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  1. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Well since I already put my hopes for Mangagamer Sakura No Mori or Clear from the old partner and Aqua for the new partner. I really want Hatsuyuki Sakura and Secret Game from Sekai Project. I know I'm dreaming here lol. I just really want to read these titles. I like listing to the opening themes alot on YouTube and now I want to actually read them. I hope they come to Steam if they do announce them so I can read them.
  2. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Old partner I hope for is either Sakura No Mori or Clear New Partner I hope for is either Hatsuyuki Sakura or Aqua.
  3. Whats the best charage/moege VN in your opinion

    Grisaia Charage Princess Evangile Moege
  4. List of VNs with official english release

    You did a very good job we it this list. This helps me out a lot. Thank you for making this list.
  5. List of VNs with official english release

    Very good but could you add Visual Arts Key Little Busters and Tomoyo After It's a Wonderful Life to the list? Also I am wondering if you can add Otomes like Amnesia, Spike Chunesoft titles, and Smphonic Rain to the list.
  6. Favorite VN trilogy?

    Danganronpa , Grisaia , and Muv Luv even though I need to read V3, Eden of Grisaia, and Alternative I will say both of those vns are my favorite trilogys. I haven't read Zero Escape yet but I will.
  7. Anime Boston Mangagamer Speculation and Announcements Thread

    I'm only interested in the otome.
  8. Anime Boston Mangagamer Speculation and Announcements Thread

    Clear or Sakura no Mori are one of the Moonstone titles I hope they announce because these are the ones I want to read. It's wishful thinking but I just hope one or both of them is announced in their future cons.
  9. Another Sekai Bundle

    I'm interested in Saku Saku. Please pm me if you have a extra key.
  10. Denpasoft's double release

    That is a good price for Hoshimemo and Clockwork.
  11. Mangagamer and Friends :D

    If anyone is giving away Princess Evangile ,Eden,If My Heart Had Wings,and Higirashi vn keys then plz pm me. I have Princess Evangile,If My Heart Had Wings,and Eden but I wanna give them to my friend.
  12. What Visual Novels do you want to see translated?

    Hatsuyuki Sakura Kud wafter Ayoku No Eustia Secret Game remake 2nd Stage Aokana In Search of the Lost Future H2O Footprints In the Sand
  13. Sekai Project Bundle

    I am giving Highway Blossoms code away for free. FMWJF-97L5L-3P354 Let me know if it doesn't work. Does anyone have a extra code for Memory's Dogmas Code 01 ? If so please pm me.
  14. What are you playing?

    I was reading some of that too but I got real busy with other visual novels. I really love the anime and visual novel so far. I need to also finish reading Eden.