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  1. English being a universal language and having a massive market isn't something I would argue with. But the reason for it could be subjective. Some could say it's because its practical and easy, but for me I think it's more of an historical aspect. Anyways, that's not the point . Japan is the main producer of VNs, and when it comes to translation, the Asian countries that have the similar language construction should have more or less ease. But English a world wide spoken language, having a big market and fans, it is overcoming that disadvantage, being one of the biggest
  2. Well obviously China should have a lot more of them , having so many people and using similar letters.
  3. Yes, that goes with me too. I found just using English versions more convenient than using hookers of my own language . I'm comparatively new to VNs and lack knowledge about the English VN market, but as you've mentioned, it does seem there are a whole bunch of more fans than korea, having a billions of speakers. So I thought even though there are so much more English fans, the discrepancy between English and Japanese made it hard to translate long and complicated VNs like muramasa, baldr sky, dies irae unless a big firm like STEAM stepped up . But on the contrary, there's are not much com
  4. You're right, even though the structure itself is very similar, if it gets a little too complex, its hard to just rely in hooking and auto-translation. But when it comes to manual translation, however harsh the complexity , its rather easy and takes less time to translate it into the adequate phrases. I think that's why VN's that are entitled " impossible to translate " are fully translated by mere fans, not professionals, in Korea . To them, the difficulty is not the issue than the length, which is why I happened to find one of Muramasa in high quality.
  5. Actually yes, he translated everything into Korean which is in pretty high quality, and its not an impossible feat compared to English. Its' because the grammar and vocabulary are very similar between the two languages, and makes them easy to learn and translate . Which is also why there are a lot more translated VNs in Korean compared to English. But the problem is, as you've asked, there ain't much korean forums out there where people share deep ideas about VNs. not to mention where any kind of discussion related to extracting and stuff. Mostly, they are ign
  6. Lack of the English version of this game, I initially tried to read this by applying the horizontal text patch and then subsequently hooking and auto-translating it into Korean. This mostly works for most games, given that the grammar structure of Japanese and Korean is very similar, if not identical . But just for the very exception of this game it wouldn't work as pleased : The Japanese in this game is just TOO archaistic for even Korean to be translated in a legible way. There were some people who just put up with the inconvenience and read to the end, but not my case since i
  7. Hey guys, I'm almost new to VN compared to animes, and I was wondering if there are some VNs with the genre I prefer. What I would like is any kind of anime which is not ONLY just about school life or normal life , but has fantasy / action in it ( Although I don't mind if there are school aspects in it) But aside that , there should be some good romance . For example, the two protagonists fight together against some kind of enemy , develop deep emotions between each other, and try to protect each other no matter what. Since I'm new I can't list any exemplary couples fr
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