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  1. Gonna necro this thread a bit to let everyone know that all of this year's episodes are out. So if you were waiting for things to be done so you could play it all in one go, now's a good time! Also, the fandom has set up a discord, if you're into that: https://discordapp.com/invite/HA8Vtzk
  2. Episode 9 is now playable! Play it on the main site, itch, or most recently, on Newgrounds. Also, version 1.0.3 (main site and NG) fixes a few small issues and bugs. 1.0.4 projected to land sometime this week, fixing a wonky typo in chapter 9.
  3. Five strangers find themselves trapped in an abandoned hotel that’s set to collapse in 24 hours. To escape alive, they'll have to solve their captor’s riddles and unravel the mystery behind their abduction. Trailer: Screenshots: Project Introduction Hey, everyone. I've been making the rounds promoting my game here and there, and now I turn my eyes to fuwanovel! This is an episodic mystery VN I’ve been working on for way, way too long. This is a passion project that I've been making in my spare time. I was very much inspired by 999, so you may get some ZE vibes from this. Hopefully in a good way! Oh, and the game is 100% free. I'd be very happy if you at least gave it a try! Progress As the thread title may suggest, Exit/Corners is OUT! You can play the game right now by following the link below. Episodes are short - around 10-20 minutes each - but new episodes are released every week. We're already at 8 episodes, so I'd say it's a good time to jump on in! The first arc is a 17-episode series, with new episodes released every Sunday until September 17th of this year. Aside from fixing up what I've already got, I'm currently working on the second arc. It is scheduled for release next year. Play Exit/Corners Play in your browser on the official site: http://exitcorners.com/play.html While I do have the game on itch.io, I'm fixing an issue with that version, so please play on the main site for now. More Useful Links Exit/Corners Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExitCorners Exit/Corners subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExitCorners/ F.A.Q.: http://exitcorners.com/faq.html 1.0.2 notes - episode release schedule and known issues: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExitCorners/comments/6mqh2p/exitcorners_version_102_episode_release_schedule/ Troubleshooting If you’re having trouble with some aspect of the game, please let me know on social media (reddit or twitter) - it’s the fastest way to get in touch with me. If you’d like to report a bug (and there will be bugs), the subreddit is a good place for that, too. I’m happy to answer any questions you all might have.
  4. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    Not going to answer every question systematically, but I've been a big FE fan since it first made its way over to the west. I've played all of the translated games, save Echoes, and played FE6 and part of FE4 with translation patches. I generally play Hard Classic. I share some of your sentiments in that I'm a little worried about where the series is heading. Awakening had an awesome style and lots of polish but the story and combat felt overly simplistic. I did like the return of the child mechanic, though, and anyone x anyone supports were nice. Maps were pretty I actually liked Fates a lot from a gameplay perspective. Conquest had some great and varied maps, and other than overpowered royals I liked the unit/class variety and room for lots of strategies. Story was even worse than Awakening's, though, with some one-dimensional and/or underdeveloped characters, silly plot points, and very little consistency. Personally I'm indifferent to the whole 'Waifu Emblem' thing - and if gameplay in future titles was like Fates, I'd be OK with that - but I'm mostly just worried about the lack of a compelling plot, flat characters, and nonexistent world-building from here on out. Now I'm not saying that PoR/RoD was Shakespeare, but there were some fun politics, sympathetic units, and cool plot secrets all wrapped up in an interesting world. I'd like to see an entry like the Telius games again, but alas, those two sold pretty poorly while Awakening sold like hotcakes. One can hope, though...
  5. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Yeah, I've heard the same thing, which is one of the main reasons I'm sticking with it. I generally DO lIke action games but the combat seems a step below, say, DMCIII or Bayonetta.
  6. What games have you helped develop? This would probably help people get a better idea of your skill set. Best of luck finding work!
  7. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I just started NieR: Automata a little while ago, and while I don't dislike it by any means, I feel like it hasn't quite gripped me yet. I've been playing small bits at a time - just finished fighting that big sea monster thing - but something about the way the action plays out doesn't feel quite right. The story is interesting so far though I wouldn't say it's groundbreaking (yet - I'm sure there's more to come). I'll be sticking with it, of course, but I feel like it hasn't 'clicked' yet.
  8. What do you seek from VNs?

    For me, I play VNs for strong mysteries. I think the medium's two biggest strengths are mystery/suspense games and romance/dating/ero, but since I'm not super interested in the romance side of things I tend to stick to whodunits and speculative fiction. I also personally like games with some light Gameplay or puzzle-solving to help break things up.
  9. I did it

    After years of failed attempts, I've finally gotten past the email verification step of account registration. Mostly I'm here to find short & sweet VNs to read during downtime (and lowkey promote my own project) So, uh, hi