totally hyped. It seems like everyone I talk to recently thinks it's shit, but I don't really care. Don't know what to expect out of it, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
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    tankhedgehog reacted to colekitt in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    so anyone else excited for SAO II
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Jun Inoue in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    Lulz. "Sorry that we are vastly superior than you."
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Ouraibaa Hjyuraa in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    And yet, you still do it. What a curious conundrum.
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from yashasupercow in Amairo IsleNauts - TL/TLC needed   
    Hey, I've actually been translating this on my own for a couple of weeks, and I've finished everything up to the choice in chapter 3-6 (that is chapter 3, part 6). If you're starting a translation project for this, I was wondering if you'd like to look at what I've already done and see if it can be of any use to you guys. I don't have any hacking skills so I just made a series of word documents with the Japanese line, followed by the english line. My Japanese is okay, but not amazing so it will need to be TL checked and edited if you guys decide to use it. If you want me to send you the word documents, just send me a pm with your email or reply to this post with a way to get in contact with you. Also, if, after looking at what I've done so far, you think I can be of some use to you guys, I'd love to help out in any way I can so please let me know if I can do anything. 
    I love Yuzusoft as well, and I'm stoked to see that there's a translation group starting for this. Let's hope it doesn't end the same way that Dracu-riot did. i don't think my heart could take that a second time, these games deserve to be translated
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    tankhedgehog reacted to Chronopolis in Japanese Help Thread   
    I didn't have a clue about it, sorry.
    Oh, it's the on-yomi of 裸? Well I don't know about the Japanese meaning and nuance, but from the context you'd just want some way to reference "being nude" in a way which is so general that no one would get what it meant out of the blue.
    "Being free", or "becoming free"
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    tankhedgehog reacted to HMN in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    everyone is having fun so i thought i'd join in!
    my top 10 are:
    6.tell your world:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_guf0zLiXY
    7.world is mine:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgUCav1lXTM
    8.Electric Love:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTRv0Cux83g
    9.Totono OP:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3udC3lPBs04
    10.Viva Happy:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiUjG9fF3zw
    i'm a huge vocaloid fan
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from Nahichun in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    But wouldn't the drop in intelligence to a mindless eating machine bother you... oh wait, I suppose that wouldn't be a problem in your case... lol jk XD
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from Seath in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    I've been busy so I decided not to join the skype chat thing
    busy with what you ask?

    Translating. about to finish chapter 3
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    tankhedgehog reacted to astro in Japanese Help Thread   
    That's a bit off. It's more saying:
    "Well, I wonder about what... Ah, I'm not sure if I should be saying this in a place where there are only girls, but..."
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    tankhedgehog got a reaction from Magicflier in Japanese Help Thread   
    Most likely it's because no one says "I won't forgive you" in casual conversation in english, whereas someone could quite easily say "I'll kill you" as an exaggerated way of saying she doesn't want someone to do something, which is precisely what that expression in japanese really means. therefore since they mean the same thing, I think it's quite reasonable to go with "I'll kill you" since that sounds less awkward
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    tankhedgehog reacted to zoom909 in Japanese Help Thread   
    There is a water supply system installed here at Yadda Yadda Girls' Academy, and even hot water is made available using a pyroelectric mineral.

    That being said, the system is not as thoroughly installed as it would be in Japan.  (Although the fact that the hot water comes out hot immediately might be considered more pleasant than in Japan.)

    Therefore, the places inside the school that one can get water are more limited.
    I have no idea about the roe part, are you sure it isn't a proper place name?  The part about burying your bones somewhere is an expression.  If you're going to bury your bones somewhere, it means you plan on living in the place 'til you die, more or less.
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