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    My interests are anime, books, art, musicals, visual novels, cartoons, music, movies, TV shows, memes, Vines, Youtube, Amiibos, ACNL, mangas ,and videogames.
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  1. What is your favourite VN store?

    I been using Steam since 2013, and I still enjoy using it for both games and visual novels. I love having a library, how much time I played something, achievements, trading cards, and there are always sales. I always like getting giftcards and sometimes I would get a gifted game. So in other words Steam is my favorite vn store.
  2. Which platform would you prefer VNs in? (PC, iOS, etc.)

    I read everything on my laptop on Steam , unless I don't have a copy of it or patch, then I'll watch it on YouTube by using my tablet.
  3. There is the DDLC company and Ace Academy company. I don't know any other Evns atm.
  4. Nanairo Reincarnation

    This looks interesting, I hope we get Butterfly Seeker sometime in the future too, cause that is also by the same studio and looks really cool. I also love the op theme.
  5. What are you playing?

    I hope you enjoy it. I read like 72 hrs of it so far on Steam. I'm reading the EX routes. In addition to Little Busters I am finally reading Saku Saku: Love Blooms With the Cherry Blossoms right now, and I got 1 more route to complete in Himiwari The Sunflower. I love that one as well, but it's definitely sad. Anyway these are the 3 visual novels I'm reading atm.
  6. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Oh I thought it was a new partner. Then I guess I want to read the latest Yuzusoft title and Tayutama 1 if it's announced.
  7. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    It would be awesome if they announced Sakura No Uta and Hatsuyuki Sakura. I really want to read those. Or if they announced Sola and the Re Lief, then that would be would be great too.
  8. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    I'm really enjoying the Little Busters BGM, since I'm reading the English Edition rn.
  9. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Sigh I was really hoping to read this one on Steam. I hope this gets sorted out.
  10. What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

    I use VNDB, YouTube when I watch the vn ops, sometimes I look at official Twitters, I read VNTS a lot, official English developer sites like Neko Nyan for example, and I am in a VN releases group on Steam, so I can see the upcoming vns, Kickstarters, and new releases of the week. I also follow the companies on their Steam curator page. Anyway these are all of the sources I use.
  11. Oh wow someone finally announced Irotoridori No Sekai! I been wanting to read that , and I listen to the op a lot on YouTube. I'm looking forward to reading that. This was a huge surprise from Sol Press. I'm looking forward to reading it. I hope they get the other one that's a sequel or something, and Astral Air. I also hope they release Sakura Sakura soon. That looked like a good visual novel.
  12. I Need Visual Novels To Read

  13. I Need Visual Novels To Read

    Danganronpa, is both a great game, and visual novel. I also recommend reading DDLC, Grisaia, Clannad, and G Senjou No Maou. They're my top 5 visual novels, and I read them on Steam.
  14. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    Rip, it looks like a good mystery too.