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  1. !Enter if you dare!

    Thank YOU and I think you should know...Despite my high school delusions of grandeur I still want a DATE! -bows- That is all.
  2. Seeding... my labtop is being impregnated..

  3. !Enter if you dare!

    Oh Dear.. I kinda already beat you too the punch... -bows- GOMENASIA
  4. !Enter if you dare!

    Hmm I suppose you could say my roleplaying sprouted from my child at heart personality. After all what's more exciting? A duck crossing the road or a Chimera destroying the road? While my violinist training is surprisingly more an anime average story rather than say I time traveled to steal one of the legendary "Messiah Stradivarius" violins.
  5. What Anime are you watching now?

    While my latest victims *ahem* animes that I have been enjoying are "Strike the Blood" & "I couldn't become a Hero so I reluctantly decided to get a job." I often find myself rewatching "Campione!"
  6. I'm not emo or anything my name is inspired by Devil on the G-String.

  7. !Enter if you dare!

    Arigoto! (it's typoed I know..I'm such a failure..) in other news I ADORE your avatar picture!
  8. Bleeeeh. Hi! Welcome to my introduction.

    "Mother of Religious Characters *ahem* Gawd!" That was a noteworthy intro~! WELCOME TO HELL FuwaNovel!
  9. Hi : )

    From one newbie to the next. Welcome to Fuwanovel-Begins playing "The Devils Trill" for you.
  10. !Enter if you dare!

    Experience in roleplaying or as a Violinist?
  11. !Enter if you dare!

    Comic San MS = Sexiness My Own Tryhard Ways. -bows in penance-
  12. (The Devil's Trill Sonata)

  13. !Enter if you dare!

  14. !Enter if you dare!

    -BLUSH- I shall devote myself to your service. (I feel like I've said that before...) -begins playing "the Devils Trill Sonata" with blank look in my eyes-