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    Ramaladni reacted to Zakamutt in Learning Japanese   
    incorrect, can just keep reading and remember words anyway
    haven't done a single anki flashcard after finishing rtk1
    have no problem with the statement useful for retention tho
    slow af zzzzz just tae kim tbh
    depends. I didn't and it worked with my yukkuri lifestyle and inability to establish basic routines. I imagine I would have learnt more if I read more, but this is immaterial as I'm not racing, I'm enjoying myself
    Other people may be different and find relatively slow progress due to only reading when they want (or never wanting to read that way) demoralizing.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Zakamutt in Learning Japanese   
    haha lol
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    Ramaladni reacted to Yuuko in Learning Japanese   
    This whole thread:
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from alien51 in How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?   
    Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from Templarseeker in [project] Sakura no Kisetsu Ren'py remake project   
    Well, I didn't want to be that guy, but I felt I should say something given that this has gotten nothing but positive comments and no real criticism, good or bad, so far.
    I'm sorry, but I just can't like this. You're taking a perfectly fine game and porting it to Ren'py while destroying everything unique about it, I just find this to be disrespectful to the original work.
    Fixing misTLs and translating what was left untranslated? Sure, I'd say that's awesome. This game was translated 23 years ago, there were different standards back then, JAST was just starting out and perhaps not the most qualified team was working on it, but this was literally one of the first steps for translated eroge. While it totally wouldn't be good enough nowadays, I think it's wrong to hate on the translation or a few rewrites. I see it as a as something left behind from JAST's humble beginnings. Fixing the names is pretty cool, considering the furigana was given for the names, I can only imagine that the translator had to rush to meet deadlines or that this project itself was a risky bet from the Japanese developers (so the priority was speed).
    Adding alternate tracks, mosaic toggle and such are all cool bonuses and that's what they should be - nothing more, nothing less. I like fiddling with these options myself, so I'm sure most people will find it to be a warm welcome. Maybe people would appreciate something like a JP/EN language toggle if that is even possible, but sounds like too much work.
    Adding CGs or tachi-e from other games that don't even have anything to do with Sakura no Kisetsu or Tiare makes no absolute sense. It'd be a completely different story if they were unused assets, but they weren't there to begin with, and they don't fit in there. I mean, I've seen similar projects that make bold choices, but they always keep it optional. Just think what a mess translation projects would be if people did just whatever they wanted.
    You also took the original, beautiful pixel art and uh...smoothened it out, or whatever you may call it, and completely destroyed it. At the end of the day, this is an originally PC-98 game and should be reminded as such. This is not to say that the JAST Memorial Edition is good either. In fact, it looks horrible, mostly because of the "blurry background" window border that makes it hard to look at, that and the font. Meanwhile the DOS version still exists (but it's not being sold anymore? not sure) and is perfectly playable on DOSBOX, even on fullscreen. So, why?
    And finally, the gameplay. Personally, I hate verb-based gameplay, even more so the kind where you have to pixel hunt to get to the next scene. But I think above anything else, it's wrong to remove a fundamental part of this game, turning it into something it wasn't. Playing Sakura no Kisetsu with verb-based gameplay might be a bit annoying in 2019, now that we're used to other types of gameplay, but by removing it, would we truly be playing Sakura no Kisetsu? I think not really.
    Just to make this clear, I don't think this is "awful". Fixing the text and giving the game a better treatment than it could've afforded to have at the time is great, and I wish the same could be done for older games that have an awful translation, such as Divi-dead. I really dislike what you've done with the art, even more so considering how out of place the pixel art character sprites feel, but maybe it'd be possible to include an option to keep the original pixel art, just like Memorial Edition does (at least that's what it says). I'm sure you are passionate about this project and deeply care about it, or else you wouldn't have put so much effort into it - something the regular user wouldn't be able to, unless they were adequately skilled and/or were extremely dedicated. I just think this is bad in terms of concept - you mocked JAST's message of wanting to preserve the original as much as possible, but you're doing quite the opposite based solely on whims, is how I feel. Anyway, this is just my opinion - feel free to do as you wish. However, I'm pretty sure this isn't very legal, considering JAST is still selling this game, but that's up to them to take action.
    I hope that my feedback, even the negative parts can be of help to you. Cheers.
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    Ramaladni reacted to McDerpingheimer III in Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre   
    it's part of an industrywide plot to undermine 57th prime minister of japan shinzo abe
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    Ramaladni reacted to mitchhamilton in Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre   
    reading sabbat of the witch has really pushed my patience over the edge with the genre. like god, they take forever to confess and stuff. its so tip toeing and the same. "What is this feeling? Just thinking of him makes my heart pound." it can still be cute at times but when it just drags on like it has its just tiring. really makes me wish for a mature approach to romance in my vns. both parties are experienced in life and dont get so easily flustered by all that high school crap! but noooooo, they have to appeal to the younger generation to instill an ideal into their heads to procreate since their birthrates are declining! WELL MAYBE IF YOU FIXED THE INSANE WORK HOURS YOUR PEOPLE HAVE YOU WOULDNT BE IN THIS SITUATION, JAPAN!!!! 
    Anyways, thats my rant over, felt like voicing that thought so i did. what are yours?  
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    Ramaladni reacted to Yuuko in Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre   
    not same, get out boomer
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from Silvz in How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?   
    Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from adamstan in Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels   
    I think it's normal for people not to discuss their fetishes or masturbation habits in public. I personally believe it should stay private.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Stormwolf in Sen no Hatou Tsukisome no Kouki - Trial Translation Help   
    You do realize that this is a doomed project unless something major changes.. And something major would be announced.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Deep Blue in LET'S TRANSLATE!!!   
    You are so full of yourself.

    This kind of thinking is so toxic to the whole world not just the visual novel community ....you are just a resentful little man, lashing out words of discouragement, with so much hate on them... it's actually pathetic and frightening to see someone saying this kind of things and BELIEVING them, yes the worst thing is that you believe in what you are saying...

    Who are you to judge the "standard" of fan translations and saying that he doesn't even meet the so called "low standards"?  
    Who are you to say when someone is or isn't ready to do anything?
    Comparing a translation of a visual novel to a fight against Muhammad Ali....are you out of your mind, are you on prescriptions or something?

    Using the word "disrespectful" for a fan translation.... wtf! Disrespectful and low is what you are doing here!

    He doesn't need any standards and sure as hell doesn't owe YOU or anyone here NOTHING, if the company at some point decides that they don't t want his translation they would do so as many companies have done in the past but until then you are no one to judge his work or say anything to him, specially not in the way you are saying it.
    And please refrain from now on of using the word "us" in your posts since  clearly you are not a spokesman of anything I believe or think.

    You are the first user I will block in fuwanovel, I like to keep toxic people away from me. And please don't take my post out of context....

    Get help, you really need it!

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    Ramaladni reacted to Fiddle in LET'S TRANSLATE!!!   
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    Ramaladni reacted to Jeremiah Sand in Sen no Hatou Tsukisome no Kouki - Trial Translation Help   
    Hello guys, name's Jeremiah Sand, and I'm here posting this thread because I need some help with releasing a patch for this game I've been working on for a while.
    Some months ago I started translating Sen no Hatou to English and I was committed to finish the project, but due to me switching to a more professional enviroment in translations I no longer have much time to dump into the project and I fear that at the speed I'm going it'll never come out, so I'd like to release everything I've done until now, or at least the contents that the game trial covers.
    Progress so far
    Around 20k lines translated (the trial covers 10k lines) and tlc'd (except maybe the last thousand) ready to be edited at any moment. I wouldn't mind releasing as it is if I could, but the main issues holding me back are:
    1. I lack an editor, the previous one ghosted me, and I'm an ESL so I fear some parts might need the help of a native to improve the reading experience.
    2. Although I have a tool that is supposed to insert the text into the game said tool doesn't work, and thus I am left without a means to insert back text or images. I can't extract any images either.
    3. (Optional) I would not mind having a couple of QCs at my disposal if possible, but having the text edited is a priority and I won't accept any form of QC until I have confirmation that the editing has been finished.
    4. Probably not an issue, but maybe I need image editing, depending on whether the guy who was open to help me is still available or not.
    So yeah, that's everything. Maybe a trial patch is not what people seek, but I'd really like to get this out as I've been working very hard on it and I would like to encourage someone to maybe continue with what I did, unless enough people would ask me to see this until the end, and in that case I would highly consider doing so. 
    VNDB link: https://vndb.org/v15708

    Extra things:
    1. I will translate both openings that appear in the trial and add video lyrics if possible in them (if I have the means to do so).
    2. I will translate the UI if I have the means to do so, just like the OPs.
    If anyone haa extra questions by all means, I'm available here and in discord (Jeremiah Sand#4446). Don't PM there to troll, you will be met with an instablock if you do so. If this thread lacks any critical info please let me know so I can add it asap.
    Thanks for reading so far, and hopefully something comes out of this.
    Have a good day and may the Lord bless you all,
    EDIT: I've found someone willing to do the engine stuff for me, so thanks to @Porygon2 for that.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Jeremiah Sand in Sen no Hatou Tsukisome no Kouki - Trial Translation Help   
    Hello. I am planning to do a full game release, but since it'd take me quite a long time to do it all in one dump due to my professional duties, I was planning to release the full game's translation by routes, since the story has a ladder progression, aka the best way to read it is in the order of routes the game forces you into.
    As for when I'll release that, maybe next year if things pick up with editing? I've already translated quite a bit of the game, so the only thing left would be to just work on that since the other tasks are pretty much done (save the UI).
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    Ramaladni reacted to Asonn in I want to learn visual novel programming and editing   
    Reverse engineering visual novels 101: Part 1 & 2 
    For dummies
    This is what I found with a quick google search. It seems interesting and gives you some insight into what and where to look for. 
    I also recommend taking a look at all the tools available:
    Just play with already hacked games and try to insert your own sprites and text. 
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    Ramaladni reacted to uyjulian in ~~~~~~~~~~ Canceled Project ~~~~~~~~~~   
    This project is dead.
    Progress will not continue anytime soon.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Formlose Gestalt in Nekonyan's Secret Projects Announcements (Including Dracu Riot)   
    Kind of surprised to see Nekonyan drop all the announcements at once, when last year they said to announce titles closer from release and not before they at least are 50% done. Now the lesser hyped titles will have the problem that they fade away into the background by the time they are released.
    Personally I had hoped for at least one title that isn't a (moe-)charage, so these announcements where not that great for me. But people seem to love them, so that is how it is.
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    Ramaladni reacted to ittaku in Nekonyan's Secret Projects Announcements (Including Dracu Riot)   
    It's the same translation. NN bought it from sekai who bought it from the fan translation.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Yuuko in Survey by âge (Creators of Muv Luv)   
    Then how does "these days" change at all from the release day. Was it too hard to get on release day too?
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from Fujoneko in How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?   
    Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
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    Ramaladni reacted to Infernoplex in How to extract script from Saihate no Ima?   
    Attempting to translate Saihate no Ima? Give up, you mortal. There's not a soul who can do it justice.
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from Stormwolf in How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?   
    Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from HMN in How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?   
    Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
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    Ramaladni got a reaction from Asonn in How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?   
    Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
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