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  1. Kanon 100% Save

    Anyone can pass me a 100% save of Kanon?
  2. Hey! I don't know if this is the right place to do it, but... I want to translate Devils Devil Concept. I don't know japanese, just engine tools and hacking. I know that's strange made a "recruitment" here, but if someone that knows japanese wants to translate, contact me in this forum! I have the scripts extracted already.
  3. Hey! Someone can teach me how use the Danganronpa Tools? https://github.com/Liquid-S/Danganronpa-Another-Tool It's necessary to compile?
  4. Unknowed Visual Novels

    Thanks I don't like Charon :/
  5. Unknowed Visual Novels

    Hi! I want unknowed vns (that haves eng tl) I like any genre (but mt favorite, is romance)
  6. Script Extraction Thread

    Forget it, i get it. I use the AE to repack the archives. https://i.imgur.com/Qy1MmCC.png
  7. Script Extraction Thread

    I think that haves a problem with mjarc. Finally, i was able to decrypt the script and edit lines. Now, when i try add the archive in to the scenario.arc gives error
  8. Script Extraction Thread

    eu extraí o scenario.arc com o AE, mas a ferramenta que usa pra descriptografar o script também dá erro :/ vou tentar baixar de novo a tool pra ver se é algo que baixei eu fiz tudo certo, mas fala que não existe a pasta.
  9. Script Extraction Thread

    Como assim relativo? Eu testei sem o [], usando: mjarc -x scenario.arc e também deu erro. English: I tired without the [], using: mjarc -x scenario.arc but, gives error too.
  10. Script Extraction Thread

    "a" is the name of the directory. about AE, it's nothing. i tried in the way you telled, but: (OUTDIR is the name of directory) I don't understand! The directory exist! Plz help me
  11. Script Extraction Thread

    Hey, can someone solve my problem with MajiroDev? I'm trying to extract the fucking .arc, but something don't work Later, i tried with AE. All files extracted. But i have to disassemble the scripts, and well... gives another problem!
  12. Script Extraction Thread

    bu i don't know where i can find him :/ this is the problem
  13. Script Extraction Thread

    i trying to contact Ixrec, but seems the amaterasu is over. do you know how to find he? (sorry for bad english)
  14. kanon g00 problem

    i use this program. i test with another animated images and everything goes right. but the animated images from menu, everything go wrong. but thank you!