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  1. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    Rip, it looks like a good mystery too.
  2. Analysing EVN and JVN fans on Steam

    I like some EVNs, it depends, but I mostly read JVNs.
  3. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    I'm so glad Neko Nyan got Aokana. This announcement really made my day.
  4. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    I'm very interested in reading Hello Lady! I heard of it before, and I love listening to the op theme. I really hope we get Aokana or any title from Makura, or Hatsuyuki Sakura announcement from Neko Nyan. The partnership with Hikari Field is pretty cool, since they had Hello Lady in Chinese on Steam. I wish Sakuragame would let a better company handle the tiles they machine translated, and give them a really good translation, then Sakura Game can just do them in Chinese while another professional comany would properly translate them into English. If Sakuragame was kind enough, a good company can give Fortissmo a better translation. Sadly I don't know if Sakuragame will do that, but one could hope, then maybe I wouldn't be nervous when they get titles like Fortissmo and machine translate it. I hope Tayutama 1 comes overseas, cause I want to read that, and then the sequel. At least we are getting Hello Goodbye which I can't wait to read it soon.
  5. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    Do you think it will be from a new partner? I hope so. I doubt it would happen, but it would nice if they announced Hatsuyuki Sakura or Aqua.
  6. Thoughts on Fortissimo?

    I really hope this gets fan translated. I wanted so badly to read this. I really like genres and op themes of this vn. I was hopeful that Neko Nyan was going to get this, but then I saw SG got it 1st, and I was disappointed that they got it. I hope Neko Nyan announces Aokana. Aokana is one of the vns I wanted to read in English.
  7. SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi

    Oh crap! I looked this up, and I want to read it. I won't now. I felt the same way about Fortissimo. I just hope these vns get fan translated someday. I can only hope Nekonyan gets Aokana.
  8. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Please be Aokana and any Makura title.
  9. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    Is Kanajo to Kanajo no Koi coming to Steam? I prefer to read visual novels on Steam or watch the Youtube playthroughs.
  10. Hapymaher Discussion Thread (Mangagamer Licensed)

    I wish it would get a Steam realease. I really wanted to read it.
  11. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Well since I already put my hopes for Mangagamer Sakura No Mori or Clear from the old partner and Aqua for the new partner. I really want Hatsuyuki Sakura and Secret Game from Sekai Project. I know I'm dreaming here lol. I just really want to read these titles. I like listing to the opening themes alot on YouTube and now I want to actually read them. I hope they come to Steam if they do announce them so I can read them.
  12. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Old partner I hope for is either Sakura No Mori or Clear New Partner I hope for is either Hatsuyuki Sakura or Aqua.
  13. Whats the best charage/moege VN in your opinion

    Grisaia Charage Princess Evangile Moege
  14. List of VNs with official english release

    You did a very good job we it this list. This helps me out a lot. Thank you for making this list.
  15. List of VNs with official english release

    Very good but could you add Visual Arts Key Little Busters and Tomoyo After It's a Wonderful Life to the list? Also I am wondering if you can add Otomes like Amnesia, Spike Chunesoft titles, and Smphonic Rain to the list.